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Receive over $1.2 million worth of energy intel per year... From our network of over 600 human intelligence assets.

Get original primary research and intel on the energy sector that I won't find anywhere else.

In-depth trading and investing ideas, so I know exactly what to do and when to capitalize in the energy & stock market.

A breakdown of emerging energy sector trends, and to be the first to know about changes in supply & demand, new technology and where the majors and minors are investing for the future.

Make more intelligent investment decisions with the most in-depth energy market breakdown available.

Know the true political risks threatening my investments and how local legislature and regulations could threaten or strengthen my oil & energy investments throughout the world.

Save $418... and receive over $1,290 in additional research for free

If I become a member today, I'll save $418 over the regular Global Energy Alert price...

That means I'll lock in a price of only $279 per year.

Plus, I'll also receive over $1,290 in additional research.

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50 Oil & Gas Companies to Watch in 2019

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This report features a list of 50 of the world's top energy companies...

Breaking down their best...and worst qualities.

This 60-page compendium is packed with under-the-radar opportunities...

And insights you simply won't find anywhere else

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The Looming $48 Trillion Energy Crisis

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Did you know that it's going to take over $2 trillion in energy investments... every year... for the next 20 years...

Just to stay afloat?

That means there are some huge opportunities for the savvy investor...

And you can get an inside look at some of the biggest.

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