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Is The EV Charger War Over?

"Editorial demands meant that this piece was written on Thursday, before the news of GMs move to the NACS broke. That story, however, doesn't really change things in terms of the analysis and recommendations in the article, it just makes them even more relevant and timely."

As many of you will know if you have read what I have written in the past, I am generally a fan of trading the market reaction to any news rather than the news itself. That is because as an individual retail trader you cannot possibly compete with institutional traders, let alone computerized trading systems, when it comes to the speed with which you see, digest, and react to news. What you can do, though, is look for an overreaction when all those trading desk guys react in the same way, or for instances when prior positioning causes them to overthink and react illogically.

There is an example of the latter of those two things going on right now in reaction to some big news that hit a couple of weeks ago.

Potentially the biggest news in energy over the last few weeks had nothing to do with oil, natural gas, or even coal. In fact, it wasn't about energy sources at all, but about energy delivery methods. On May 25th, Ford (F) announced a partnership of sorts with Tesla (TSLA) that will allow Ford EV owners to access and use Tesla's charging network. Given that Ford is the number two maker of EVs behind Tesla that is big news in any context, but in terms of what was shaping up to be a battle…

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