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Global Energy Alert

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Accurate analysis...

Accurate analysis...

Actionable intelligence...

Actionable intelligence...

Digestible data...

Digestible data...

Global Energy Alert

In 2014 we opened our vault of energy data, intel and analysis to traders, hedge fund managers, well-known investors, market makers, energy executives and more...

And bundled it in an email alert service called Global Energy Alert.

Every year, subscribers get access to over $1.2 million worth of privileged information that no one else in the energy sector has access to.

What You Get as a Global Energy Alert Member

Global Energy Alert is an ongoing email alert service that includes...

This Week In Energy

Stay on top of energy markets with an overview of the most important developments in energy markets each week. Our intelligence director highlights the leading story in renewables and the leading story in oil & gas. A bite-sized overview of the news you can’t afford to miss.

Inside Opportunities

Ride the coattails of’s head energy trader, ‘’the man who broke the bank of England’’… and be among the lucky few who receive exclusive details on breaking stock market news, insider deals, special opportunities and timely trades in energy tech, renewables, oil & gas and electric vehicles.

Behind the Numbers

Skip the misinformation and misinterpretation of hard data is the no.1 reason for failure in the energy markets… Our statisticians and data analysts have crunched the numbers for you, and serve you the most important data on energy commodities and market moving events in a simple-to-read and easy-to-digest format

Global Forecasts

Get plugged into not just one, but TWO private intelligence networks that closely follow the most important energy hubs, research centers and board rooms in the world. Our 400+ global intelligence assets are working 24/7 to make sure you receive unique energy data, satellite imaging and HUMINT before the rest of the market knows what’s going on.

Technical Trading Signals

Receive a weekly X-ray of energy and futures markets. Our unbeatable technical analyst tells you if the market is short or long oil or gas and whether smart money in moving in, or out of crucial energy commodities. Find out how Wall St. manoeuvers themselves and learn how to profit from it.

Intelligent Investor

Gain access to’s most successful stock analysis service ever, a monthly deep dive on the most promising energy stocks in the market. These monthly reports will analyze everything from company financials to technical signals, and looming catalysts.

New Global Energy Alert Members Also Get Instant Access
To Our Research Vault With…

"The Top 15 Oil & Gas Companies In 2021"

(Valued at $295)

Top 15 Oil & Gas Companies For 2021

How it works

Each company is examined across 5 key KPI’s and marked from 1-6 on their performance – giving each company a score out of 30.

The top 15 companies are then ranked based on their score and the geopolitical and economic outlook of their respective environments.

The Five KPIs Include:

Not only will you find out who has topped the list in 2021, you will have the complete analysis of each company – including their greatest strength and their largest risk.

“The Investor Education Series”

(Valued at $1997)

Investor Guide Series

These reports are an absolute must read for industry professionals, explaining everything from investing in energy ETFs to spotting and avoiding oil & gas investment scams and even valuing your investments.

Finally, New Members Get An Invaluable Trading Report:

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Retail Traders Make (And How to Avoid Them)

In this 6 page report, you will...

  • ArrowLearn why 90% of retail traders lose money in the stock market
  • ArrowUnderstand what dealing rooms do differently to ensure long-term profits
  • ArrowEstablish what the best trading style is for you and your specific risk level

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