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Oil Prices Jump 2% on Improving Demand Outlook

Russia Denies Trump's Claim That Putin Will Release U.S. Journalist for Him

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On the US election front, Trump has promised that if he is elected, Putin will immediately release an American journalist being held in prison in Russia. The statement made viral headlines and sounded like a pledge of allegiance but was denied by Moscow, which said no such discussions had taken place.

A Sri Lankan military commander is warning that Yemen's Iran-backed Houthis now have Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUVs), representing a potentially disastrous escalation for energy markets in one of the world's most critical energy transit points (with 12% of seaborne crude and 8% of LNG passing through Bab al-Mandab). This poses a much more direct threat to the US-led coalition naval forces now patrolling the Red Sea.

RFE/RL and investigative partners say that Russia is deploying more forces to Libya, with 1,800 more troops arriving in recent weeks as it starts to strengthen its foothold on NATO's Mediterranean flank. That puts Russian troops worryingly close to the Italian coast. We would keep a close eye on developments in Libya with regard to the rival governments and external troop deployments. Russia's flanking movements in more than one venue have prompted Poland and Greece to call on the EU to create an air defense field. 

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Equinor has made an oil discovery in the Svalin field in the North Sea, utilizing the Deepsea Aberdeen rig. The well, located in PL 169, has revealed between 0 and…

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