See Why Tech Billionaires Are Diving Into The Space Race And How You Can Profit

Astronaut in Space

On December, 1996, researchers stumbled onto something truly remarkable.

A discovery that could be straight out of an X-Files episode...

A tiny, extraterrestrial stone...

Buried in the middle of the Egyptian desert.

A fragment broken off something much bigger...

Evidence of a new fuel source so powerful that it could

Satisfy humanity’s energy demand for the next 10,000 years.

It was discovered here:

Alien Stone Map

Entirely by accident.

By a young geologist.

This single rock contains a little-known element that could lead to the greatest technological shift of our lifetime — even more life-changing than the internet...

And create a wave of new billionaires rivalled only by the oil boom.

Valued at up to $5 billion per ton...


Meeting the zero-emissions standard.

This Could Disrupt the Trillion
Dollar Energy Industry

For environmentally-conscious Americans it could be a dream come true.

With this new fuel, an engine the size of a donut could power a car...

Or just one kilogram could produce enough energy to power 23,000 houses for a year.

And there’s more than 1 million metric tonnes laying well within our reach.

That’s about 10 times more energy than we could get from mining every single fossil fuel source on Earth.

Coal could be replaced...

Lakes and rivers could become clean again...

Coastal cities and towns could be saved from rising sea levels...

Wildlife would bloom and grow abundantly without toxic pollution...

And the air we breathe could return to levels we haven’t seen in centuries.

A discovery of this magnitude could change the fortunes of even the most destitute nation...

And create the world’s first ultrapower.

Factory Emissions

"We must make sure the United States captures the lion’s share of [this burgeoning energy market]," -Wilber Ross commerce secretary

City Skyline

That’s why governments around the world are fighting to be the first to bring the product to market...

Like China, which is dumping billions into space exploration to win first-mover advantage in this game-changing market...

And Japan, in a bid to revitalize its economy, is doubling spending on its already $11 billion space industry allocation.

Even the tiny nation of Luxembourg hopes to get its share of the pie...

Earmarking $220 million of their national budget for new companies looking to get started in the space race.

But President Trump will not be outdone.

He’s allocated $21.5 billion of the 2019 budget to exploring this new field.

As he told the press...

"It’s very exciting. There is nothing more important right now."

No, this has nothing to do with wind, solar, or some new fracking technology...

This is a whole new playing field.

The money flowing into this is bigger than anything we’ve seen in the last century...

Because this type of fuel has never been extracted before.

And only a very special technology can do it...

And those who invest early will be handsomely rewarded.

That’s why President Obama signed a special treaty in 2015 seeking to ensure that whoever mines it, keeps it.

Policy Directive

That means there are no rules...


No laws on who can mine and when.

And it’s causing a frenzy among private investors.

As Goldman Sachs told reporters,

"This will create the world’s first trillionaire"

The telegraph calls it...

"One of the most valuable substances in nature"

And a major financial journal says it will be...

"A Global Game Changer"

We Expect a Huge Announcement Later This Year That Could Potentially Turn a Small Sum Into a Massive Fortune If Invested in the Right Company

There’s an exciting announcement set to break later this year, and when it does, four early players in this energy game could turn quick profits.

What we’re seeing right now has never happened before.

Already a record 120 Venture Capitalist firms have committed $325 million dollars per month into businesses surrounding this new frontier...

Jeff Bezos - the richest man on the planet said he is spending his entire $131 billion Amazon fortune to secure this new market.

Google is already in for $900 million, backing a promising private company...

And Softbank Group, a Japanese VC firm, has a massive $1.2 billion bet on this burgeoning sector.

Even Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic recently received $1 billion from Saudi Arabia to fund his efforts.

Company Logos

We Are On The Verge of an Energy Revolution and What's Coming May Change Everything

During the next 18 months, a handful of little-known companies might see their share prices rise dramatically in response to the upcoming announcement.

I’m going to give you details on four of them in this presentation.

Hint: They are NOT the four companies listed above.

These disruptors could burst the "carbon bubble" — and render fossil fuels inferior.

When that happens...

Early investors will hold bragging rights unlike anything we’ve seen since the early oil boom that turned everyday Americans into an elite class of wealthy families for generations.

Plus, I’ve uncovered a company paying out passive income checks of $942... $4,712... $9,425 over and over again. Checks like this could fund the retirement you’ve been dreaming of.

And if you’re looking for that windfall, life-changing return... I’ve got an amazing pre-IPO opportunity you can cash in on immediately.

Before I go any farther, I’d like to introduce myself and tell you how I got to this moment.

My name is James Stafford.

I’m the founder and Intelligence Director of, the most trusted oil and energy information site in Europe and North America with more than 5 million readers per month.

Exxon, Chevron, BP and dozens of others look to our research to make decisions...

Our extraordinary network of global traders, analysts, and high-level political figures has given us the scoop on every major energy market turning point over the past decade.

When natural gas fell to all-time lows... readers won big after our analysts called the bottom, and prices proceeded to rise by over 100% in a single month...

Before Elon Musk became a Twitter celebrity, our analysts covered Tesla – when it was at only $20...

As coal began popping up in political campaigns, our readers were already looking for greener alternatives. We predicted both the first and second lithium booms, positioning our readers for one of the most interesting commodity bull markets in years.

That’s what’s happening here, again.

Recently, while major media sites have been focused on shale, solar energy, and fracking, we’ve been covering a much bigger story...

One that starts with a forgotten stone.

The Forgotten Stone

At first glance it doesn’t look like much...

And back in 1996, researchers didn’t think much about it either.

But the small specks from this stone could represent a massive energy deposit...

A field spanning 2,159 miles in diameter… 3X wider than the entire state of Texas…

3X wider than the entire state of Texas

With $25 quadrillion worth of this wonder material ripe for the taking.

A single ton of the energy it contains could support Hong Kong for an entire year, a city of about 7 million people.

And 4,000 tons, about the size of the average car, could support the entire planet for the next 250 years.

That’s why it’s being called the cleanest fuel choice for the 21st century by major science publications...

And Popular Mechanics says "it has the potential to revolutionize energy production, with virtually endless power available."

But as exciting as clean, endless energy is...

Nothing is more exciting than the profit potential.

Step Back for a Moment into 1855...

You’re walking through the forest in Northwest Pennsylvania when you see a curious dark liquid oozing from the ground.

You don’t know it yet, but soon this sticky oil called petroleum will sweep the country, making whale oil obsolete and creating vast fortunes overnight.

A young man named John D. Rockefeller did just that.

He saw an opportunity no one else dreamt of... And created a refinery system and infrastructure to transport petroleum quickly and easily across the United States...

Shareholders were rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.

And Rockefeller amassed the single largest fortune by a private citizen in history

1,408 Miles Away... Another Fortune
was Taking Shape

In Beaumont, Texas, the mania for "black gold" was about to take off.

Patillo Higgins a former logger and geological student, was certain Texas contained huge amounts of petroleum, and riches for whoever could find it.

Investors gave up on him. Others told him he was out of his mind.

Following his gut, he bought up large parcels of land in Beaumont, including an area called Spindletop.

Do you know what happened next?

Over the next 12 months Higgins earned an unimaginable sum of money and became part of an elite class that lives on today.

The oil boom in America re-shaped the economy and turned average men into royalty.

Today, we are on the verge of a similar boom.

16 of the World’s Richest Billionaires
Have Already Invested

The only time billionaires or venture capital firms invest their money is when the reward is going to be a huge payoff.

They aren’t interested in paltry 20% returns.

They are looking for 1000%, 10,000%, and 100,000% returns on their money.

Sometimes they are pitched two or three new opportunities a day to invest in...

But nothing is like what they are seeing now.

That’s why Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have all thrown billions into this new energy field.

With a single ounce currently worth $40,000...

This energy deposit is 3,200 times more valuable than gold...

And large enough to create 500 million new billionaires.

If you lined up $1 bills end-to-end, that’s enough money to reach the sun... five times over.

It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen...

Right now, in fact, a small group of everyday Americans are using this new boom to turn hundreds of dollars into thousands of dollars... into hundreds of thousands of dollars...

Many are turning into millionaires...

The Story Starts in the 1970s

When OPEC’s oil embargo created one of the worst energy shortages in American history.

It was a scary time.

1970s Energy Shortage in America

The price of oil exploded from $3 to $12.

Shortages caused lines to form around the block.

President Carter urged Americans to conserve. In a "chilling" advertisement, he wore a sweater and begged Americans to reduce fuel consumption.

Rationing and price controls were the new norm, and a national speed limit was imposed.

The energy crisis was a huge blow to the domestic automotive industry, which was outpaced by smaller, more fuel-efficient Japanese cars.

Workers were laid off. Stagflation shook the nation and confidence in the American dream.

Americans vowed to never let it happen again.

Capitol Hill created the department of energy and put billions of dollars of subsidies into renewable sources.

A Brand New Billion Dollar Industry was Born

Suddenly, alternative energy companies joined the ranks of oil barons, publishing tycoons, banking scions, and other captains of industry.

Early investors made a killing...

Take solar for example.

The Chinese solar boom was responsible for creating the first ever clean energy billionaire when Shi Zhengrong’s company went public.

Over in Germany, Solar World, the family owned maker of solar panels shot up more than 10,000%, which could have turned a simple $100 investment into a small fortune.

Line Chart showing 10000% increase

These numbers are good.

But nothing compared to what one man with a vision was able to accomplish.

Michael Polsky went from having one small wind-farm in Tennessee to building a billion-dollar renewable energy company responsible for powering 5 million homes.

No one ever imagined that kind of money could be made in renewable energy.

China’s first billionaire told reporters he never expected to get wealthy with solar, he was just doing his job as a scientist. And the same goes for Polsky.

That’s the power of getting in early on a brand-new form of fuel.

And why I’m so excited to share this strange Egyptian discovery with you.

It’s being called...

"The Holy Grail of Clean Energy"

Because the small find deep in the Sahara desert represents what could be the greatest energy deposit ever discovered.

But how has it stayed hidden for long?

Discovered in 1996 by Aly Bakarat, an Egyptian Geologist, researchers believe the preserved rock remnants aren’t from Egypt at all. Instead, they look very similar to rocks taken from a resource unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Aly Bakarat holding preserved rock

If you had a chance to visit the University of Wisconsin labs, you’d see they housed a total of 842 pounds of very similar rock samples from across the globe. When they analyzed what we’re calling "sample 75501," they got an unexpected surprise.

What first appeared to be just a Teflon bag filled with rocks... potentially contained the solution to an energy problem that had stumped scientists for years.

Further testing revealed a special isotope.

One created by the sun, but the earth’s atmosphere made it impossible for the isotope to land on earth.

The only way we create it is by recovering it from rotting nuclear warheads.

Nuclear warheads

So you can imagine, the discovery of a large quantity of this isotope got the researchers pretty excited.

Mining more rocks like these could not only make someone very rich, it could solve the earth’s energy demands for the next 10,000 years.

And do so without radioactive waste...

Without meltdowns...

And without any of the carbon damage caused by fossil fuels.

The isotope is so powerful...

The European Union, U.S., China, India, Japan, Russia and South Korea have paid $65 billion to fund a brand-new facility for it in Saint-Paul-lès-Durance, France

New facility in Saint-Paul-les-Durance, France

What is so important about this isotope that governments across the globe would come together and flood billions of dollars into a new fuel manufacturing facility?

It’s actually pretty simple. It has to do with Helium. As the second lightest gas known to man, it’s also...

One of the most rare, and most useful gases on earth

But unlike the stuff you use to blow up balloons... this is a slightly different kind of helium.

One that when used in fusion reactions, safely produces 50x the energy of oil, from a single ounce while being...

The advantages are far beyond what oil provides.

And it could disrupt every sector of the $1.7 trillion energy industry.

It’s a Fuel Source as Powerful as the Sun

I’m talking about Helium-3.

Thanks to its missing a neutron, the stable helium 3 has a special capability normal, hot air balloon helium (helium-4) doesn’t.

Helium-3 and Helium-4

According to MIT, when combined with two special types of ions...

Helium 3 can release a reaction 100,000 times more energy dense than fossil fuels.

If a single ton could support Hong Kong for an entire year, a city of about 7 million people...

And 4,000 tons could support the entire planet for the next 250 years...

Imagine what a football sized field could do.

This Field of Helium-3 is
Bigger than All 50 States

The sun’s solar winds have been depositing massive amounts of it in a field we didn’t even know existed until recently.

That’s how the University of Wisconsin built up a collection of 842 pounds and 2,200 separate rock samples from a single location.

As program director Gerald Kulcinski found, these rocks contained the largest deposits of Helium-3 they’d ever seen.

Up until that point, only 0.001% of all helium on Earth was Helium-3.

So you can understand just how exciting a find like that would be.

At $40,000 an ounce, Kulcinski’s 842 lbs of rock was worth $538,880,000.

But the samples represented a find much bigger...

Much more powerful...

And worth much, MUCH, more money...

$1,280,000,000 per ton to be exact.

So where did they get these samples?

They’re Calling It "The Eighth Continent"

Eighth Continent - The Moon

If you guessed the moon, you’re right.

And you’re about to see some crazy facts about its wealth potential.

Popular Mechanics estimates that if we could mine every last ounce of helium 3 from the moon... it’d be worth around $25 quadrillion.

That’s 2.5 million billion dollars.

And that much could probably supply the U.S. with enough electricity for 80,000 years.

But that’s not the only valuable resource on the moon...

One of the greatest discoveries of our generation is that the moon holds loads of water, verified by NASA in 2009.

Not for drinking of course...

Instead, it solves one of the biggest issues with space travel...

Rocket fuel.

Rocket Fuel

Since water can be broken down into oxygen and hydrogen, the two main pieces needed to fuel rockets...

The moon can become a jumping off point for further space exploration, like Mars and deep space destinations.

Water is the oil of the solar system, and the Moon will become a gas station in the sky.

- Moon Express

And unlike Earth, most of the moon’s resources are in the topsoil. No drilling required.

That’s why it’s easy to see how lunar resources could economically be recovered and brought back to Earth...

Like platinum elements which come from iron meteorites previously crashed on the moon. And are currently valued up to $50,000 per kilogram.

Lunar topsoil is also rich in useful raw materials such as magnesium, aluminum, silicon, iron and titanium.

Rare earth elements are abundant too, with a wide range of applications, including energy, rechargeable batteries, renewables, healthcare, transportation, and even banknotes.

That’s why financial analysts have reported the true value of the moon, when you factor in all the resources it holds, is actually worth $500 quadrillion...

We’re looking at a type of new world order...

One where resources are potentially infinite...

Where energy is endless and inexpensive.

Thanks to Obama's New Law...
Anyone Can Mine the Moon

For years, even if you wanted to mine the moon, you couldn’t keep the riches...

Because back in 1967, when computers were the size of school buses and JFK was leading the space race...

Dozens of nations, including the United States, came together and laid out the legal guidelines for dealing with ownership of space.

It spelled out that no nation can declare ownership over the moon.

At the time, that agreement worked.

But that all changed in 2015, when commercial space exploration became more than just a dream.

That’s when Obama signed into law the Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act.

It states that both government and private entities can own the pieces of the moon they mine.


"This is the single greatest recognition of property rights in history"

-Eric Anderson, Co-Founder Planetary Resources

"Now, if you go out somewhere in space and you pick [something] up, it’s yours," - Chris Lewicki, president and chief engineer of Planetary Resources

This is the first time in history the U.S. government has sought to encourage commercial space exploration.

And investors have taken note.

This law has been a godsend to U.S. private companies eyeing the moon or riches in space because it gave them the legal go ahead to tap into this unfathomable profit potential.

As a prominent financial player remarked "possession is 9/10ths the law."

Whoever gets to the material first, gets to decide what to do with it.

Before the ink was dry on H.R 2622, new space businesses began to spring up.

Pick and Shovel Businesses are Making an
Absolute Killing in this Moon Race

If you want to see 16 sunsets in one day... play zero gravity ping pong... gaze back at our beautiful blue planet...

And have $10 million to blow...

You can stay at the world’s first luxury space hotel, Aurora Station.

Or, you can just hang out in one of the newly proposed space condominiums.

It’s just one of hundreds of new space projects private venture capitalists are flooding money into.

Like Made in Space. They produced the first 3D printer to make it to the International Space Station. There astronauts used it to print materials in a zero-gravity environment.

Or Astroscale, the debris collection service working to clean up earth’s orbit. Who knew space garbage could be such big business?

The good news is, you don’t have to be a gazillionaire or even a millionaire to benefit from the coming lunar gold rush.

Most of the companies stem from the technology industry and have extremely low valuations.

As one expert said, space companies are the place to turn profits "well, well, well above average."

How to Score a 20 Bagger in Just 4 Years

Take Google's space purchase Terra Bella for example.

Initially no one would fund the project which was making satellites cheaper than launching new phone apps.

They asked for a measly $18 million to create a brand-new type of satellite company.

Of course, at the time, no one could see the profit potential.

But the team of Stanford students powered on...

And bootstrapped their way to a viable company.

Fast forward to 2014, when Google bought the five-year-old company for $500 million...

And small investors took home millions in overnight profits.

Of course, the secret to big gains was out of the bag.

Venture capital investment in space companies

Venture Capitalists have flooded the market in the past few years.

From as small as 5 firms to a record 120 last year with $3.9 billion in the pot.

That’s more than a 2,300% growth in VC firms alone

But this is still just the beginning.

This energy story is completely under the radar, and the profit potential is still uncharted.

My team has identified four companies to put on your watch list if want to

capture your own slice of the pie.

Right now, events are unfolding that will change everything about the lunar gold rush.

Let me show you...

China's Secret Plan Will Send
Share Prices Skyrocketing

China’s Chang’e 4 cargo carried a miniature greenhouse...

Water investigation equipment...

And other experiments to see if plants and insects can survive in its weak gravity.

Their goals are ambitious.

They plan to print an entire 3D moon base to take over the moon’s most valuable resources.

Because the first nation to establish a moon colony could control the lunar gold...

Potentially giving them the revenue to change even the poorest economic situation

Soft Moon Landing

"A monopoly on the moon would catapult any major nation into a ultrapower"

While the American government has a history of catching up and taking the lead in the space race...

China is far ahead in this battle.

And in traditional secretive fashion...

The Chinese are keeping their total spending hush-hush.

But here’s where things get really exciting...

Our research suggests the battle to win this race may not be championed by the U.S. government, but by this man...

And a considerable sum of money is to be made as his story plays out.

He Calls it His Most Important Project...

Jeff Bezos, Founder Blue Origin

And is cashing out $1 billion a year in Amazon stock to fund it.

Since he was a little boy, Jeff Bezos has been fascinated with the moon.

Now, on the 50-year anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking the moon, his dreams are coming true.

"In the long term, Earth is in danger of running out of energy"

- Jeff Bezos

NASA just inked a deal to partner with Bezos to harvest the most important resource on the moon next to Helium 3...

Water, and harvest it for rocket fuel.

That means the moon will soon have its own gas stations for rocket fuel so to speak.

Mining helium-3, platinum, iron, and its other resources will happen as quickly as we can make a trip to and from space.

And deep space missions could become like cross country road trips.

So how are we going to do it?

And, more importantly, how are we going to do it before China?

The Race is Heating Up...
You Do Not Want to be Left Out

Blue Moon

It’s called Blue Moon.

And it’s powered by a special BE-7 engine built to run on hydrogen and oxygen taken straight from the ice on the moon.

Blue Moon blueprint

This is a game changer in the lunar gold rush.

Blue Moon is big enough to carry several people, as well as cargo, to and from the moon, and is the first step in Bezos’ plan to colonize the moon before China.

According to Bezos, we can live in a finite world with limited resources, or an infinite universe with unlimited potential

"It’s time to go back to the moon, this time to stay."

Although he’s keeping most of the work around Blue Origins under lock and key...

Bezos said they will begin testing lander engines this summer.

With China nipping on the U.S.’ heels, it is likely Bezos will make a special announcement concerning Blue Moon and the race to claim the moon’s resources later this year

And when he does, it could completely turn the tides in the space race.

That’s why it is absolutely critical to get the facts on the fastest growing space companies right now...

BEFORE Bezos announces the launch of Blue Moon...

And everyday investors get wind of what’s going on.

Just How Big Will Your Piece
of the Lunar Gold Rush be?

The fast moon money is in exploration companies that have already begun to make their moves.

For example, we’ve uncovered the first company of its kind ever to receive U.S. government approval to build a robotic outpost on the far side of the moon, a place only seen by China before.

And their valuation has already shot up 2,520% since their first round of funding...

2,520% gain chart

When they release their "robot explorers" to extract resources next year, we expect to see huge buzz around this company, so put them on your radar immediately.

Another company of note put a robot on the International Space Station. His name is CIMON. According to one German astronaut who met CIMON, he has a sense of humor and a bit of an attitude.

Their stock has shot up 1,003% with this technology in place...

1003% gain chart

When they release their "robot explorers" to extract resources next year, we expect to see huge buzz around this company, so put them on your radar immediately.

That’s the power of getting in on the ground floor.

Back in the early days of gold mining, everyone fantasized about getting rich off gold...

But the big winners were not the gold miners.

They were the companies that sold products to the gold miners.

During the California Gold Rush, 300,000 people flooded the Golden State hoping for new riches.

That’s when Levi Strauss, of the same Levi's jeans you might have on right now, saw his golden opportunity. He started making durable trousers for miners in 1853.

He died in 1902 with a net worth of $6 million. In 2019, that would have been worth $178 million. And today the company he started is worth $8.5 billion.

He struck it rich without ever mining a single ounce of gold...

And his family legacy will continue for generations to come.

Here’s another way to think about it...

The 21st Century Standard Oil

You remember Standard Oil?

The business that started out just as a middle man for oil.

But over the years they got bigger and smarter.

They became a refinery and distributor of all oil...

And they did it cheaper than everyone else.

For one cent per hour, millions of Americans chose Standard Oil over coal, whale oil, and electricity...

Making John D. Rockefeller one of the wealthiest men in American history.

Worth an estimated $253 billion by today’s standards.

Consumers were not only choosing Standard Oil over competitors...

They preferred it to all other sources of energy.

And we’re about to see the very same thing.

As this new energy space race unfolds, the big winners will be the "pick and shovel" companies already turning a profit.

The question is which "lunar gold" company will start out as the next Standard Oil?

After researching dozens of companies with skin in the moon mining game...

I’ve pinpointed exactly four "lunar gold" companies that I believe could one day dominate the industry.

And I’m willing to share my research with a handful of motivated investors, for free.

Here’s How to Claim Your Stake in the $3 Trillion "Lunar Gold" Rush

I’ve detailed each stock recommendation in a special report I’m calling Investing In The Trillion Dollar Space Race

Investing In The Trillion Dollar Space Race

To my knowledge, there’s no other list of companies like this anywhere else in the world.

The closest I’ve found was a dense 60-page report from Morgan Stanley entitled "Investment Implications of the Final Frontier" covering facts and figures relevant to the new space race.

Space: Investing in the Final Frontier

It was a monster to dissect.

Boeing and Lockheed Martin were the most obvious picks...

And those are great stocks to add to your portfolio.

But they’re nothing like the opportunities our inside sources found if you take it two steps further...

Years before any single company shoots to the moon to mine for this new fuel...

They need to figure out exactly where to dig.

That’s where my first pick for a potential QUADRUPLE-digit gain comes into play...

They build and maintain small satellites in space that orbit the moon to scan for rich deposits of lunar gold.

The number of these small satellites in orbit is projected to increase by 1,500% in the coming years...

At the same time, the cost to build them will decrease by 8%.

And after a recent merger of the top three international companies in this mini-market... we have an emerging global leader in one publicly traded company.

Almost instantly this company’s value shot up 147%.

But the best part is...

You can still grab this company for just $8 a share on the NYSE.

But it’s not going to stay that low for long.

I’ve already seen spikes of 50% in a single day.

And in the first part of 2019 their revenue was already up 57%.

That’s more than Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.

And even though you’ve likely never heard of this company... you probably use their technology every day.

Because this company is contracted by giants like Google and Apple. They provide images from their small satellites in orbit to power functions like Google Earth and Apple Maps.

Google Earth and Apple Maps

I bet "Google Moon" — or even "Apple Mars" — may be on the horizon.

But the U.S. government is their biggest investor... with a contract worth over $900 million just in 2019.

Yet with a market cap of just $450 million, this tiny company is still very much under the radar and tremendously undervalued.

You won’t hear any Wall Street pundits talking about it — and your financial advisor likely has no clue.

But institutional investors keep buying it up...

Bar Chart

I fully expect this tiny company could grow 1,500% or more after they successfully test their newest small spacecraft...

I reveal the name and ticker of this tiny company in my special report, Investing In The Trillion Dollar Space Race

Lucky for you, this play is just one out of four I’ve homed in on...

Next up...

I’ve found a way for you to receive four lunar gold payouts every year... starting just a few days from now.

Checks payouts like $942... $4,712... 9,425.

That’s $37,700 — or MORE — in extra income every single year!

And payouts like this have been happening like clockwork for the past 15 years... going up, up and UP.

This year alone, the payout increased 8.6%.

Billions have already been deposited into the accounts of everyday people around the world...

And it’s simple to get your name on the list to start collecting lunar gold royalty checks.

Plus, it’s one of the safest ways for you to get in on this new opportunity.

That’s because you’ll be collecting these checks right from moon race leaders like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman without ever owning stock in any of these companies.

I’ll reveal the exact details on how to collect lunar royalty checks in my special report, Investing In The Trillion Dollar Space Race

But that’s not all...

You have one shot to take advantage of an emerging market leader.

J.D. Rockefeller had a virtual monopoly on oil for decades because he controlled 90% of the domestic refineries and pipelines.

No one could touch oil without first making a deal with good ‘ole JD.

And now, there’s one company with seemingly similar market dominance when it comes to the moon...

They happen to make the rocket motor it takes to launch every single shuttle into space.

They’ve become so dominant that the U.S. government has already tried to thwart their hold on the market. But all that came of it was that "they are required to supply solid rocket motors to competitors."

Which really just means their competitors have to pay the piper first.

Right now, this company has zero competition...

And with a financial backbone provided by Northrop Grumman...

No one is going to touch them anytime soon.

I don’t see why this stock couldn’t easily TRIPLE in the near future to reach that of its counterpart NOC.

And I reveal exactly how you can cash in on a potential 300% return with the Rockefeller of lunar fuel in my report, Investing In The Trillion Dollar Space Race

And last, but certainly not least...

It’d be a mistake to ignore the private sector when talking about the lunar gold rush. So I’ve included my #1 startup pick in this space right now...

A "unicorn" is a term investors use for privately held companies valued over $1 billion before going public.

They’ve included the likes of Facebook, Amazon, and Cisco.

On average, only four unicorns are born per year.

And they tend to take 11 years to mature...

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Like Australia's sovereign wealth fund, who just invested $140 million.

Why? Because this unique company makes it fast and cheap to test new technologies in space.

Their "small rocket" can launch a spacecraft just the size of a refrigerator.

And this company just opened an 80,000 square foot production warehouse — and doubled their workforce — to be able to produce one new small rocket per week.

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Cash in on SpaceX without Investing in SpaceX

There’s one company we cannot ignore when talking about space exploration...


Elon Musk captivated the world when he launched a $100k Tesla Roadster into space on the Falcon Heavy rocket.

Space suddenly became cool again.

But despite a valuation of $28 billion... Musk isn’t interested in an IPO.

Sorry, folks. I don’t think he’s bluffing.

Musk could’ve already retired in 1999 at just 28 years old with $340 million in the bank. Today, he’s worth around $19 billion.

He’s clearly not in the space race to earn himself, or any shareholders, bags of cash.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not accepting public money.

In fact, SpaceX has raised $1 billion in funding from Fidelity and Google alone.

And numerous other, lesser known companies also have a hefty stake in SpaceX.

So after countless hours of digging through dense financial documents and earnings reports...

I’ve narrowed down a list of three publicly traded companies that have peak ties to SpaceX.

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SpaceX: How To Get In On The World’s Most Exciting Company

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