• 4 minutes China 2019 - Orwell was 35 years out
  • 7 minutes Wonders of US Shale: US Shale Benefits: The U.S. leads global petroleum and natural gas production with record growth in 2018
  • 11 minutes Trump will capitulate on the trade war
  • 14 minutes Glory to Hong Kong
  • 6 hours Here's your favourite girl, Tom!
  • 7 hours Brexit agreement
  • 7 hours China's Blueprint For Global Power
  • 8 mins Peaceful demonstration in Hong Kong again thwarted by brutality of police
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  • 1 min ABC of Brexit, economy wise, where to find sites, links to articles ?
  • 16 hours Yesterday Angela Merkel stopped Trump technology war on China – the moral of the story is do not eavesdrop on ladies with high ethical standards
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  • 10 hours The Problem Is The Economy, Not The Climate
ISN Security Watch


Contributor since: 12 Jan 2012

ISN Security Watch

ISN Security Watch was a geopolitical news publication run by ISN ETH Zurich.

Latest articles from ISN

  • Russia Strengthens it’s Backing of Georgia’s Breakaway Regions

    Published 24 August 2010 | viewed 4,739 times

    The Kremlin made a series of new gestures in support of Georgia’s breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on…

  • Iraq’s Dangerous and Depressing Reality

    Published 23 August 2010 | viewed 5,047 times

    Iraq has since 2008 retreated from the brink of collapse, though it still remains perilously close to the precipice. There are daily attacks, such as…

  • The About Face in Iran-Brazil Relations

    Published 22 August 2010 | viewed 4,819 times

    Brazil's president has pushed hard to unravel the diplomatic conundrum between Washington and Tehran, yet despite any perceived failures, he will leave Brazil with a…

  • Interpreting Sharia Law in Afghanistan

    Published 22 August 2010 | viewed 8,325 times

    Afghan President Hamid Karzai has added his voice to those condemning the Taliban-orchestrated execution by stoning of a young couple charged with adultery. The stonings…

  • The Two Leaks

    Published 13 August 2010 | viewed 8,243 times

    While Russian media were reporting about the scandalous Wikileaks and predicting the imminent collapse of the coalition in Afghanistan, the leak of classified FSB documents…

  • Dwindling Hopes for Climate Accord

    Published 11 August 2010 | viewed 5,400 times

    Heat waves and deadly floods notwithstanding, an effective global climate change treaty is not on the horizon. Delegates from 190 countries gathered in Bonn last…

  • Iraq: The Conflict Over Power

    Published 10 August 2010 | viewed 7,677 times

    The current political impasse in Iraq is damaging to all parties involved. A UN-sponsored National Salvation Government may be the only way forward. The “Non-Dialogue”…

  • Iraqi Province Cracks Down on Clerics

    Published 30 July 2010 | viewed 4,015 times

    Clerics in Diyala have been warned they can go to jail for delivering sermons that incite violence, a move aimed at calming the troubled Iraqi…

  • Political Instability in Japan and it’s Implications for the US-Japan Alliance

    Published 28 July 2010 | viewed 8,480 times

    The ruling party's inability to gain a single-party majority in the Upper House means that political instability in Tokyo will continue at least until the…

  • The Ultimate High Ground and Space Arms Control

    Published 21 July 2010 | viewed 4,364 times

    Obama’s National Space Policy promises to consider arms control proposals if they are equitable, verifiable and increase the national security of the US and its…

  • Corruption in Afghanistan Expanding at an Alarming Rate

    Published 20 July 2010 | viewed 5,190 times

    A recent survey by Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) shows a sharp expansion in corruption in Afghan society. Most Afghans now see the payment of bribes…

  • Solar Powered Plane completes Night Flight

    Published 15 July 2010 | viewed 5,990 times

    This week’s record-breaking night flight by the Solar Impulse aircraft has been widely acclaimed, but few of us are ever likely to fly in such…

  • Will Afghanistan’s $1 Trillion of Minerals Secure Foreign Investment

    Published 12 July 2010 | viewed 3,329 times

    In mid-June, an article in the New York Times revealed to the world something that many Afghans already knew: Afghanistan sits on about $1 trillion-worth…

  • Chilling Facts About the Global Economic System

    Published 05 July 2010 | viewed 6,525 times

    The global economic system which easily facilitates tax evasion, money laundering and government corruption, is the same system employed by gun runners, drug cartels and…

  • Riots Break out in Iraq Over Energy Shortages

    Published 30 June 2010 | viewed 7,706 times

    The interim Iraqi government is reeling from riots and demonstrations that have erupted across the country to protest severe electricity shortages. Anger has been growing…

  • Is Victory Achievable in Pakistan’s War on the Taliban

    Published 28 June 2010 | viewed 5,718 times

    Although army security operations are under way in most of Pakistan’s tribal areas and some of have even been declared cleared of armed Taliban, there…

  • Defense and Security in the EU

    Published 23 June 2010 | viewed 9,863 times

    As EU defense ministers prepare for formal meetings within the Foreign Affairs Council, the hope is that this will provide political impetus for the refinement…

  • Notorious Private Military Company Blackwater up for Sale

    Published 22 June 2010 | viewed 10,898 times

    Earlier this month, Xe Services, LLC, the latest re-branded name of the company that was once known as Blackwater Worldwide, announced that the company was…

  • Iranian Leaders Clampdown on Social Media

    Published 21 June 2010 | viewed 5,215 times

    One year ago, Iran's 'Twitter revolution' made headlines in the western media. Yet in Iran itself, no Twitter revolution was taking place at all. As…

  • Moscow Reluctant to Act in Kyrgyzstan Crisis

    Published 19 June 2010 | viewed 4,324 times

    A crisis erupts in a former Soviet state and Russia calls for a multilateral response. Is the Kyrgyz crisis the shape of things to come?…

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