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"Your publication Oil & Gas Insider is the best energy related information that I have seen anywhere. It provides concise key data and professional, original opinions that gives me an immediate advantage over my peers, as well as a detailed insight into the trends to come."

Prof.-Dr. Thomas Fletcher Grooms, Ph.D., M.B.A., President, Academy of Market Intelligence

"Oil & Gas Insider has proven to be a valuable reference whenever I write on energy issues affecting my readers or listeners. Your cutting edge information has shed light on the story behind the story that main stream publications don't have the time, resources, or expertise to delve into. I can highly recommend your publication to anyone involved in the production of energy, or who cares about our energy future."

Ed Farnan, Journalist, IrishCentral/AMAC

"Whether you are looking for investment information or on-the-ground current economic news, Oil & Gas Insider is a critical resource for your business and your portfolio. Some information costs you money, some information makes you money and keeps you ahead of your competition - Oil & Gas Insider is that resource. We highly recommend it."

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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Expert Analysis

Understand the significance of every geopolitical bombshell, industry shake up and price spike. Rely on our experts to break down the ever-changing oil and gas sector for you.

Breaking Intelligence

With a network that spans the globe, we share news from the most influential and dangerous circles in energy. Stay ahead of the market and competition.

Weekly Numbers Report

Receive the latest price and inventory data with detailed explanations from some of the world's best energy analysts. Updates come with details on the newest energy opportunities and how they're impacting the markets in general.

Insight Beyond Numbers

Our oil & gas traders analyze oil and oil product arbitrage opportunities, compare OSPs, and analyze markets fundamentals to make sure you get both the bigger picture and the overlooked but crucial data.

Inside Intelligence

Get an in-depth look at the geopolitical landscape as it relates to oil markets. The piece typically features info from contacts in the inner circles of some of the most powerful governments, companies and power brokers on the planet.

Oil Market Breakdown

Our expert market analysts break down key data for the oil and gas sector in an easy-to-digest overview - keeping you aware of market activity and what you should expect.

Executive Report

Our upstream and downstream experts highlight game-changing situations and projects around the globe, giving you full details and analysis before the news hits the wires.

Industry Outlook

Each week our experts analyze the biggest regulatory and technological developments in oil and gas sector, highlighting how the industry will be impacted.

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When oil imports crashed in 2018 due to U.S sanctions on Iran, we were alerted by key oil hubs in Asia. Our members were ahead of the curve in understanding which parties would substitute Iranian crude.

In September 2017, our analysts warned against playing the short side as oil prices raced up from $50 to $70: "I can't foresee anything that could derail the upward bias at this time so I'm fairly confident that the next move is going to be triggered by investors buying strength or buying value. Trying to play the short side at current levels is a risky proposition."

When Mohammad bin Salman incarcerated a string of high-profile individuals within the Ritz Carlton in November 2017 - our readers were already reading into how OPEC oil production would be impacted.

In 2015, following the oil price crash, our data analysts were once again ahead of the market when they reported: "A combination of fundamental and technical analysis suggests a perfect storm may be brewing for a bullish breakout to the upside. Technically, the closing price reversal bottom formed the week ending January 22 at $27.56 was the first sign that the buying could be greater than the selling at current price levels."

When General Haftar retook the oil export terminals in Libya in 2017, our intelligence sources reported the assault two days before it took place - and our analysts highlighted the impact on global oil flows.

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