• 3 minutes Will Variants and Ill-Health Continue to Plague Economic Outlooks?
  • 6 minutes Forecasts for Natural Gas
  • 14 minutes NordStream2
  • 2 hours Communist China Declared War on the US Long Ago Part 1 of the 2-part series: The CCP's War on America
  • 44 mins China's aggression is changing the nature of sovereignty.
  • 4 hours Delta variant in European Union
  • 2 days Ukrainian Maidan after 8 years
  • 11 hours President Biden’s Nuclear Option Against OPEC+ - Waste of Time
  • 4 days OPEC+ Expects Large Oil Glut In Early 2022
  • 4 days Microbes can provide sustainable hydrocarbons for the petrochemical industry
  • 1 day Сryptocurrency predictions
  • 3 days CO2 Electrolysis to CO (Carbon Monoxide) and then to Graphite
  • 3 days Hunter Biden Helped China Gain Control of Cobalt Mines in Africa
Emanuele Scimia


Contributor since: 09 Dec 2014

Emanuele Scimia

Emanuele Scimia is an independent journalist and geopolitical analyst.

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