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I am reading OIL & GAS Insider regularly. It is one of the most informative sources about the energy industry I have found. Oil & GAS Insider not only touches on the economies of energy but also on the geopolitics of the energy market, and it provides valuable investment recommendations.

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Oil & GAS Insider Insider

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Investors Guide to Oil & Gas Recovery Phases

Investors Guide to Oil & Gas Exploration

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ON TOP OF THAT, you’ll get a four-part investor education series on investing in oil & gas stocks…


Tricky Terminology That Can Make or Break Your Bottom Line

In this first of four reports you'll discover the oil & gas terminology you need to know to avoid all of the pitfalls of investing in the energy sector.

Not only is this a handy desk reference to the 79 terms every investor MUST know... but it's filled with profitable tips and tricks.


  • The mistake made by investing only in the top shale-producing regions in the United States.
  • How to leverage the current price of oil so you only invest in the most profitable countries.
  • The one thing you absolutely must know so you can invest with 90% certainty a company will be able to extract their reserves... so you can profit when they do.
  • Do you have resources under your land? Discover the best two ways to find a company to lease your land so you can start collecting royalties.
  • The tricks companies use to inflate their reserves... even though they only have a 10% chance of ever bringing them to market.

And more…

Investors Guide to Oil & Gas Recovery Phases

In this second of four reports you'll learn everything you need to read between the lines of company announcements and annual reports.

You'll discover the three recovery phases any company can be involved in (Primary, Secondary and Enhanced)…

And why they might be the single-most important (and easy to understand) factor investing in this sector.

You’ll learn…

  • How to double your profits choosing the companies that are about to enter their most profitable phase.
  • The 6 major companies to invest in who are in the Enhanced development stage.
  • The most dangerous phase to be in during a global oil price slump.
  • Which phase allows small cap miners to profit even when oil prices are low. Plus, you’ll get the names and ticker symbols of
    the 5 low-risk junior companies that should do well in any market.
  • Everything you need to know about the productivity of the 6 most important shales in North America.

And more…

Investors Guide to Oil & Gas Exploration

In this third of four reports you’ll become an insider… and finally see this market like sector professionals do.

Even better…

Want triple or quadruple digit gains... with the lowest risk possible? If so, this will be your favorite report.

You'll learn a simple step-by-step process to discover stocks that will rocket... before the market piles in.

You’ll learn…

  • How to get an insiders perspective of the exploration market using a free downloadable simulation game.
  • The 7 North American basins to invest in first.
  • The only 6 stratigraphic levels to invest in (90% of the worlds oil and gas come from them). If a project is in any other area...
    avoid it.
  • You'll also discover the incredible "science fiction like" technology used in the market including gravity surveys... magnetic surveys... 4D seismic.
  • Also, you’ll get a handy geological cheat sheet of the five key things you need to consider when looking at the geology of a project…

And more…

Guide to Decoding Discovery Announcements

And in your fourth report you’ll get the most important guide we’ve published yet because it’s designed to protect you.

It’s common knowledge that there are slimy operators in the oil & gas markets who lure investors in to finance the development of new discoveries that never work out.

In this guide you’ll see clear through their press releases because you’ll know…

  • The underhanded tricks exploration companies get away with by over-reporting... or outright lying about discoveries.
  • Four case studies of companies that have been caught exaggerating claims in the past... and how you could have protected your self. On average, they exaggerated what they actually reported to the SEC by 6.6 times!
  • How to tell the difference between meaningless terms like “massive” or “gigantic” and the precise terms you can use to make informed investing decisions.
  • Plus, this report takes you through two real-world press release examples so you can see how to do it first-hand.
  • Finally, armed with this knowledge we share the two exchanges you need to know to find moderate risk… but high-return
    junior stocks.

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In Oil & GAS Insider Insider Premium you'll receive ongoing stock recommendations and energy research in our Weekly Intelligence newsletter.

  • The latest on stocks in the oil and gas sector...
  • Breaking updates on the latest smart grid, alternative energy, battery and extended reach drill technology stocks...
  • Global political-economic developments... tighter regulatory enviroment... and the stocks that will benefit (or lose).
  • The best intelligence on discoveries & exploration results...
  • Whispers and news from our 400 global assets on big deals, mergers & acquisitions in the making.
  • Weekly fundamental analysis of the Oil & GAS Insider markets from Dan Dicker, 25 year veteran oil & gas trader.
  • Weekly technical analysis of the Oil & GAS Insider markets from James Hyerczyck.
  • Weekly political analysis from Sam Logan, President of Southern Pulse.
  • Weekly intel on the Oil & GAS Insider markets from Anes Alic, President.

We're on the font lines... with over 400 on-the-ground assets across the globe.

The CIA, Department of Defense, major oil companies, hedge funds and investment bankers rely on our intelligence to stay ahead of the trends.

This includes floor traders, fund managers, corporate & military intelligence research firms and top-level industry sources.

The end result: We provide profitable energy intelligence... long before other investors or corporate competitors are aware of it.

James Stafford

James Stafford

James Stafford is the publisher and editor-in-chief of His vast network of industry contacts and relationships with political and financial players enables him to hear of opportunities long before other financial professionals.

Anes Alic

Anes Alic, Private Intelligence

ISA Intel, a boutique intelligence agency specializing in the Middle East, Europe, Africa & the Oil & GAS Insider sector.

Sam Logan

Sam Logan, Private Intelligence

Southern Pulse, private intelligence firm offering strategic insights into Latin America - with broad expertise in oil and gas.

Dan Dicker

Dan Dicker, Fundamental Analysis Specialist

25 year veteran oil & gas trader.

James Hyerczyck

James Hyerczyck, Technical Analysis Specialist

Over 32 years of comprehensive knowledge of the economic factors affecting the energy, futures, equity and Forex markets.

Plus over 400 on-the-ground assets headed up by...

Andrew Topf (Sector Specialist), Andy Tully (News Editor) Chris Dalby (Geopolitical Specialist), Claude Salhani (Middle East Specialist), Dave Arminas (Features Desk), Evan Kelly (Investing & Trading Specialist), Ky Krauthamer (Central/Eastern Europe Desk), Nicholas Cunningham (World News Desk)


Your publication Oil & GAS Insider Insider is the best energy related information that I have seen anywhere. It provides concise key data and professional, original opinions that gives me an immediate advantage over my peers, as well as a detailed insight into the trends to come."

Prof.-Dr. Thomas Fletcher Grooms, Ph.D., M.B.A.,
President, Academy of Market Intelligence

Oil & GAS Insider Insider has proven to be a valuable reference whenever I write on energy issues affecting my readers or listeners. Your cutting edge information has shed light on the story behind the story that main stream publications don't have the time, resources, or expertise to delve into. I can highly recommend your publication to anyone involved in the production of energy, or who cares about our energy future."

Ed Farnan,
Journalist, IrishCentral/AMAC

Whether you are looking for investment information or on-the-ground current economic news, Oil & GAS Insider Insider is a critical resource for your business and your portfolio. Some information costs you money, some information makes you money and keeps you ahead of your competition - Oil & GAS Insider Insider is that resource. We highly recommend it."

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton