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Learn how to make a profit from the oil price crash

Discover How To Identify Opportunities During A Market Crash

When markets move, opportunities are created.

The bigger that movement, the bigger the opportunity.

In this latest special report from Global Energy Alert,’s top trader reveals the secrets to trading during a market crash.

This truly is a must-read for anyone interested in investing not only during the current crash, but through volatile times in general.

The report itself is divided into 4 key sections:

Inside The Report

Three Rules for Trading Volatile Markets

Three Rules for Trading Volatile Markets

When it comes to trading volatile markets, the first thing to remember is that volatile markets are risky markets. If you don’t have some clear rules and boundaries as you trade, or if you let your emotions run away with you then you are going to lose everything and you are going to lose it fast.

In the first section, our head trader outlines the three central rules that have allowed him to survive and thrive in volatile markets for over 20 years.

Now, fair warning, for anyone aspiring to be the next Dr Michael Burry or Mark Baum from The Big Short - this is not the report for you. Trading volatility is not about sticking to your guns and risking everything just because you know you are right. This is about tilting the risk-reward ratio in your favor so that you can come out on top.

The Key Trading Strategies to Follow

The Key Trading Strategies to Follow

Ok - so you have your rules firmly in place. Now it’s time to figure out what kind of trader you are.

For contrarian oil traders, this section provides a vital explanation of how to trade momentum and the most effective way to use the much-talked-about ‘death cross’ during technical analysis.

For traders who are interested in using this market crash to trade stocks rather than oil, our head trader emphasises the primacy of fundamental analysis rather than pattern spotting and indicators.

Finally, for conservative traders who are looking to safely navigate the crash, our head trader provides some stark warnings and highlights some of the most frequently made mistakes he has seen with this strategy. He also emphasises the importance of dividends for these traders - something that is all too frequently overlooked.

How to Spot the Bottom

How to Spot the Bottom

The perennial question.

How do you identify the bottom during a market crash?

Anyone who tells you they have a fool-proof way to predetermine the bottom in markets is a liar.

But, as our head trader explains in this section, if you have a solid set of rules, a clear strategy and rigid discipline, then it is worth your time to attempt to locate the bottom.

This is a high-risk, high-reward game - and if you tilt the odds in your favour and trade in a controlled manner then you will have a huge advantage over a majority of traders out there.

Three Stocks to Watch and Three to Avoid

Three Stocks to Watch and Three to Avoid

As a general rule, you should never take advice from someone who isn’t willing to put their money where their mouth is. Something that our Global Energy Alert trading team is always more than happy to do.

At the end of the report our head trader has listed three stocks that he believes have what it takes to rebound after the oil price crash and three stocks that should be avoided at all costs.

While his stock picking record speaks for itself, these six picks are more than just recommendations. These stock picks are the culmination of the process outlined throughout the report. The logical conclusion of a well implemented strategy that has been forged through decades of trading experience.

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In 2014 we opened our vault of energy data, intel and analysis to traders, hedge fund managers, well-known investors, market makers, energy executives and more...

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The Global Energy Alert from is a great source of information on the broader energy markets. A quick breakdown of upstream and downstream data, plus the most important geopolitical events help me to stay ahead in the market. I’m sure this data and intelligence helps not just investors, but anyone with an interest in energy.

- Dan Steffens, President, Energy Prospectus Group

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Stay on top of energy markets with an overview of the most important developments in energy markets each week. Our intelligence director highlights the leading story in renewables and the leading story in oil & gas. A bite-sized overview of the news you can’t afford to miss.

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Meet Your Global Energy Alert Intelligence Directors...

We spent 2 years assembling a team of industry giants. Specialists who collect intel and produce energy analysis that gives an unfair advantage to anyone who has it.

The sole aim of our publication is to give you the kind of intelligence and analysis previously only available to those wealthy individuals, major energy corporations, hedge funds and governments ready to spend $1.2 million per year to have it.

Jim Hyercyzk

Jim Hyercyzk

Jim is a well-known technical and fundamental analyst. He is a 30-year veteran of the markets, a very successful trader and extraordinary market forecaster who now spends a great deal of time training both professional and amateur traders entry and exit points, breakout signals and more. In fact, he is the person most other technical analysts and traders go to for advice.

Jim gives you up to the day technical analysis. He carefully explains the various chart movements and what they are signaling to investors. Jim’s analysis allows you to spot opportunities and patterns ahead of other investors.

Martin Tillier

Martin Tillier

Martin Tillier is somewhat of an enigma in energy trading circles. He retired after turning over $280 million a day in London, Tokyo, Moscow, and Warsaw at Barclays and HBC, but now he’s back. And after spending most of his career with his lips sealed and his secrets under lock and key, he’s finally opening up to share some of his insights with Global Energy Alert subscribers.

See, nearly 20 years in London’s highly competitive Forex markets taught Martin that all markets are interconnected, so he has an eye for opportunities overlooked by other traders. This keen vision for under-the-radar plays has earned him, and his devotees, a lot of money.

Divergent Intel

Divergent Intel is a private boutique intelligence network focusing on the Middle East, Europe and Africa. It is a global leader in providing strategic human intelligence to the energy sector.

The secretive team have decades of experience gathering and analyzing intelligence. They can tell you what’s happening inside governments, extremists groups, criminal organizations and everything in between.

PLUS, The Oilprice Team

Our hundreds of experienced journalists, analysts and traders use their Rolodex of contacts to give subscribers the real inside scoop – long before it becomes headline news.

The network we have built up over many years gives us access to resources most individuals and companies are not in a position to obtain or are even aware of. It’s these resources that allow us to uncover the most interesting, unknown and potentially profitable opportunities within the energy sector.

In addition to this, we bring you the facts, analysis and insight you need to make the best investment and strategic decisions. We help you understand what is really happening in the energy markets and what is likely to happen next in global, regional & sector issues.

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