• 5 minutes 'No - Deal Brexit' vs 'Operation Fear' Globalist Pushback ... Impact to World Economies and Oil
  • 8 minutes China has *Already* Lost the Trade War. Meantime, the U.S. Might Sanction China’s Largest Oil Company
  • 12 minutes Will Uncle Sam Step Up and Cut Production
  • 2 hours China has invested btw $30 - $40 Billon in Canadian Oil Sands. Trump should put 10% tariffs on all Chinese oil exported into or thru U.S. in which Chinese companies have invested .
  • 18 mins Recession Jitters Are Rising. Is There Reason To Worry?
  • 2 hours US Shale Economic Impact: GDP gain realized in shale boom’s first 10 years
  • 6 mins Danish Royal Palace ‘Surprised’ By Trump Canceling Trip
  • 8 hours It's Not the Job of the Government to Dictate Where Businesses Should Go
  • 4 hours Philadelphia Energy Solutions seeks to permanently shut oil refinery - sources
  • 8 hours Offshore subsea sub 50$/bbl : Rystad Energy: High stakes in store for subsea markets if oil falls to $50/bbl
  • 2 hours Wonders of US Shale: US Shale Benefits: The U.S. leads global petroleum and natural gas production with record growth in 2018
  • 14 hours US to Drown the World in Oil
  • 2 hours Iran Is Winning Big In The Middle East
  • 33 mins Domino Effect: Rashida Tlaib Rejects Israel's Offer For 'Humanitarian' Visit To West Bank
  • 17 mins Strait Of Hormuz As a Breakpoint: Germany Not Taking Part In U.S. Naval Mission
  • 6 hours Tit For Tat: China Strikes Back In Trade Dispute With U.S. With New Tariffs

Master Resource

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011


MasterResource is a blog dedicated to analysis and commentary about energy markets and public policy.
Precisely because energy is the lifeblood of the modern economy – the “master resource” that affects the production and use of all other resources – energy markets are often thought of as “different” and thus deserving of special political direction. We believe that the economic rules governing energy are no different from those governing other markets and are thus skeptical about government intervention. Drawing on this perspective, while employing both economic theory and market history, we hope to better inform the energy debate in a civil but forceful manner, without recourse to political partisanship or ideological cant.

Latest articles from MasterResource

  • Crony Capitalism and the Energy Sector

    Published 04 September 2012 | viewed 7,891 times

    America’s energy industries (oil, gas, electricity) have been a bastion of crony capitalism for much of their history. Leading gas and electricity firms sponsored state…

  • The Underlying Causes of Oil Price Fluctuations

    Published 25 August 2012 | viewed 48,711 times

    After oil and gasoline prices continued their relentless march up earlier this year, it was nice to have some relief at the pump in May…

  • Energy Development Could Hold the Key for America's Unemployed Masses

    Published 05 July 2012 | viewed 9,851 times

    “For many American families, struggling to make ends meet in the jobless recovery, energy development is an answer to a prayer. The fact that the…

  • Why we Should Love Oil Companies

    Published 16 June 2012 | viewed 7,893 times

    This election year, America faces many crucial legislative choices in the oil/gas industry–and the PR strategy of oil companies will certainly affect the outcome.What should…

  • The Un-Renewable Nature of Renewable Energy

    Published 30 April 2012 | viewed 6,778 times

    “Renewable energy” has two fundamental conceptual flaws. It’s not really renewable, and it’s not really energy.What is “Renewable”?“Renewable” in most definitions approximates to something like…

  • Why is Obama Lying About US Oil Reserves?

    Published 20 March 2012 | viewed 40,590 times

    “With only 2% of the world’s oil reserves, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices,” President Barack Obama said in his weekly…

  • How Severe an Impact Would the Keystone XL Pipeline have on the Environment?

    Published 05 March 2012 | viewed 11,513 times

    Last month, a group of 15 climate scientists (included the now disgraced Peter Gleick) sent a letter to Congress expressing their displeasure over the proposed…

  • Wind Industry Starts to Panic as Tax Credits Come to an End

    Published 13 February 2012 | viewed 14,111 times

    If you haven’t heard from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), you probably will. Ominous, scary ads are running nationwide warning of the crushing blow…

  • Why Wind Power Doesn’t Live up to its Environmental Promises

    Published 17 January 2012 | viewed 10,381 times

    “I cannot abide the suggestion that we must sacrifice our environment in order to save it. This is an absurd argument enabling this energy imposter’s…

  • Who Will Survive the Coming Solar Energy Meltdown

    Published 11 January 2012 | viewed 11,904 times

    “Without these subsidies … ‘On-grid PV,’ would be virtually non-existent. It only exists because the solar industry lobbied government officials to compel citizens to purchase…

  • Subsidies: The Poisoned Chalice of Renewable Energy

    Published 19 December 2011 | viewed 6,254 times

    “Solar subsidies are a placebo which is giving the general public a sense of security about our energy future and is robbing the motivation of…

  • So What Does $37 Billion Get You? A Look at US Energy Subsidies in 2010

    Published 22 November 2011 | viewed 8,155 times

    The U.S. Department of Energy publishes periodic reports on federal government subsidies to energy production in the U.S.  These reports total up the costs of…

  • Why Krugman's Argument Against Fossil Fuels Fails Economics 101

    Published 15 November 2011 | viewed 11,237 times

    Opponents of fossil fuels have long championed solar power and wind power as replacements. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that solar and wind can provide…

  • Texas Wind Power - Good Money After Bad?

    Published 10 November 2011 | viewed 23,123 times

    The cost of building transmission for expensive wind power in Texas is coming in nearly 40 percent higher than initially promised. Instead of $4.9 billion,…

  • Global Warming Debate Finally Over? Five Questions For Richard Muller

    Published 26 October 2011 | viewed 26,199 times

    In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, The Case Against Global-Warming Skepticism, California Berkeley physicist Richard A. Muller describes the results from a recent re-examination…

  • Wind Energy Lies and Turbine Noise Pollution

    Published 20 October 2011 | viewed 10,992 times

    “When will the environmentalist community writ large wake up to the unintended micro consequences of their increasingly futile macro policy of forced energy transformation?” Herkimer…

  • Moving Beyond Solyndra: Vital Steps the Solar Industry Needs to Take

    Published 14 October 2011 | viewed 14,860 times

    In Solar Energy Tough Love, I described the perverse impacts of government industrial policy on the solar energy sector in its vainglorious attempt to choose…

  • Arctic Ice Melting Rapidly - Yet Global Warming is Slowing

    Published 12 October 2011 | viewed 10,016 times

    The numbers are in for this year’s summer sea ice extent in the Arctic Ocean. By most measures the ice loss in 2011 came in…

  • The Dirty Secret About Clean Energy Jobs

    Published 07 October 2011 | viewed 13,226 times

    Solyndra’s impending liquidation, replete with 1,100 layoffs and U.S. taxpayer liabilities in excess of a half billion dollars, has put so-called green jobs initiative of…

  • What Exactly Are Green Jobs?

    Published 03 October 2011 | viewed 3,600 times

    Even if there were a usable model to analyze job creation, we are left with the problem of identifying which jobs are actually “green.”  A…

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