• 4 minutes Ten Years of Plunging Solar Prices
  • 7 minutes Hydrogen Capable Natural Gas Turbines
  • 10 minutes World looks on in horror as Trump flails over pandemic despite claims US leads way
  • 13 minutes Large gas belt discovered in China
  • 2 hours Chicago Threatens To Condemn - Possibly Demolish - Churches Defying Lockdown
  • 58 mins Let’s Try This....
  • 2 hours The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?
  • 11 mins New Aussie "big batteries"
  • 6 hours COVID 19 May Be Less Deadly Than Flu Study Finds
  • 2 hours Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Times of Large Debt:
  • 7 hours China to Impose Dictatorship on Hong Kong
  • 13 hours 60 mph electric mopeds
  • 21 hours Nothing can shake AMLO’s fossil-fuel fixation
  • 18 hours Iran's first oil tanker has arrived near Venezuela
  • 1 day US-China tech competition accelerates: on Friday 05/15 new sanctions on Huawei, on Monday 05/18 Samsung chief visits China

Energy / Natural Gas

Natural Gas Analysis for the Week of February 13, 2012

Feb 13, 2012 at 12:33 | FX Empire

Last week, April Natural Gas traded in an inside range, indicating that it may be going through a transition period. This should come as no surprise to chart watchers because…

Companies Closing Shale Operations: Where Does the Industry Go from Here?

Feb 09, 2012 at 17:19 | The Oil Drum

On January 23, 2012, Chesapeake Energy announced that it would curtail drilling in shale gas plays in the United States. Subsequently, other operators have followed suit. While the outcome…

The Important Roles of Risk and Stealth in the Eagle Ford Shale Discovery

Feb 08, 2012 at 17:39 | James Burgess

The Eagle Ford Shale is one of the biggest shale fields in the world and one of the biggest developments in Texan oil and gas for decades; and it all…

Two Natural Gas Kings: Russia and Qatar

Feb 08, 2012 at 11:09 | Ferdinand E. Banks

In my forthcoming energy economics textbook (2012), the two natural gas kings are three –  Russia,  Qatar and Iran –  while if I were beginning that book today, I would…

End of the Boom: The True State of the Shale Gas Industry

Feb 07, 2012 at 17:31 | Kurt Cobb

Estimates for recoverable shale gas just keep falling. Last year, the Potential Gas Committee, an industry consortium that focuses on long-term projections, estimated that recoverable natural gas from shale…

Russia Behind Bulgarian Anti-Fracking Protests?

Feb 04, 2012 at 12:20 | John Daly

Pity the poor Eastern Europeans. Fifty years under the domination of their massive Soviet eastern neighbor then the collapse of Communism there two decades ago offered undreamed of opportunities to…

Turf War with Ukraine Means Gazprom May Send More Gas Though Belarus

Jan 30, 2012 at 17:39 | Daniel J. Graeber

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom announced it could increase the amount of natural gas it would send to its European consumers through the transit system in Belarus this year. Ukraine currently…

Bolivia Expropriates Consortium’s Holdings of Natural Gas Bloc

Jan 29, 2012 at 19:53 | John Daly

Energy rich, capital poor countries have few options when seeking to develop their resources than to partner with international energy company giants on whatever terms they offer, however iniquitous they…

Poland Gives Green Light to Massive Fracking Efforts

Jan 26, 2012 at 17:50 | John Daly

There is perhaps no more controversial energy source after nuclear than “hydraulic fracturing,” or “fracking,” of subterranean shale deposits containing pockets of natural gas.While the process can liberate…

Peace Pipeline May Finally Have its Day

Jan 24, 2012 at 17:51 | Daniel J. Graeber

Indian and Pakistani officials this week are debating issues related to a natural gas pipeline planned from Turkmenistan. Pakistan's energy minister left Monday for India to hold talks on the…

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