• 4 minutes Trump has changed into a World Leader
  • 7 minutes China's Economy and Subsequent Energy Demand To Decelerate Sharply Through 2024
  • 8 minutes Indonesia Stands Up to China. Will Japan Help?
  • 10 minutes US Shale: Technology
  • 13 minutes Which emissions are worse?: Cows vs. Keystone Pipeline
  • 17 minutes Shale Oil Fiasco
  • 2 hours Boris Johnson taken decision about 5G Huawei ban by delay (fait accompli method)
  • 18 hours We're freezing! Isn't it great? The carbon tax must be working!
  • 3 hours Phase One trade deal, for China it is all about technology war
  • 11 hours Angela Merkel take notice. Russia cut off Belarus oil supply because they would not do as Russia demanded
  • 4 hours Might be Time for NG Producers to Find New Career
  • 14 hours Environmentalists demand oil and gas companies *IN THE USA AND CANADA* reduce emissions to address climate change
  • 18 hours Prototype Haliade X 12MW turbine starts operating in Rotterdam
  • 13 hours Swedes Think Climate Policy Worst Waste of Taxpayers' Money in 2019
  • 16 hours Wind Turbine Blades Not Recyclable
  • 16 hours Denmark gets 47% of its electricity from wind in 2019
  • 1 day Beijing Must Face Reality That Taiwan is Independent
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Mad Hedge Fund Trader

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Mad Hedge Fund Trader

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