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Mexico To Make Or Break OPEC+ Deal

In a twist fit for a blockbuster movie, Mexico has emerged as the decisive player for the OPEC+ production cut deal, according to OPEC.

"The above was agreed by all the OPEC and non-OPEC oil producing countries participating in the Declaration of Cooperation, with the exception of Mexico, and as a result, the agreement is conditional on the consent of Mexico," OPEC said in a press release.

Speaking to Reuters earlier today, Prince Abdulaziz said, "I hope (Mexico) comes to see the benefit of this agreement not only for Mexico but for the whole world. This whole agreement is hinging on Mexico agreeing to it."

The surprising focus on Mexico is a result of the country walking out of the OPEC+ meeting yesterday without agreeing to the production cuts. Another report, however, said Mexico had offered to reduce its crude oil production by 100,000 bpd during the talks, to 1.68 million bpd.

Yesterday, the oil producers' cartel agreed on a 10-million bpd production cut, noting that its members hoped other producers will join in, too, cutting another 5 million bpd in an attempt to rebalance the oil market. Canada and Norway are among the countries that have suggested they would cut while the U.S. has stood firm in its unwillingness to interfere in the oil industry.

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Reuters asked Saudi Arabia's Prince Abdulaziz about that, too.

"They will do it in their own way, using their own approaches, and it is not our job to dictate to others what they could do based on their national circumstances," the energy minister said.

Texas railroad commissioner Ryan Sitton, the man who first floated the idea of a production cut in the oil state, said in a tweet that the world needs to cut at least 20 million bpd in the next couple of months, adding the U.S. could reduce its output by 4 million bpd in that period without having to impose mandatory production caps.

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