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The price of oil shown for the various countries and states is derived from multiple sources such as brokerages, trading houses, midstream companies and oil majors. The data is to be used for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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Futures & IndexesLastChange%Change
WTI Crude 43.17 +0.43+1.01%(10 hours delay)
Brent Crude 45.75 +0.34+0.75%(9 hours delay)
Mars US 42.54 +0.30+0.71%(9 hours delay)
Opec Basket 42.58 -0.56-1.30%(EOD)
Canadian Crude Index 31.80 +0.25+0.79%(8 hours delay)
DME Oman 44.27 +0.32+0.73%(12 hours delay)
Urals 43.11 +0.11+0.26%(EOD)
Mexican Crude Basket 39.38 +0.18+0.46%(EOD)
Indian Basket 43.85 -0.60-1.35%(EOD)
WCS (CAD) 42.99 +0.43+1.01%(EOD)
Middle East Sour Crude 43.85 +0.40+0.92%(EOD)
Dubai 46.11 +0.12+0.26%(EOD)
Brent Weighted Average 45.25 -0.31-0.68%(EOD)
Louisiana Light 44.36 -0.05-0.11%(EOD)
Coastal Grade A 32.25 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
Domestic Swt. @ Cushing 39.25 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
Giddings 33.00 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
ANS West Coast 44.75 -1.06-2.31%(EOD)
Gulf Coast HSFO 41.10 +0.10+0.24%(EOD)
Natural Gas 2.95 +0.03+1.03%(10 hours delay)
Heating Oil 1.38 +0.00+0.36%(10 hours delay)
Gasoline 1.42 +0.00+0.07%(10 hours delay)
Ethanol 1.50 -0.00-0.13%(12 hours delay)
United States Blends:
(All prices have been taken from a number of midstream companies and the prices are the averages they are paying for various blends)
West Texas Sour 36.69 +0.21+0.58%(EOD)
West Texas Intermediate 39.19 +0.21+0.54%(EOD)
Upper Texas Gulf Coast 26.99 +0.21+0.78%(EOD)
Texas Gulf Coast Light 37.69 +0.21+0.56%(EOD)
South Texas Sour 33.08 +0.21+0.64%(EOD)
North Texas Sweet 39.19 +0.21+0.54%(EOD)
North Texas Sour 34.69 +0.21+0.61%(EOD)
Eagle Ford Pipeline 39.19 +0.21+0.54%(EOD)
Eagle Ford Condensate 38.19 +0.21+0.55%(EOD)
Eagle Ford 40.64 +0.21+0.52%(EOD)
Tx. Upper Gulf Coast 33.00 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
South Texas Light 33.00 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
W. Tx./N. Mex. Inter. 39.25 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
South Texas Heavy 32.75 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
W. Cen. Tx. Inter. 39.25 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
W. Tx./N. Mex. Sour 34.25 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
East Texas Sweet 36.75 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
Arkansas Sweet 36.00 +0.25+0.70%(EOD)
Arkansas Sour 35.00 +0.25+0.72%(EOD)
Arkansas Ex Heavy 30.00 +0.25+0.84%(EOD)
Buena Vista 43.69 +0.21+0.48%(EOD)
Midway-Sunset 39.01 +0.21+0.54%(EOD)
North Dakota
Williston Sweet 32.25 +0.25+0.78%(EOD)
Williston Sour 30.22 +0.25+0.83%(EOD)
Utah Black Wax 38.74 +0.21+0.55%(EOD)
Four Corners
Four Corners 38.08 +0.30+0.79%(EOD)
Colorado D-J Basin 38.25 +0.25+0.66%(EOD)
Colorado South East 29.75 +0.25+0.85%(EOD)
Colorado West 35.24 +0.21+0.60%(EOD)
Kansas Common 33.00 +0.25+0.76%(EOD)
Eastern Kansas 27.75 +0.25+0.91%(EOD)
NW Kansas Sweet 30.75 +0.25+0.82%(EOD)
SW Kansas Sweet 31.25 +0.25+0.81%(EOD)
South Central Kansas 34.75 +0.25+0.72%(EOD)
Delhi/N. Louisiana 36.25 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
South Louisiana 37.75 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
North Louisiana Sweet 36.00 +0.25+0.70%(EOD)
Michigan Sour 31.25 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
Michigan Sweet 36.00 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
Nebraska Intermediate 32.00 +0.25+0.79%(EOD)
Nebraska Sweet 34.94 +0.21+0.60%(EOD)
Oklahoma Sweet 39.19 +0.21+0.54%(EOD)
Oklahoma Sour 29.24 +0.21+0.72%(EOD)
Western Oklahoma Swt. 38.50 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
Oklahoma Intermediate 38.25 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)
Wyoming General Sour 30.00 +0.25+0.84%(EOD)
Wyoming General Sweet 35.04 +0.21+0.60%(EOD)
NW MT Sour 35.25 +0.25+0.71%(EOD)
NW MT Sour - Blaine & Hill 29.50 +0.25+0.85%(EOD)
Central Montana 34.21 +0.21+0.62%(EOD)
International PricesLastChange%Change
Kuwait Export Blend 41.89 -1.07-2.49%(EOD)
Oriente Crude 39.45 -0.34-0.85%(2 day delay)
Napo Crude 36.75 -1.09-2.88%(2 day delay)
> Deliveries to U.S. Gulf Coast
Maya 38.83 +0.15+0.40%(EOD)
Isthmus 44.77 +0.13+0.30%(EOD)
Olmeca 45.92 +0.17+0.36%(EOD)
> Deliveries to U.S. West Coast
Maya 34.98 +0.15+0.44%(EOD)
Isthmus 40.07 +0.13+0.33%(EOD)
> Deliveries to the Far East
Maya 35.79 +0.22+0.62%(EOD)
Isthmus 42.09 +0.22+0.53%(EOD)
> Deliveries to North West Europe
Iran Light 41.80 -0.31-0.74%(EOD)
Iran Heavy 39.85 -0.31-0.77%(EOD)
Forozan Blend 40.05 -0.31-0.77%(EOD)
> Deliveries to Mediterranean
Iran Light 40.90 -0.31-0.75%(EOD)
Iran Heavy 39.00 -0.31-0.79%(EOD)
Forozan Blend 38.45 -0.31-0.80%(EOD)
Soroosh 42.20 -0.31-0.73%(EOD)
Nowrooz 42.20 -0.31-0.73%(EOD)
> Deliveries to Sidi Kerir
Iran Light 42.70 -0.31-0.72%(EOD)
Iran Heavy 40.80 -0.31-0.75%(EOD)
Forozan Blend 41.00 -0.31-0.75%(EOD)
> Deliveries to South Africa
Iran Light 41.80 -0.31-0.74%(EOD)
Iran Heavy 39.85 -0.31-0.77%(EOD)
Forozan Blend 40.05 -0.31-0.77%(EOD)
OPEC Members(Monthly Pricing)LastChange%Change
Arab Light 49.30 -2.34-4.53%(May. Price)
Basrah Light 48.56 -2.19-4.32%(May. Price)
Bonny Light 50.77 -2.25-4.24%(May. Price)
Es Sider 48.90 -2.14-4.19%(May. Price)
Girassol 50.36 -2.32-4.40%(May. Price)
Iran Heavy 49.00 -2.12-4.15%(May. Price)
Kuwait Export 48.65 -2.16-4.25%(May. Price)
Marine 50.24 -2.15-4.10%(May. Price)
Merey 45.16 -0.50-1.10%(May. Price)
Murban 51.96 -2.36-4.34%(May. Price)
Oriente 46.91 -1.79-3.68%(May. Price)
Saharan Blend 49.80 -2.04-3.94%(May. Price)
Venezuela Basket 41.66 -0.97-2.28%(Jun. Price)
Indonesia Crude Price 48.08 -2.43-4.81%(May. Price)


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