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Six years ago...a secretive energy intelligence company opened its doors to a small group of investors and energy professionals …

For the lucky few who gained access, the returns were astonishing.

Leveraging an elite network of over 600 resources from around the world, readers were able to take a peek behind the curtains of global energy markets.

A single report from intelligence gathered during election season highlighted some major changes that were about to transform the entire coal industry...

Allowing investors to take advantage of a company that soared by 105% in a matter of months.

And when the energy sector was floundering…the head stock analyst of this service found an obscure link with a big data company that brought in 126% returns.

But that’s not all…

When it comes to spotting trends among the energy majors, this service stands head and shoulders above the rest…

Thanks to insights from operatives positioned in South America’s Oil & Gas sector...

This boutique newsletter even called the bottom in a state-owned oil major…which proceeded to soar by 284%.

To be clear, these weren’t just lucky picks...

Nor were they picks you could find on Bloomberg or the Wall Street Journal.

For the first time ever, subscribers got a "direct line" to over 600 of the most well-connected individuals in the industry…


Wall Street insiders…

Owners of multi-million dollar energy companies…

High-level government officials…

Private intelligence collectives…

Geopolitical researchers…

And even scientists transforming the industry as we know it.

This exclusive communique quickly became one of the best-kept secrets within the finance & energy sectors as investors made unprecedented profits on intel that was previously out of reach.

My name is James Stafford, and I understand the real value of connections within the vital but opaque energy industry.

Why? Because I run, the #1 energy news website on the internet, built by and for energy professionals, traders, and investors.

My team and I built Oilprice as the go-to hub for oil & gas professionals of all shapes and sizes – people who live and die on three things: data, intel and analysis.

Our mission in this decade-long adventure has been to level the playing field in energy markets.

For too long, the big guns ruled the roost.

And we’ve made it our goal to pull back the curtains...

Allowing everyday investors to get the same game-changing info that has helped the world’s top financial institutions make billions over the years…

We know nearly all the top Wall Street energy pros on a first name basis and we have a Rolodex of investigative journalists at our fingertips.

We know where to find data, how to read it, when a major deal is about to take place, and even from where the next major energy trend will emerge.

Why does that matter?

Because The Future Of Your Investment
Success Rests On This Intel

Until now, only a select few had access to this kind of information.

It was limited to high-level industry executives, politicians, and market insiders.

Surely you’ve seen major energy stocks jump by billions in a day following a piece of “breaking” news from well-connected outlets…

But what you may have missed is the select few that had this intel before the news broke.

This is a real problem in today’s stock markets.

It’s a rigged game, and it’s run by insiders.

Now keep in mind, this is perfectly legal.

These aren’t secret agreements happening behind closed doors...

These are deals, breakthroughs and geopolitical shifts happening in plain sight…but not getting covered…

At least not until it’s too late for regular investors to get in.

People with the right connections, the right intelligence, and the right data – at the right time - will always have an edge.

And I believe that is by design.

You’ve seen it before and you’ll see it again…

Maybe you stumbled onto a piece of major news and thought “Why isn’t the media covering this?”

It’s definitely not because it’s not newsworthy.

These organizations don’t cover it because they’re not paid to.

Many of the world’s biggest media outlets churn out hundreds of stories per day…and coincidently, a lot are owned by a handful of people.

But the days of getting this vital intel from mainstream media are coming to an end.

Our goal is to bring this insight to the front lines and to clue our subscribers in on some of the best opportunities before they hit the wires.

This is a new era of investor intelligence previously limited to Big Banks and hedge funds paying upwards of $25,000 per year for access.

Did You Know Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch All Have Their Own Private Investment Newsletters?

Traders and executives of these elite investment banks get highly privileged intel...

And that’s why they dominate the markets.

Investors Office

Are they cheating the system?

No, they’re just utilizing their connections and data effectively.

These private newsletters give...

Goldman Sachs…

Morgan Stanley...

And Merrill Lynch’s…

Most elite traders game-changing information.

Information that’s simply not available through mainstream media outlets.

Until now.

Leveraging our massive network of over 600 on-the-ground assets, we are pulling back the curtain...

To Give You The Same Advantage That
Big Banks And Energy Firms Use To Make Billions

Most investors believe that this kind of intelligence is just for the elite.

In fact, many refuse to believe that it’s even possible to gain these insights before the information hits Bloomberg, Fox Business, or the Wall Street Journal.

They might think…

  • I don’t have the right connections
  • I can’t sift through all of this data
  • I won’t even know what to do with this info
  • I didn’t know I could make that much on my investments

Global Energy Alert aims to ease these concerns and put the true power of intelligence into the hands of savvy investors and professionals when they need it most.

It's a simple solution to an energy investor’s biggest problems.

This newsletter takes a deep dive into the trenches of the energy industry.

From the most secretive political meetings...

To new macro trends in the earliest stages of development...

Global Energy Alert is your key to the most exciting investment opportunities in the business.

Subscribers have seen…

61%, 98% and 170% gains on little-known infrastructure opportunities when oil prices were rebounding...

Global Energy Alert Charts

They were well ahead of the game when the U.S. solar industry experienced its boom...

And even picked up an unlikely 101% win on a wild card defense company when it dipped its toes into the energy industry.

Global Energy Alert Charts

The editorial team behind the report consists of industry veterans, stock market veterans and the most qualified expert energy analysts on the planet.

Including the “man who broke the bank of England”...

A renowned trader that retired after turning over $280 million a day in London, Tokyo, Moscow, and Warsaw at Barclays and HSBC.


A 30-year market analyst who has been in front of every major energy trend since he hit ‘the Street.’

If that wasn’t enough...

They’re getting exclusive information from private boutique networks such as ISA Intel, a secretive team with decades of experience gathering and analyzing intelligence.

And hundreds of journalists, industry professionals, and politicians from every corner of the globe…

Many of which we simply can’t expose.

We have the connections.

We sift through the data.

And we find the best possible opportunities for you.

Imagine You Had Goldman Sachs’ Dossier Of Contacts Or Morgan Stanley’s Team Of Seasoned Analysts

How would you use that intel?

This is exactly what Global Energy Alert is about.

And there’s never been a better time to access this sort of intelligence service.

Growing energy demand and new energy tech have created a perfect storm for investors…

According to the International Energy Agency...

It will cost $48 trillion to keep up with rising energy demand worldwide over the next two decades.

That’s over $2 trillion in investments every year – for the next twenty years – just to keep up with demand.

The potential for people who play the right cards at the right time is practically inconceivable.

So how exactly does it work?

We receive daily updates from our operatives positioned across the world

Our editorial team of traders and analysts sift through the noise

The analysts paint a big picture of the near future in energy markets

The traders find the week’s hottest opportunities

And our world-class writers break it all down into an easily digestible report...

Delivered once per week – every week – rain or shine.

Private institutions pay over $25,000 for similar products…

And they still miss some of the key intel our team of operatives collects.

GEA Reports Mobile Devices

You’re Just One Step Away From Collecting A 60% Discount On The Most In-Depth, Expertly Curated Energy Intelligence Service

In the past, the Global Energy Alert sold for $697 per year…

That’s what thousands of members have paid until now.

And quite frankly, that’s a bargain...

But every year, for a short amount of time, we extend a special offer…

Pulling down the barriers for a wider range of investors.

For a limited time, a small number of subscribers will be able to sign up for a discounted price of $279 (Only $5.50 per week!)

A 60% discount.

That means, for less than the price of a cup of coffee...

You’ll get a "direct line" to intelligence that was once reserved for the world’s biggest financial institutions, energy companies, and politicians.

Now you might be thinking...

Why are we giving this material out at such a deep discount?

Because we want our most loyal readers to have the same market opportunities as some of the world’s top traders.

But don’t just take our word for it...

"Having been in this industry for decades, this is my ‘go to’ service to do just that. I find the depth of reporting and breadth of coverage exactly what I need."

- Dr. R Gerald Bailey (former President, Exxon, Arabian Gulf region)

Gerald Bailey
Thomas Fletcher

"Global Energy Alert provides concise key data and professional, original opinions that gives me an immediate advantage over my peers, as well as a detailed insight into the trends to come."

- Prof.-Dr. Thomas Fletcher Grooms, Ph.D., M.B.A., President, Academy of Market Intelligence

"Global Energy Alert is quick breakdown of upstream and downstream data, plus the most important geopolitical events help me to stay ahead in the market. I’m sure this data and intelligence helps not just investors, but anyone with an interest in energy."

- Dan Steffens, President, Energy Prospectus Group

Dan Steffens

Get Immediate Access To Over $1.2 Million In Energy Intelligence Without Risk

In addition to the 60% discount, we wanted to extend a very special opportunity for new subscribers.

For a limited time only…

We’re implementing a "$10,000 challenge."

What this means is…if you do not receive $10,000 worth of value in the first 30 days…

You can cancel at any time and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

I know it’s a huge promise…but we can back it up.

During this trial, you will not only receive a month’s worth of new Global Energy Alert reports…

But you’ll be able to access every report we’ve ever published.

And As A Special Gift...
You’ll Receive Our Exclusive
Institutional-Level Analysis:

The World’s Top 50 Oil And Gas Companies In 2020
(Valued at $999)

Dan Steffens

Navigating the Oil & Gas sector can be a tricky beast…

But with the right knowledge, it can be extremely lucrative.

Did you know that Rosneft doubled its profit in 2018?

And it’s poised to climb higher in 2019?

How much do you know about BP’s aggressive Gulf of Mexico expansion?

Or Eni’s “Mozambique Ace-in-the-Hole?”

We understand the ins-and-outs of the sector better than anyone.

See – we’ve examined thousands of oil & gas companies around the world across a set of essential performance indicators:

  • Production
  • Market Access
  • Financials
  • Diversification of Assets
  • Stability of Operation

Each company is then ranked based on their performance in these 5 fields...

And the geopolitical and economic outlook of their respective environments.

Not only will you find out who has topped the list in 2020...

You will have a complete analysis of each company – including their greatest strength and their largest risk.

Plus, The First 500 Subscribers Will
Receive A Special Report:

"The Looming $48 Trillion Energy Crisis"
(Valued at $299)

Dan Steffens

My sources are telling me that a new crisis is looming…

Over $48 trillion in energy investment is needed by 2040…

That’s over $2 trillion every year...for the next 20 years...

Or everything will come to a screeching halt.

That means there are some incredible opportunities for savvy investors on the horizon...

And our analysts have identified some of the biggest.

From renewables to oil & gas, and everything in between, readers will learn about some of the most promising energy plays in the years to come.

But there is only a small window of opportunity to get ahead of this massive investment trend...

And, because of the nature of this opportunity…

We’ve limited this free report to the first 500 subscribers.

First come, first served.

Once the first 500 members receive the report, we will be putting it back in our digital vault.

With that said, this offer likely won’t be around for long.

Remember, in addition to this ground-breaking report, you’ll also be receiving 50 issues of Global Energy Alert…

Our renowned institutional report, the “Top 50 Oil & Gas Companies of 2020”...

And a risk-free guarantee...

If you don’t feel like you’ve received over $10,000 in actionable intelligence in the first 30’ll get a full refund. No questions asked


James Stafford

PS. My sources have just come across some absolutely game-changing intelligence that you need to read to believe. As tensions between the world’s superpowers reach a boiling point, an incredible opportunity has arisen for investors ‘in-the-know.’

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