Do You Make The Same Mistake As 95% Of Other Investors?

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James Stafford
London, England
May 23rd, 2018

Dear Oil Price Reader,

My name is James Stafford and I am the publisher of and before you go I wanted to take a brief moment of your time to ask you one very important question:

Where are you getting your information upon which you base your investment decisions?

The reason I ask is that nowadays most people get their information from the same sources such as, CNBC, the news, investment newsletters, newspapers, magazines, etc... And although all of these help keep you informed on events that have taken place - they are of very little use when it comes to making investment decisions.

The truth of the matter is that 95% of people base their investment decisions on the same stale and often inaccurate data as almost everyone else. So getting an edge in the market is becoming much more difficult for investors to achieve.

To outperform the markets now you need access to information that gives you the inside track and enables you to spot opportunities before they become known by the majority of investors.

And that is where we can help you!

At Oil & energy Insider Premium we provide you with analysis from top energy traders, investment specialists, corporate & military intelligence companies - everything you need to make the best investment and strategic decisions.

One thing I must make clear is that this is not another news service or tipping letter - this is much more as we provide actual intelligence on the energy markets that until now was only available to private clients, senior executives in energy companies and government officials.

Our aim with Premium is to give subscribers the "whole picture" in respect to the energy markets as we are in the midst of a period of great geopolitical and economic instability and all decisions whether they be investment or strategic need to be backed up with the best information possible.

Since launch the uptake for our premium service has been phenomenal and recent subscribers include leading fund managers, well known investors, government officials, senior management from utilities and energy companies, military staff, journalists, individual investors, and many other professions.

They are with us for one reason and one reason only!

We provide them with information they cannot get from any other source. Information that is valuable and useful. Information that helps them make money, spot trends and opportunities and that also aids in their strategic decision making process.

So Why Should You Subscribe?

Who is this service for:

Subscribers tend to be involved in industries that require an information advantage such as investors, traders, analysts, energy executives, journalists - anyone who wants to be able to spot opportunities, reduce their investment risk, and keep on top of worldwide legislative changes that can have an immediate impact on companies and sectors.

In this day and age whoever has the best information wins - and at a time when there is so much false and incorrect information a reliable Intelligence service is an essential part of your news intake.

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Who we are and Why You Should Trust Us is the most popular energy news site in the world and because of this we have built relationships and have access to resources most individuals and companies are not in a position to obtain or are even aware of.

Through our own analysis and various strategic partnerships we bring you the facts, analysis and insight you need to make the best investment and strategic decisions. We help you understand what is really happening in the energy markets and what is likely to happen next in global, regional & sector issues.

Meet the writers of the report:

The Team - Consisting of 9 experienced journalists and analysts - whose rolodex of contacts allows readers to get the real inside scoop - long before it becomes headline news.

Jellyfish Operations - A Corporate Intelligence company that comprises of ex CIA, military & foreign intelligence personnel. They work closely with senior executives & governments to provide them with information their own personnel are unable to obtain.

b>ISA Intel - Corporate & military intelligence company - specializing in European and African regional intelligence. They have a network of over 400 sources comprising high level officials, clan leaders, executives, etc...

Dan Dicker - Well known energy trader who has had incredible trading success over the last 25 years. He is an energy expert at CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, The Street and many other major media outlets.

Jim Hyercyzk - The man other traders turn to for advice. His technical forecasting track record is exceptional and combined with solid fundamental analysis his column provides readers with unique trading opportunities and solid risk management.

I realize that nowadays you are probably inundated with incredible offers promising to make you outstanding returns - yet all these services seem to do is give you poor advice and lose you money.

It is because of this that we would like to remove all risk from your side of the equation and make you a completely


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Kind regards,

James Stafford

James Stafford