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UAE To Hit Its Oil Capacity Increase Sooner Than Expected

U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela Snap Back Into Place

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At midnight on Thursday, the six-month temporary oil sanctions relief Washington granted Venezuela last October expired, and the Biden administration moved to reimpose those sanctions, which was met with backlash in Caracas, where the move was described as a U.S. attempt to "control and manipulate the Venezuelan oil industry". Nicolas Maduro was given every opportunity to comply with the conditions of the sanctions relief, yet, has continued to work to ban, arrest, or otherwise prevent the rise of a solid opposition candidate for elections scheduled for July 28. 

Instead of another draft call-up, Russia is believed to be gearing up to fill its ranks with more contract soldiers to avoid a domestic backlash following a major terrorist attack and devastating floods since Putin was re-elected in March.

The civil war in Sudan is intensifying once again, a year since it began, with the Sudanese Armed Forces failing to gain any real advantage over the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, and vice versa. Fighting is now expanding into new areas and violence is at an all-time high. The venue is fast becoming a dangerous African proxy venue, with the West largely lining up behind the recognized government and Russia working its Wagner mercenaries and involving Libya (fuel smuggling to the Sudanese paramilitary forces), and the Central African Republic on the other side. 

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