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James Stafford


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James Stafford

James Stafford is the Editor of Oilprice.com

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    The headline for the week was Saudi Arabia’s attack on rebels in Yemen, which threatens to ignite tensions between regional rivalries in the Middle East.…

  • The Most Challenging Oil And Gas Projects In The World

    Published 25 March 2015 | viewed 33,730 times

    The fifth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is approaching, but in the intervening years since the well blowout deep offshore, oil and gas drillers…

  • Global Shale Revolution On Hold

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    Along with the rest of the energy world, we have been closely tracking rig counts (now down 40 percent from last fall) and other data…

  • Can Big Oil Keep Paying High Dividends?

    Published 18 March 2015 | viewed 57,107 times

    Low oil prices have compelled the Italian oil company Eni to slash its dividend, the first major oil company to do so. With the biggest…

  • This Week In Energy: The Markets Defy Expectations Once Again

    Published 13 March 2015 | viewed 7,063 times

    Oil production levels are finally starting to decline after months of depressed prices. New data from North Dakota shows that the state’s oil output fell…

  • Texas: From Shale Boom To Water Revolution

    Published 12 March 2015 | viewed 26,033 times

    Texas is famous the world over for two things on a massive scale: oil and droughts. Now the slick but dry state is becoming famous…

  • Can Utilities Survive 21st Century Energy Market?

    Published 11 March 2015 | viewed 14,805 times

    The electric utility is at a crossroads. Facing flat electricity demand and a sudden insurgent campaign from rooftop solar, the large centralized utility company is…

  • This Week In Energy: LNG Could Be 2015’s Big Winner

    Published 06 March 2015 | viewed 6,970 times

    The major news out of Washington this week was the address to a joint session of Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The speech…

  • This Week In Energy: Data Pointing To Another Fall In Oil Prices

    Published 27 February 2015 | viewed 13,283 times

    Oil prices have stabilized somewhat around the $60 per barrel mark, and over the past few weeks oil has shown less volatility than what we…

  • Roman Abramovich Invests $15M In New US Fracking Technology

    Published 23 February 2015 | viewed 44,931 times

    Are the Russians coming to Texas riding the tailwinds of fracking? That depends on who you ask, as some believe Russian forces were behind the…

  • An Explosive Week For Energy

    Published 20 February 2015 | viewed 7,418 times

    Oil prices fluctuated up and down over the course of this week, with a wider gulf opening up between WTI and Brent crude. The U.S.…

  • This Week In Energy: ExxonMobil On The Hunt

    Published 13 February 2015 | viewed 9,082 times

    Oil prices continued to pick up steam for the week ending on February 13. Brent crude traded above $60 per barrel for the first time…

  • This Week In Energy: Is Oil Back?

    Published 06 February 2015 | viewed 18,931 times

    Oil Prices are flirting with a rebound, poised to jump the most in four years for the week ending on February 6. The markets do…

  • Oil’s Survival Of The Fittest: Interview With Stan Szary

    Published 05 February 2015 | viewed 22,227 times

    With crude oil prices collapsing and small American oil producers faced with grim choices for survival, the Darwinian nature of commodity market cycles rears its…

  • Back To Basics: Why Conventional Drilling Makes Sense in 2015

    Published 13 January 2015 | viewed 29,778 times

    This New Year, an old trend may become a new trend as conventional drilling in North America is once again in the spotlight at a…

  • This Week In Energy: Asian Energy Empire Expansion

    Published 09 January 2015 | viewed 5,824 times

    This week saw WTI prices break the psychological $50 threshold, compounding trader and oil company woes further. However, recent price updates from certain shale areas…

  • The Real Cause Of Low Oil Prices: Interview With Arthur Berman

    Published 03 January 2015 | viewed 77,766 times

    With all the conspiracy theories surrounding OPEC’s November decision not cut production, is it really not just a case of simple economics? The U.S. shale…

  • This Week In Energy: Why Anything Can Happen in 2015

    Published 02 January 2015 | viewed 7,512 times

    The New Year is upon us but oil prices are carrying on the trend from the second half of 2014 and continuing to drop, with…

  • Low Oil Prices And Money Worries For 2015

    Published 26 December 2014 | viewed 10,203 times

    In response to the Ruble’s recent fall (over 50% against the U.S. Dollar), Swiss banks have begun taking extreme and extraordinary measures in what appear…

  • This Week In Energy: 2015 Will Not See A Cuba, Mexico Oil Boom

    Published 19 December 2014 | viewed 7,040 times

    Mexico’s sweeping energy reforms and Washington’s normalization of relations with Cuba are both great victories of 2014, but issues of security dull the potential for…

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