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The Heads of Two Private Intelligence Networks:

Anes Alic, ISA Intel, a boutique intelligence agency specializing in the Middle East, Europe, Africa & the oil & energy sector.

Sam Logan, Southern Pulse, private intelligence firm offering strategic insights into Latin America - with broad expertise in oil and energy.

Top Traders & Analysts:

Dan Dicker, a 25-year veteran oil and gas trader shares his analysis of the most compelling events and trades each week.

James Hyerczyck has an unbeatable technical forecasting record. Each week he shows you what's happening next in the energy sectors

Plus a full team of editors and analysts: Dan Graeber, John Daly, Charles Kennedy, James Burgess, Joao Peixe and more

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FREE BONUS REPORT #1: The Holy Grail of Gas Investments:
Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Technology

We’re on the verge of another energy revolution - and this special report delivers everything you need to know as a trader, investor or executive to capitalize on it.

Natural gas is cleaner and cheaper than oil and coal.

And it’s abundant.

But natural gas has faced one problem: Until recently natural gas has required pressurized pipelines for delivery. If you wanted to get natural gas to a plant or a home then you needed a pipe going directly to that location.

Liquid natural gas (LNG) technologies are changing that.

Liquefaction of natural gas allows you to store, ship and deliver gas throughout the world without pipelines.

Overall demand for LNG is projected to more than DOUBLE by 2020.

Asian demand and other non-OECD countries are forecast to account for 80% of gas demand by 2035.

One big breakthrough is increasing LNG supply by unlocking “Stranded gas reserves” that were previously unreachable.

This new LNG technology has caused one major oil company to put a $40 BILLION LNG project on hold as they struggle to decide whether to scrap the project in light of this new tech.

Get the details in your FREE SPECIAL REPORT The Holy Grail of Gas Investments: Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Technology.

PLUS, see the huge opportunity in LNG seaborne transportation.

The cost to book a LNG tanker DOUBLED from 2010 to 2011. Currently there are 373 LNG vessels in operation today, 60 tankers are already on order.

And one little-known company is cashing in, up 188% year-on-year.

Get all the details of these opportunities and more in your FREE SPECIAL REPORT The Holy Grail of Gas Investments: Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Technology.

FREE BONUS REPORT#2: The 8 Megatrends Driving todays Oil & Gas Industry

The U.S. Pivot to Asia is creating a new resource war in Asia & Africa.

Washington holds the shale gas advantage with unconventional technology - hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

China is scrambling to acquire this technological expertise by investing in foreign companies with this know-how and tech.

Now, the U.S. and China are in an increasingly stressful tug-of-war in both Asia & Africa over energy resources. Both countries are setting up bases to gain a strategic advantage.

This dynamic is reshaping the U.S/ China relationship and could even lead to the return of the U.S. as a focal point of manufacturing.

Get the details in your FREE SPECIAL REPORT The 8 Megatrends Driving Today’s Oil & Gas Industry.

This is just ONE of EIGHT megatrends transforming the energy industry today.

This special intelligence report opens your eyes to the forces shaping the industry, foreign policy and geopolitics.

You’ll get a detailed analysis of each trend and the risks and opportunities each one is creating for investors and industry executives.


Get all the details of these opportunities and more in your FREE SPECIAL REPORT The 8 Megatrends Driving Today’s Oil & Gas Industry.

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Oil & Energy Insider has proven to be a valuable reference whenever I write on energy issues affecting my readers or listeners.   Your cutting edge information has shed light on the story behind the story that main stream publications don't have the time, resources, or expertise to delve into.  I can highly recommend your publication to anyone involved in the production of energy, or who cares about our energy future.

Ed Farnan,
Journalist, IrishCentral/AMAC

Whether you are looking for investment information or on-the-ground current economic news, Oil & Energy Insider is a critical resource for your business and your portfolio. Some information costs you money, some information makes you money and keeps you ahead of your competition - Oil & Energy Insider is that resource. We highly recommend it.

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