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EU Finalizes Decision to Quit Energy Treaty Over Climate Issues

Foreign Policy Problems Mount For The U.S.

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In a major loss for U.S. foreign policy, the Saudis have agreed to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a "dialogue partner" as it moves to further cement ties with China. The SCO includes India, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, and Central Asian countries. Egypt and Qatar also have "dialogue partner" status. What we're seeing now is a bit of a payout for Beijing after it brokered a restoration of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran earlier this month. It also comes right after Saudi Aramco and China signed off on billions of dollars in investments earlier this week.

Israel's Netanyahu threatens to be a very disruptive force in the Middle East, but he is also potentially overplaying his hand domestically and with Washington. The hardline PMs moved on Monday to delay a controversial plan to weaken the country's judiciary. The judicial overhaul decision could be his undoing. He has only two options: Either side with his coalition and allow the overhaul and face mass protests, or forgo the overhaul and watch his coalition fall apart.

Russia's military superiority has so far failed to take the eastern city of Bakhmut, the new symbol of the Russian front line in Ukraine. The Russian military, in a nutshell, is not faring well in an urban warfare setting, though on Wednesday, Ukraine said Russia had made some progress in advancing. Neither side has control here. Overall, however, Russia's strategy is overly reliant…

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