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Charles Kennedy

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Charles Kennedy

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    The rush to export natural gas from North America was nice while it lasted. But the spot prices for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asia…

  • The Top 10 Largest Oil And Gas Fields In The United States

    Published 07 April 2015 | viewed 154,615 times

    More than half the United States’ oil reserves are located in its 100 largest fields. According to a new Energy Information Administration report, these massive…

  • Oilfield Services Facing Years Of Decline

    Published 02 April 2015 | viewed 23,766 times

    Oil field services companies are in for a rough year. The firms that provide the critical services for oil drilling are often not the ones…

  • Despite Major Discovery By Statoil, East-African Oil Faces Obstacles

    Published 01 April 2015 | viewed 9,340 times

    East Africa holds out a lot of promise for oil and gas exploration, but its ultimate emergence as an energy player remains in doubt. Statoil,…

  • Wind Could Meet 20% Of U.S. Electricity By 2030

    Published 30 March 2015 | viewed 9,751 times

    Wind power may soon be coming to a field near you. The Department of Energy (DOE) published a major report looking at the viability of…

  • Good News At Last For Petrobras

    Published 26 March 2015 | viewed 6,441 times

    Petrobras announced on March 24 that it has discovered a significant deposit of oil just of the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The company says…

  • Weak Chinese Demand Could Undermine Entire Coal Market

    Published 25 March 2015 | viewed 12,805 times

    China imported coal at the slowest rate in almost four years, sending coal markets into a tailspin. For the month of February, China imported 5.86…

  • Three Triggers That Will Send Oil Crashing Again

    Published 24 March 2015 | viewed 30,863 times

    Oil prices bounced back on March 24 on a sliding U.S. Dollar, but the pain may not be over yet. Oil storage capacity continues to…

  • How Much Gas Will Flow Out Of The Marcellus Shale?

    Published 23 March 2015 | viewed 8,958 times

    A relatively high-profile natural gas pipeline cleared a key legal hurdle just as another saw increasing opposition from affected landowners.The shale gas revolution has brought…

  • British Gov. Puts North Sea Oil On Life Support

    Published 19 March 2015 | viewed 9,497 times

    The United Kingdom is moving quickly to resuscitate its dying oil and gas sector, slashing taxes on the industry in order to make the UK…

  • Is US Oil Production Finally About To Fall?

    Published 18 March 2015 | viewed 10,767 times

    Could a decline in U.S. oil production finally be here? After months of substantial declines in the number of active rig counts in the oil…

  • Blame Game Starts Over Recent Oil Train Spills

    Published 17 March 2015 | viewed 6,216 times

    The string of oil train derailments is sparking infighting between the various industry players moving oil around the country. An oil refining trade group is…

  • Venezuela’s State Oil Company Undergoes Reforms

    Published 16 March 2015 | viewed 6,969 times

    The relationship between the U.S. and Venezuela – which has been an icy one for years – took a hit after the Obama administration passed…

  • Barrage Of Lobbying On New Oil Train Rules

    Published 11 March 2015 | viewed 5,122 times

    After a slew of oil train derailments over the past month, the Obama administration is under assault…from lobbyists that is. A barrage of lobbying has…

  • Fracking Industry Conspiring To Cover Up Oklahoma Earthquake Evidence?

    Published 10 March 2015 | viewed 9,215 times

    Are seismologists in Oklahoma being pressured to play down the connection between fracking and the state's recent uptick in earthquakes? All of a sudden Oklahoma…

  • Two Trains Carrying Crude Derailed, Exploded, In The Past Week

    Published 09 March 2015 | viewed 7,941 times

    Another day, another oil train derailment. This time a train derailed in Northern Ontario on March 7 and caught fire, spilling crude into a nearby…

  • Asia at Risk of Oil Supply Disruption

    Published 10 May 2014 | viewed 6,070 times

    Asia is more at risk from a disruption in oil supplies than either Europe or the United States. That is according to a new report…

  • More U.S. Coal Being Exported to Europe

    Published 08 May 2014 | viewed 11,786 times

    The United States is moving away from coal as it seeks to clean up its generation profile, but U.S. coal continues to expand into markets…

  • Stanford University To Divest From Coal

    Published 07 May 2014 | viewed 5,491 times

    In the biggest achievement yet for the fledgling fossil fuel divestment campaign, Stanford University pledged on May 6 to divest its $18.7 billion endowment of…

  • New U.S. Report Says Climate Change Already Having Impact

    Published 06 May 2014 | viewed 5,256 times

    The U.S. Global Change Research Program released a landmark report on climate change on May 6, put together by over 300 experts across multiple government…

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