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Is This A Future Proof Oil Company?

One of the things that first attracted me to energy as a sector in which to both trade and invest is that it is an industry in a state of flux. That creates opportunities, sometimes in unexpected places. It is in flux because global attitudes to energy are changing as governments are beginning to take policy action on climate change, but the world still needs oil. No matter how many bills are passed or how many speeches are made, EVs account for only around 2% of cars on the road right now. That means that no matter how much electricity we may produce from wind, solar or whatever, we need oil, and will do for decades to come.

Faced with that reality but wanting to look like they are doing something about climate change, politicians are increasingly getting behind companies that make oil production greener and more efficient, or that mitigate some of the negative impacts of oil in climate terms. Projects include things like enhanced oil recovery (EOR) on the efficiency front, and carbon capture as mitigation. It makes sense, then, for energy investors to have some exposure to those things in their portfolio. Fortunately, there is one company that does both.

Denbury Inc. (DEN) is based in Texas, like most US oil companies, but they are anything but a traditional oil operation. They specialize in recovering oil from mature fields all over the country, and also have an advanced carbon capture operation on the Gulf Coast. The two things actually work together, as they…

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