• 1 day PDVSA Booted From Caribbean Terminal Over Unpaid Bills
  • 1 day Russia Warns Ukraine Against Recovering Oil Off The Coast Of Crimea
  • 1 day Syrian Rebels Relinquish Control Of Major Gas Field
  • 1 day Schlumberger Warns Of Moderating Investment In North America
  • 1 day Oil Prices Set For Weekly Loss As Profit Taking Trumps Mideast Tensions
  • 1 day Energy Regulators Look To Guard Grid From Cyberattacks
  • 2 days Mexico Says OPEC Has Not Approached It For Deal Extension
  • 2 days New Video Game Targets Oil Infrastructure
  • 2 days Shell Restarts Bonny Light Exports
  • 2 days Russia’s Rosneft To Take Majority In Kurdish Oil Pipeline
  • 2 days Iraq Struggles To Replace Damaged Kirkuk Equipment As Output Falls
  • 2 days British Utility Companies Brace For Major Reforms
  • 2 days Montenegro A ‘Sweet Spot’ Of Untapped Oil, Gas In The Adriatic
  • 2 days Rosneft CEO: Rising U.S. Shale A Downside Risk To Oil Prices
  • 2 days Brazil Could Invite More Bids For Unsold Pre-Salt Oil Blocks
  • 2 days OPEC/Non-OPEC Seek Consensus On Deal Before Nov Summit
  • 3 days London Stock Exchange Boss Defends Push To Win Aramco IPO
  • 3 days Rosneft Signs $400M Deal With Kurdistan
  • 3 days Kinder Morgan Warns About Trans Mountain Delays
  • 3 days India, China, U.S., Complain Of Venezuelan Crude Oil Quality Issues
  • 3 days Kurdish Kirkuk-Ceyhan Crude Oil Flows Plunge To 225,000 Bpd
  • 3 days Russia, Saudis Team Up To Boost Fracking Tech
  • 4 days Conflicting News Spurs Doubt On Aramco IPO
  • 4 days Exxon Starts Production At New Refinery In Texas
  • 4 days Iraq Asks BP To Redevelop Kirkuk Oil Fields
  • 4 days Oil Prices Rise After U.S. API Reports Strong Crude Inventory Draw
  • 4 days Oil Gains Spur Growth In Canada’s Oil Cities
  • 4 days China To Take 5% Of Rosneft’s Output In New Deal
  • 4 days UAE Oil Giant Seeks Partnership For Possible IPO
  • 5 days Planting Trees Could Cut Emissions As Much As Quitting Oil
  • 5 days VW Fails To Secure Critical Commodity For EVs
  • 5 days Enbridge Pipeline Expansion Finally Approved
  • 5 days Iraqi Forces Seize Control Of North Oil Co Fields In Kirkuk
  • 5 days OPEC Oil Deal Compliance Falls To 86%
  • 5 days U.S. Oil Production To Increase in November As Rig Count Falls
  • 5 days Gazprom Neft Unhappy With OPEC-Russia Production Cut Deal
  • 5 days Disputed Venezuelan Vote Could Lead To More Sanctions, Clashes
  • 6 days EU Urges U.S. Congress To Protect Iran Nuclear Deal
  • 6 days Oil Rig Explosion In Louisiana Leaves 7 Injured, 1 Still Missing
  • 6 days Aramco Says No Plans To Shelve IPO

Oil Price Charts

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Futures & IndexesLastChange%ChangeLast Updated
WTI Crude 51.84 +0.33+0.64%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
Brent Crude 57.75 +0.52+0.91%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
Mars US 52.79 +0.31+0.59%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
Opec Basket 55.52 -0.31-0.56%(EOD)(EOD)
Canadian Crude Index 39.05 -0.47-1.19%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
DME Oman 55.70 +0.40+0.72%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
Urals 53.79 +0.00+0.00%(EOD)(EOD)
Mexican Crude Basket 48.98 -0.27-0.55%(EOD)(EOD)
Indian Basket 56.07 -0.52-0.92%(EOD)(EOD)
Western Canadian Select 41.21 +0.44+1.08%(EOD)(EOD)
Middle East Sour Crude 55.46 +1.07+1.97%(EOD)(EOD)
Dubai 55.13 -0.24-0.43%(EOD)(EOD)
Brent Weighted Average 57.42 -0.43-0.74%(EOD)(EOD)
Louisiana Light 57.64 -0.23-0.40%(EOD)(EOD)
Coastal Grade A 41.00 +0.25+0.61%(EOD)(EOD)
Domestic Swt. @ Cushing 48.00 +0.25+0.52%(EOD)(EOD)
Giddings 41.75 +0.25+0.60%(EOD)(EOD)
ANS West Coast 57.98 +0.35+0.61%(EOD)(EOD)
Gulf Coast HSFO 48.67 +0.01+0.02%(EOD)(EOD)
Natural Gas 2.92 +0.04+1.46%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
Heating Oil 1.81 +0.03+1.55%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
Gasoline 1.64 +0.03+1.74%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
Ethanol 1.39 -0.01-0.43%(1 day delay)(1 day delay)
OPEC Members (Daily Pricing)LastChange%ChangeLast Updated
Marine 54.78 -0.35-0.63%(EOD)(EOD)
Murban 57.58 -0.30-0.52%(EOD)(EOD)
Iran Heavy Crude 54.24 +0.15+0.28%(EOD)(EOD)
Basra Light 53.38 +0.61+1.16%(EOD)(EOD)
Saharan Blend 57.29 -0.08-0.14%(EOD)(EOD)
Bonny Light 57.48 +0.04+0.07%(EOD)(EOD)
Girassol 57.73 +0.04+0.07%(EOD)(EOD)
International PricesLastChange%ChangeLast Updated
Oriente Crude 43.45 +0.52+1.21%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Napo Crude 40.48 +0.42+1.05%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
> Deliveries to U.S. Gulf Coast
Maya 47.03 +0.11+0.22%(EOD)(EOD)
Isthmus 54.07 +0.08+0.16%(EOD)(EOD)
Olmeca 57.05 +0.16+0.28%(EOD)(EOD)
> Deliveries to U.S. West Coast
Maya 43.63 +0.11+0.24%(EOD)(EOD)
Isthmus 50.72 +0.08+0.17%(EOD)(EOD)
> Deliveries to the Far East
Maya 46.92 +0.08+0.17%(EOD)(EOD)
Isthmus 53.22 +0.08+0.15%(EOD)(EOD)
> Deliveries to North West Europe
Iran Light 55.12 -0.43-0.77%(EOD)(EOD)
Iran Heavy 53.22 -0.43-0.80%(EOD)(EOD)
Forozan Blend 53.47 -0.43-0.80%(EOD)(EOD)
> Deliveries to Mediterranean
Iran Light 54.47 -0.43-0.78%(EOD)(EOD)
Iran Heavy 52.32 -0.43-0.82%(EOD)(EOD)
Forozan Blend 52.57 -0.43-0.81%(EOD)(EOD)
Soroosh 49.32 -0.43-0.86%(EOD)(EOD)
> Deliveries to Sidi Kerir
Iran Light 56.37 -0.43-0.76%(EOD)(EOD)
Iran Heavy 54.22 -0.43-0.79%(EOD)(EOD)
Forozan Blend 54.47 -0.43-0.78%(EOD)(EOD)
> Deliveries to South Africa
Iran Light 55.12 -0.43-0.77%(EOD)(EOD)
Iran Heavy 53.22 -0.43-0.80%(EOD)(EOD)
Forozan Blend 53.47 -0.43-0.80%(EOD)(EOD)
Daqing 52.15 -0.23-0.44%(EOD)(EOD)
Shengli 52.25 -0.23-0.44%(EOD)(EOD)
South China Sea 54.69 -0.21-0.38%(EOD)(EOD)
Cinta 51.90 -0.23-0.44%(EOD)(EOD)
Duri 51.65 -0.23-0.44%(EOD)(EOD)
Minas 53.60 -0.23-0.43%(EOD)(EOD)
ESPO 57.78 -0.19-0.33%(EOD)(EOD)
Tapis (Malaysia) 59.84 -0.26-0.43%(EOD)(EOD)
Canadian BlendsLastChange%ChangeLast Updated
Central Alberta 49.86 +0.24+0.48%(EOD)(EOD)
Light Sour Blend 52.21 +0.24+0.46%(EOD)(EOD)
Peace Sour 48.21 +0.04+0.08%(EOD)(EOD)
Syncrude Sweet Premium 56.36 -0.01-0.02%(EOD)(EOD)
Sweet Crude 51.31 +0.14+0.27%(EOD)(EOD)
US High Sweet Clearbrook 55.66 +0.39+0.71%(EOD)(EOD)
Canadian Condensate 54.26 +0.24+0.44%(EOD)(EOD)
Midale 49.86 -0.91-1.79%(EOD)(EOD)
Albian Heavy Synthetic 50.86 +0.24+0.47%(EOD)(EOD)
Hardisty Light 47.11 +0.24+0.51%(EOD)(EOD)
Premium Synthetic 52.61 +0.24+0.46%(EOD)(EOD)
United States Blends:
(All prices have been taken from a number of midstream companies and the prices are the averages they are paying for various blends)
TexasLastChange%ChangeLast Updated
West Texas Sour 45.42 +0.18+0.40%(EOD)(EOD)
West Texas Intermediate 47.92 +0.18+0.38%(EOD)(EOD)
Upper Texas Gulf Coast 35.72 +0.18+0.51%(EOD)(EOD)
Texas Gulf Coast Light 46.42 +0.18+0.39%(EOD)(EOD)
South Texas Sour 41.81 +0.18+0.43%(EOD)(EOD)
North Texas Sweet 47.92 +0.18+0.38%(EOD)(EOD)
North Texas Sour 43.42 +0.18+0.42%(EOD)(EOD)
Eagle Ford Pipeline 47.92 +0.18+0.38%(EOD)(EOD)
Eagle Ford Condensate 46.92 +0.18+0.39%(EOD)(EOD)
Eagle Ford 49.37 +0.18+0.37%(EOD)(EOD)
Tx. Upper Gulf Coast 41.75 +0.25+0.60%(EOD)(EOD)
South Texas Light 41.75 +0.25+0.60%(EOD)(EOD)
W. Tx./N. Mex. Inter. 48.00 +0.25+0.52%(EOD)(EOD)
South Texas Heavy 41.50 +0.25+0.61%(EOD)(EOD)
W. Cen. Tx. Inter. 48.00 +0.25+0.52%(EOD)(EOD)
W. Tx./N. Mex. Sour 43.00 +0.25+0.58%(EOD)(EOD)
East Texas Sweet 45.25 +0.25+0.56%(EOD)(EOD)
Arkansas Sweet 44.50 -0.75-1.66%(EOD)(EOD)
Arkansas Sour 43.50 -0.75-1.69%(EOD)(EOD)
Arkansas Ex Heavy 38.50 -0.75-1.91%(EOD)(EOD)
Buena Vista 56.74 -0.09-0.16%(EOD)(EOD)
Midway-Sunset 52.06 -0.09-0.17%(EOD)(EOD)
North Dakota
Williston Sweet 43.25 -0.50-1.14%(EOD)(EOD)
Williston Sour 39.34 -0.50-1.26%(EOD)(EOD)
Utah Black Wax 47.29 -0.59-1.23%(EOD)(EOD)
Four Corners
Four Corners 46.58 -0.60-1.27%(EOD)(EOD)
Colorado D-J Basin 46.75 -0.50-1.06%(EOD)(EOD)
Colorado South East 38.25 -0.75-1.92%(EOD)(EOD)
Colorado West 43.79 -0.59-1.33%(EOD)(EOD)
Kansas Common 41.50 -0.75-1.78%(EOD)(EOD)
Eastern Kansas 36.25 -0.75-2.03%(EOD)(EOD)
NW Kansas Sweet 39.25 -0.75-1.88%(EOD)(EOD)
SW Kansas Sweet 39.75 -0.75-1.85%(EOD)(EOD)
South Central Kansas 43.25 -0.75-1.70%(EOD)(EOD)
Delhi/N. Louisiana 45.00 +0.25+0.56%(EOD)(EOD)
South Louisiana 46.50 +0.25+0.54%(EOD)(EOD)
North Louisiana Sweet 44.50 -0.75-1.66%(EOD)(EOD)
Michigan Sour 40.00 +0.25+0.63%(EOD)(EOD)
Michigan Sweet 44.75 +0.25+0.56%(EOD)(EOD)
Nebraska Intermediate 40.50 -0.75-1.82%(EOD)(EOD)
Nebraska Sweet 43.39 -0.59-1.34%(EOD)(EOD)
Oklahoma Sweet 47.92 +0.18+0.38%(EOD)(EOD)
Oklahoma Sour 37.97 +0.18+0.48%(EOD)(EOD)
Western Oklahoma Swt. 47.25 +0.25+0.53%(EOD)(EOD)
Oklahoma Intermediate 47.00 +0.25+0.53%(EOD)(EOD)
Wyoming General Sour 36.60 +0.10+0.27%(EOD)(EOD)
Wyoming General Sweet 43.59 -0.59-1.34%(EOD)(EOD)
NW MT Sour 45.00 -0.75-1.64%(EOD)(EOD)
NW MT Sour - Blaine & Hill 35.75 -0.75-2.05%(EOD)(EOD)
Central Montana 43.10 -0.59-1.35%(EOD)(EOD)
OPEC Members(Monthly Pricing)LastChange%ChangeLast Updated
Arab Light 49.63 +2.51+5.33%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Basrah Light 49.26 +2.83+6.10%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Bonny Light 51.69 +3.03+6.23%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Es Sider 50.31 +3.35+7.13%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Girassol 52.31 +3.56+7.30%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Iran Heavy 48.70 +2.69+5.85%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Kuwait Export 48.70 +2.51+5.43%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Marine 49.71 +2.26+4.76%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Merey 45.38 +1.97+4.54%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Murban 51.51 +2.49+5.08%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Oriente 47.45 +2.24+4.95%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Saharan Blend 51.31 +3.35+6.98%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Venezuela Basket 45.66 +2.42+5.60%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)
Indonesia Crude Price 49.17 +2.82+6.08%(Aug. Price)(Aug. Price)

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