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  • 5 minutes “Cushing Oil Inventories Are Soaring Again” By Tsvetana Paraskova
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  • 3 hours So Is COVID a Media Hoax or Not?
  • 5 mins Joe Biden's Presidency
  • 2 mins Biden suspends oil and gas drilling on Federal Lands for 60 days for review.
  • 14 hours JACK MA versus Xi Jinping
  • 20 hours GENERAL NORMAN SCHWARZKOPF: The Third Tour
  • 10 hours a In 2020, we produced and delivered half a million cars.
  • 11 hours Parler’s New Partner Has Ties to the Russian Government
  • 44 mins Thanks to food countersanctiona after 2014 Russia become net exporter of food
  • 23 hours The World Economic Forum & Davos - Setting the agenda on fossil fuels, global regulations, etc.
  • 14 hours Deceptions Revealed about the “Nord Stream 2 Pipeline” and Germany
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  • 1 day Navalny Poisoning Weakens Russo German Relations
Damir Kaletovic

Contributor since: 12 Jan 2017

Damir Kaletovic

Damir Kaletovic is an award-winning investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker and expert on Southeastern Europe whose work appears on behalf of Oilprice.com and several other news sites.

Latest articles from Damir

  • French Oil Giant Seeks 50% Stake In Iran’s $4B South Pars

    Published 17 March 2017 | viewed 7,931 times

    Total signed a preliminary deal for the project last year, and today stated its intentions in a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange…

  • Iraq Oil Exports Edge Lower So Far in March

    Published 17 March 2017 | viewed 5,113 times

    Exports from southern Iraq in the first 14 days of March have averaged 3.25 million bpd, according to Reuters shipping data. According to official data,…

  • Nigeria Oil Operators Face Tense Protests Over Unpaid Wages

    Published 16 March 2017 | viewed 6,626 times

    Hundreds of Nigerian oil contractors held heated talks with Italian oil major Eni over unpaid wages, even though production has been restored following militant attacks…

  • Poland Says EU Going Soft On Gazprom Market Abuse

    Published 16 March 2017 | viewed 5,519 times

    Poland is threatening to use all legal means possible to block the settlement, without fines, of an antitrust investigation targeting Russian Gazprom, which it feels…

  • DAPL Oil To Start Flowing By March 20th

    Published 15 March 2017 | viewed 11,547 times

    Oil may start to flow from the hotly disputed Dakota Access pipeline as soon as 20 March, after a federal judge on Tuesday denied a…

  • Kenya To Start Exporting First Crude this Summer

    Published 15 March 2017 | viewed 7,662 times

    Kenya has greenlighted a crude oil export agreement with Tullow Oil, Maersk International and local Africa Oil, with pilot exports slated to start in June…

  • Libya’s LNA Retakes Key Oil Ports—Again

    Published 14 March 2017 | viewed 5,930 times

    The Libya National Army (LNA) claimed on Tuesday to have retaken the country’s key oil ports of Ras Lanuf and Es Sider from a rival…

  • Famine in South Sudan As Oil Revenues Remain Elusive

    Published 21 February 2017 | viewed 10,838 times

    The South Sudanese government and three humanitarian agencies have declared a famine in some parts of the country as the newly independent nation struggle to…

  • Tunisia’s Oil & Gas Output Drops 10%

    Published 16 February 2017 | viewed 8,563 times

    Tunisia has recorded a drop in crude oil and natural gas production of 10.1 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year, in line with…

  • Alberta’s ‘Orphaned’ Oil Wells Just Doubled

    Published 15 February 2017 | viewed 20,239 times

    Canada’s oil-rich Alberta province has just doubled the number of ‘orphaned’ oil wells by suspending the oil and gas licenses of Lexin Resources Ltd., bringing…

  • Trump Scrambles To Take Tough Stance On Russia Over Crimea

    Published 15 February 2017 | viewed 7,531 times

    In an apparent eleventh-hour attempt to head off a scandal over secret talks with Russian officials that have led to the resignation of his national…

  • Syrian Regime Regains Control Of Key Gas Field

    Published 14 February 2017 | viewed 5,079 times

    The Islamic State has reportedly lost control of the Hayan natural gas field in Syria’s central province of Homs following a Syrian army operation to…

  • Libya Arrests Oil Executives For Alleged Offshore Fraud

    Published 14 February 2017 | viewed 6,351 times

    Just as Libya loads its first tanker from a new floating storage platform in the offshore Bouri oilfield, authorities have detained four senior oil executives…

  • Mafia, Guns And Clans: The Big Libyan Oil Heist

    Published 12 February 2017 | viewed 22,376 times

    Libya’s oil production problems extend far beyond whether the forces of Tripoli or Benghazi secure ultimate control over the country: Clan-based militias are running their…

  • Nigeria Rescues Oil Tanker From High-Seas Pirates

    Published 09 February 2017 | viewed 15,191 times

    The Nigerian Navy has rescued an oil tanker from pirates near Bonny Island, even as the number of high-seas hijackers is at an 18-year low,…

  • Brent Crude Namesake Oilfield Moves Toward Total Decommissioning

    Published 08 February 2017 | viewed 7,230 times

    Shell applied on Wednesday to begin decommissioning the entire Brent oilfield—the namesake of ‘Brent crude’--in the North Sea, in a project that could take up…

  • EIA Slashes Crude Oil Demand Forecast

    Published 07 February 2017 | viewed 11,966 times

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is now predicting less oil demand for this year, cutting its global demand forecast by 10,000 barrels per day…

  • Yemeni Journalist Allegedly Poisoned After Oil Company Probe

    Published 07 February 2017 | viewed 13,313 times

    An autopsy has reportedly shown that top Yemeni investigative journalist Mohammed al-Absi, who died under mysterious circumstances in December, was poisoned. The journalist died in…

  • Iran, Trump Showdown Leads To New Sanctions

    Published 06 February 2017 | viewed 9,351 times

    The U.S. Department of Treasury has slapped new sanctions on Iran, targeting 13 individuals and as many companies, in response to an Iranian ballistic missile…

  • Black Sea Incident Risks Russia-Ukraine Conflict Tension

    Published 02 February 2017 | viewed 13,641 times

    A Ukrainian military plane has reportedly made two low passes over Russian oil rigs in the Black Sea, with Russia calling the incident a clear…

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