This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy...

And Its Stock Could Hand You 20,280% or More.

My name is James Stafford.

I'm the Founder and Intelligence Director at

I know that a 20,280% gain (that’s over four years) is a bold claim...

But it’s the only number you arrive at when you follow our research and intel to its logical conclusion.

I’ll explain in just a moment, but first let me tell you who we are…

At OilPrice I've built up a network of over 400 intelligence assets.

Energy “insiders” across the globe…

Intelligence operatives, investigative journalists, company executives...

All the way up to the heads of the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the International Energy Agency.

And here’s what I’m hearing…

The greatest leap in the history of energy is about to take place…

But it’s not going to happen in oil or natural gas…

Instead, it’s going to happen in solar.

A completely new type of solar.

One you’ve never heard of…

And one that doesn’t use a single atom of silicon.

I’ll explain…

Scientists and engineers have been trying to squeeze profitable energy out of silicon solar cells for 62 years.

What they’re starting to realize is… as you’ll see in a moment… that’s never going to happen.

When it comes to extracting energy from the sun – profitably – silicon is just not up to the task.

Unfortunately, as things stand today, 90% of the world’s solar cells are made from silicon.

But here’s where things are about to change in a big way…

There’s a new element – what I’ll call a “super crystal” – that will soon replace silicon, and transform an industry.

One day soon…

The world will look back and remember silicon solar cells as a failed experiment…

A technology that was stretched to its scientific limits... until it snapped.

Billions upon billions in government subsidies wasted. Dreams of a renewable energy revolution unfulfilled.

That’s because silicon is about to be replaced by this new material that, quite simply, can do things scientists have tried…

And failed to push silicon solar cells to do.

To understand the scope of this opportunity, consider the unique properties of this new alternative to silicon.

This miracle of science all begins with a materials science discovery about the rock you see here…

Let’s zoom in closer…

Closer still...

I’ll show you what’s inside this cube in a moment.

But what you’re looking at is the “super crystal” I’m talking about…

Something that’s an order of magnitude more powerful and efficient than silicon…

As the scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory put it, this “super crystal” has facets that “behave like billions of tiny solar cells, all connected in parallel.”

MIT Technology Review says it will “far outperform silicon”.

The World Economic Forum calls it a “wonder material”...

Adding that it will, “transform the lives of 1.2 billion people.”


So allow me to back up for a moment. Why replace silicon?

What’s the problem, exactly?

Thousands of researchers have spent decades trying to squeeze every last drop of power out of it...

But even the best solar module conversion efficiency ratings from the biggest providers like SolarCity, SunPower and FirstSolar are in the 20% range.

That means they only convert 20% of the sun’s light they absorb in to electricity.

In contrast, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers now reports that this new “super crystal” has already boosted EFFICIENCY 50% higher than this.

And it can go even higher.

And, as you’ll learn…

This brand new “super crystal” offers other advantages too...

For one, it’s CHEAPER to produce.

Silicon solar cells require an expensive multi-step production process using high-heat furnaces and rare earth metals.

But I’ll show you this new “super crystal” solar cell being produced using simple wet chemistry on the top of a table…

In less than 15 seconds…

And using common materials.

Silicon solar cells and panels are bulky and heavy too… racking up shipping and installation costs…

But this new “super crystal” is 500 times thinner and more flexible.

It can even be chemically altered to change its color and transparency.

Imagine that: Instead of solar panels being eyesores... they will be invisible... transparent… or even turned into art.

As you’ll see, this “super crystal” has a long list of other advantages over silicon.

In fact, if you had to dream up a material that could convert the sun’s energy to electricity, this “super crystal” would not be far off.

The best part…

There’s one little-known company at the center of it all…

Right in the middle of what Navigant Research predicts will be a $134 billion market by 2020.

Now, I just got word that no less than six executives at this company are using their own money to buy their company's stock at market.

And this company’s next quarterly results meeting is just a few days away.

So, it's important that you hear this information right now and act on it before it’s too late.

As you’ll see…

You and your neighbors could soon be using these new “super crystal” panels…

Pulling the plug from your utility company…

And keeping more of what you earn.

But at the end of the day, the reason I’m talking to you about this now is a lot more urgent than just saving a few bucks on your utility bill:

This is about a time-sensitive investing opportunity you have RIGHT NOW.

You see, early investors in this under-the-radar company have a chance to get a whole lot richer...

By our conservative research estimates: 20,280% richer.

That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $2.02 million on a single trade.

There’s no bigger prize in energy than harnessing the FREE unlimited energy of the sun.

Solar companies have been trying – and have failed – to fulfill on this promise for decades.

But they’ve been held back by silicon.

For the first time ever, that’s about to change, and this one small company holds the key.

So, not only could this be the most profitable investment of your lifetime…

But it’s a fascinating story too.


Scientists have known about silicon for over 200 years.

It’s very rarely found in pure elemental form.

Instead, it’s locked up tight in the rocks and sand around you.

Its structure lends itself to generating electricity when the sun’s light excites it.

Remembering grade school science…

Electrons flowing across atoms creates electricity.

To create this flow…

You just need a material that “wants” electrons on one side…

And another material that “wants” to get rid of electrons on the other.

You then wire them in a loop… and the electrons flow.

You can then funnel the electrons into an external device like a lightbulb… or save them up in a storage battery.

That’s how all solar cells work.

Two sides.

One positive; the side that “wants” to get rid of electrons.

One negative; the side that “wants” them.

And then… using the right materials… with the right structure…

You can use the sun’s energy to knock these electrons loose… excite them… and get them moving.

Voila! Electricity!

An interesting side note – Einstein didn’t win his Nobel Prize for discovering relativity.

He won it for discovering the fact sunlight can act like a particle… and knock electrons loose.

He called it the photovoltaic effect.


It wasn’t until 1956 that the photovoltaic effect was put to use to create electricity in the first solar cell at Bell Labs.

The material of choice was silicon.

That’s because its structure allowed scientists to create positive and negative sides...

With enough electrical potential between the two sides to get usable electricity.

At silicon’s absolute theoretical limit… it can convert 23% of the sun’s light in to electricity.

But it took us 62 years to get anywhere close to that.

The very best commercial thin film solar cells now convert just 20% of the sun’s light in to electricity.

And until a few months ago, silicon was the best practical material we’ve had to convert the sun’s energy in to electricity.

But look at this…

On the left… three thin film solar technologies.

You can see that each reached their limit around the turn of the century… with the absolute best achieving 20%.

But on the right you can see this new “super crystal” has just rocketed past them…

And it can go at least 50% higher from here!

In fact, it’s broken through the theoretical limit… called the Shockley–Queisser limit… for ALL potential solar materials.

MIT News just said that this new super crystal “throws theory out the window.”

And the implications for how we get the energy to power everything in our day-to-day lives is staggering.

Consider this:

Today, solar is a $75.2 billion a year global market…

BUT it’s so inefficient that the industry has been propped up by $101 billion a year in subsidies.

That’s what makes this investing opportunity the OilPrice team discovered so exciting.

These new “super crystal” solar cells finally make solar profitable.

And if you follow the numbers to their logical conclusion…

This is an opportunity to turn a small $1,000 investment in to $202,800…

Or a $10,000 investment in to $2,028,000.

And this revolution is going to take the world by storm.

The timing couldn’t be better.

Silicon solar cells were simply doomed to fail…

They are becoming one the most hated energy technologies…

Because they’ve received these subsidies…

And they are still not profitable.

The dirty truth about silicon solar panels is about to come out.

So, aside from the inherent inefficiency of silicon as I’ve already explained, what's wrong with them?


Producing silicon solar cells is expensive.

Silicon is never found in pure form on Earth…

So the first step is getting sand and rocks with high levels of silicon in them out of the ground.

It's an intensive process requiring heavy off-highway mining excavators and trucks.

From there the sand is crushed down... washed... dried... and shipped off to have the silicon extracted.

But it’s not simple to extract it.

Solar panels require 99.999% pure silicon…

So it’s an incredibly complex process.

Requiring precise steps…

Rare gases and chemicals…

And more.

Extracting the silicon is an energy intensive process too.

Ironically, it requires an incredible amount of electricity to run a specialized furnace at 2,500 degrees (that’s 4000 degrees Fahrenheit) to melt it out.

And this furnace runs all day. Every day.

And, finally, after a few hours, here’s what you get when you’ve melted it out…

Just a 6-foot-long crystal of 99.999% pure silicon.

This is then sliced into fragile wafers… packaged carefully… and shipped out to be manufactured as solar cells.

This manufacturing step is ten times more complex…

There are dozens of highly complex automated steps, including…

Texturing and coating the silicon cells so they absorb more light…

Diffusing them to create the negative and positive sides…

Printing tiny wires on them to carry the electrons…

And more.

And, because silicon will break at the slightest touch…

You can’t just place them in the sun.

They require expensive… bulky… unsightly… protective panels.

Anyway, you get the point.

Silicon solar cells… after 62 years of research and development…

Have been squeezed to their electrical limits…

They are still too expensive to produce… they’re woefully inefficient once they’re in place…

And, after all this, without subsidies they are not profitable for the companies that manufacture them.

In short: Solar as we now know it will soon be dead.

But you see, the world wants and needs solar…

We just need something better than silicon.


Let’s talk about this “super crystal” company at the center of it all…

This one little-known company that could soon dominate the $134 billion solar market…


In the coming weeks, you’ll have to opportunity to make more than silicon solar investors have ever made.

Take Solar City for example…

Its stock rose 624.9% on 250,000 highly-subsidized solar panel installations…

First Solar… up 1,157% for producing just .0000007% of the world’s energy…

Just ten gigawatts… or just enough to power Washington DC for a year.

Canadian Solar went up 1,723% on 14 gigawatts... or enough to power Washington DC plus a few nearby cities for a year.

But what we’re looking at here is a company that could rise 20,280% by capturing just 1% of the advanced energy sector...

A small $1,000 investment today could turn into $202,800.

And over the next four years we think it could be even bigger.

I can't emphasize this enough...

It's not often that a publicly traded company is at the center of a revolutionary development like this one.

Most of the time, opportunities like this are reserved for early stage investors in private companies.

Think about it…

We’re talking about finally harnessing the sun’s unlimited free energy…


If this company creates a solar farm the size of a Texas county… it could power the entire US.

The way we see it…

Getting in now would be like going back in time and grabbing absolute ground floor shares in Standard Oil…

Where just 1 share would be worth $119 million today.

Again: We’re talking about finally harnessing an unlimited FREE energy source

By any measure it’s impossible to overstate the effect this will have in world history.

Tesla is investing in solar to charge the batteries that power their cars… but they need a better technology for growth.

Google is investing in solar to power their server farms.

Amazon and WalMart are investing in solar to power their distribution centers.

Right now they are doing it to cut costs…

But once this new technology comes online, these guys know they’ll be operating at close to ZERO cost.

It will transform the entire energy industry… utilities… the military…

It will reshape global political and economic relations.

The IEA already projected that solar will soon become the #1 source of energy on the planet.

And that’s subsidized, “unprofitable” solar!

Now, you haven’t even seen this “super crystal” solar in action yet.

You just have to see it.

But I’d like to formally introduce myself first…

How we were able to get the scoop on this development…

And why you will probably NEVER have an opportunity like this again…

We’re talking about an opportunity to turn a $10,000 investment into $2.02 million over the next four years…


Again, my name is James Stafford.

In 2009 I founded as a boutique energy intelligence firm.

Since then I’ve built up a network of over 400 intelligence assets…

Energy “insiders” in a variety of fields across the globe...

From the highest levels of energy and government... all the way down to company informants.

We are paid millions for our intelligence.

This includes…

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA),
International Energy Agency (IEA),
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
and the Department of Defense (DOD).

We’re also trusted by Exxon, Chevron, BP and dozens of other energy companies…

And our institutional clients pay $50,000 and up for accurate and actionable intel they can’t get anywhere else.

But this might be the biggest investment opportunity our network has ever confirmed.

An opportunity to secure your retirement… and build a legacy of wealth that could last for generations.

Until a few months ago, this development would have been nearly unimaginable.

And, according to our sources, word is just starting to get out.


Some are even telling me that one day we’ll look back on this time and divide history in to the “pre-“ and “post-“ silicon age.

Let me show you why.

A different… more powerful way to capture the sun’s energy has always captured scientists’ imaginations.

It’s been the stuff of fantasies for the scientists in the field.

After 62 years, they know that they’ve squeezed as much as energy as possible out of silicon as they can… and it’s still not profitable.

But inside this rock is an astonishing “super crystal”…

Named after a Russian mineralogist, this “super crystal” was first discovered in the 1830’s…

But its crystal structure wasn’t described until 1945 with the invention of X-Ray…

And its structure is what makes it unlike any other material.

Remember – a solar “cell” is positive on one side… negative on the other.

Every material has a theoretical limit to the percentage of the sun’s energy it can convert into electricity.

Essentially, the maximum electrical difference between its positive and negative side.

What scientists call a band gap.

Now, I won’t go into the technical details…

But at its most basic this band gap is a function of structure.

Silicon has a maximum theoretical limit of 1.34 electron volts (eV).

This new “super crystal” is currently being produced at 2.33 eV.

That’s a 73% improvement!

But it gets better.

The Center for Atomic-scale Material Design has just announced they’ve produced band gaps as high as 5.0 eV.

That’s a 273% improvement!


“Super crystal” facets behave like billions of tiny solar cells, all connected in parallel.

Remember, the sun’s light is made up of photons.

When a photon hits a silicon cell... it emits the photon... and the energy transfer is over.

No more electricity can be generated.

But this “super crystal” is more efficient.

When a photon hits this "super crystal" the energy transfer is just beginning.

That's because this super crystal causes a "chain reaction"… a “ping-pong” effect that scientists don't fully understand yet...

But the end result is that additional photons at different wavelengths of light are emitted.

These hit nearby “super crystals” and create additional electricity.

In short: Much of the energy that hits silicon is lost… but this “super crystal” panel absorbs much more.

And on top of that, these panels are easy to produce.

In fact, this new “super crystal” panel is about to hit the market for the first time.

There’s really nothing to compare it with…

And it absolutely blows silicon away.


Remember the expensive multi-step process for Silicon?
Mining. The furnace. Solar cell production. Panels.

Now, watch this...

What we’re watching here is what scientists call "wet chemistry"...

Simple crystal growing.

It’s essentially no different than the chemistry kits every grade school kid had used.

Think about that: Manufacturers only need to mix up batches of liquid solutions…

And these “super crystals” form on a surface of any shape.

No furnace needed.

We just got word on our Bloomberg terminal that these new “super crystal” solar panels are being produced using a simple printing process.

Imagine an ink jet printer… but much bigger… printing these crystals on to a flexible clear paper.


So, once these crystals are printed at room temperature… they have a surprising characteristic.

This layer of crystals is only 330 nanometers thick... that’s 30 times thinner than a sheet of paper…

And 500 times thinner than unbendable .15mm silicon wafers.

So thin that they are transparent.

Even better: It’s flexible, unlike current solar cells.


So, what we’re talking about here is replacing primitive silicon solar cells…

And coating… like paint… every roof on every house in the world.

You won’t see this anymore.

Instead they’ll be nearly invisible…

Or made in any color.

No more unsightly… bulky solar panels lined up in rows on rooftops or extensive solar farms.

In fact, if you could place these new “super crystals” at the snap of a finger…

According to data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Geophysical Data Center…

You’d only have to place them on 5% of the rooftops in the United States to power the entire country...

Unlimited energy… For eternity.

And this is just the rooftops!

This material, as you saw, can be “painted” anywhere – on the side of a building, too.

If you add in the sides of homes, buildings and skyscrapers…

You have a three dimensional palette.

You may only need to wrap it on a roof and a side of 1 of every 250 buildings in the United States.

Sure, we’re calling this a solar development.

But you can see it’s nothing like it.

The word “solar” has a 62-year history of disappointment…

And it doesn’t capture how transformative this final dreamed-for step in harnessing the sun’s power will be.

Lucky for us… investors aren’t looking at the sector right now.

But that’s about to change.

There’s one publicly traded company…

Trading for around just $10…

That could change it all.

So anyone… not just private investors… could soon bring in lottery-like gains.

Think of it like a “one trade retirement plan.”


You want to be a shareholder... however small a position.

Word is starting to get out…

Few analysts cover the company, but the consensus was a 2-cent loss per share this quarter.

The actual result? They shocked the market with a 27-cent PROFIT per share.

And in just the past 30 days, earnings estimates for the next quarter have risen three-fold.

Based on our research we believe it will be much higher.

Our intel is telling us that they are quietly expanding a portfolio of projects, including providing electricity for at least...

But this is just the beginning.

Here's what we learned that could COMPLETELY TRANSFORM the way electricity is delivered to developed nations…

This company is testing a completely new business model…


FREE solar installations.

No up-front costs.

So they could charge HALF and still be insanely profitable.

And we're not talking about this as a test... or some sort of testing phase.

We're talking about LIVE testing of this business model.

They are generating revenue.

So why would they give away solar panels?

Simple: For long-term rental agreements at a price much lower than the local power company.

It's a win-win for both parties.

Customers have zero upfront cost.

This company makes more over time than they would if they decided to sell panels.

From our intel, we're seeing this is wildly successful...

And, again, this is already generating revenue.

And what do you think will happen when news gets out?

When people see their neighbors saving thousands with these new panels?

Or when business owners brag they are saving millions?

Of course, everyone will start lining up...

Getting on a waiting list of nearly endless new customers...

With 86 million home owners in the US...

And 5.6 million commercial buildings...

There's a lot of money to be made.

And what about in countries that desperately need electricity?

Like China, with 455 million households...

Or India, with 248 million?

I think you can understand the scope of a development like this.

What we're talking about here with this company is like a million-tentacled octopus...

Reaching out and laying these transparent "super crystal" sheets... invisibly... or in virtually any color...

On the rooftops and sides of the structures of the world...

Including one near you.

Unlimited free energy.


So what kind of investing opportunity are we talking about here?

How much can early investors stand to make?

Consider this...

Let's say this company captures just 1% of the entire electricity market of the United States...

One country. One percent.

Each year, according to the US Energy Information Administration, power companies in America rake in $31 billion in revenue.

That's $14 billion for residential electricity... and $17 billion for commercial.

A 1% cut of that is $310 million in revenue per year.

A 10% cut... $3.1 BILLION PER YEAR.

That's a 4,836% INCREASE in revenue for this tiny company.

Now, remember back to how many buildings it would take to power the ENTIRE United States.

You’d only need to wrap a roof and side of 1 of every 250 buildings in order to power the entire country.

But to grab 1% of the market…

They only have to “paint” these panels on 1 in every 25,000 buildings to make $310 million in revenue per year.


But this is even BIGGER.

This is a transformation.

As this company simply replaces existing electricity sources revenue will rocket.

Again, these "super crystal" panels are profitable...

More powerful...


And they can be taken far off of the grid.

We’re not just talking about America here.

These panels have the ability to bring electricity to the world’s 7.4 billion people.

Think about it...

What we're about to witness here is the rolling out of a technology that finally harnesses the sun's endless supply of free energy.

In a powerful... and profitable way.

When I first asked my team to research this company...

They came back with projections I couldn't fathom.

After all, my expertise is in oil and gas.

But, as I learned more about this technology...

As I understood better the scope of the business opportunity...

As I reached out to scientists and engineers who understood this better than me...

And as I interviewed insiders…

They couldn’t emphasize enough that we're not just talking about replacing current electricity.

We're talking about replacing traditional forms of energy too...

The natural gas market… including heating… in the United States is a $158 billion market.

Gasoline for transportation is a $280 billion United States market.

Also, a well-placed contact at the Pentagon explained to me the strategic importance of this development for militaries worldwide.

And, again, we’ve only been talking about the United States…

The country where this company has its strongest foothold.

This company’s closest partners already have footholds in China and India.

Plus they’ve rapidly set up offices in Brazil, Chile, Belgium, Dubai, South Africa, Bangkok, Shanghai, Tokyo…

This situation is moving fast.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Think about it.

The advanced energy sector…

A sector that includes solar power and energy storage is a $1.3 trillion market worldwide.

Just 1% of this world market is $13 billion… or at least a 20,280% INCREASE in revenue for this company.

Just incredible.

But how much more could you realistically make here?


I tasked my analysts to come back to me with a simple number...

Something easy to wrap my head around.

I asked them...

If these new "super crystal" panels accounted for 1% of the entire world’s energy revenue…

Then how much would this company be worth?

And how much could an early investor expect to make?

Now, I'm not going to bore you with the details of the algorithm they used to crunch the data…

But projecting from data from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy...

My team concluded that over $3.5 trillion in revenue is generated from the world energy markets each year.

Just 1% of the entire world market would cause the stock to rocket 54,602%.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 in to $546,020.

Or $10,000 in to $5.4 million.

Over time, we project this could be much bigger.

For every 1% of market share we’re talking about half a million dollars on a $1,000 investment… or over $5 million on a $10,000 investment.

No company has been at the forefront of a revolution like this since Standard Oil, when it first started drilling back in 1870.

And you know what that did for John D. Rockefeller. Today his 2,667 shares would be worth $318 billion.

Now, don't forget this. I can't emphasize it enough.

This is disruptive technology...

It will create entirely new markets by providing energy for the world’s 7.4 billion people…

Including bringing electricity to the 1.2 billion in the world who currently don't have it.

But, conservatively...

Conservatively we are calling for a 20,280% gain.

That’s just capturing 1% of the advanced energy market.

That’s a small $1,000 investment today…

Turning in to $202,800.

That’s a $10,000 investment today…

Turning in to $2,028,000.

And I know one hedge fund manager who is looking to turn $100,000 into $20.28 million.


Those closest to this development are buying all of the stock they can.

It's no wonder company insiders… those who may know even more than we do here at OilPrice… are buying...

And buying their company stock at market prices.

We’re talking about going “all in” with their personal savings and retirement portfolios.

Remember, this is a small company.

We’ve tracked one executive who has a $59,000 a year salary investing $73,000 in his company.

Another executive takes home $61,500 a year… but he’s invested in this company four times over the past few months.

We’ve tracked at least three more insiders like this going “all in” with personal money.

They aren’t the only smart ones...

We just got word on the wire that investment firm Renaissance Technologies Medallion fund is now taking a position in their stock.

Renaissance was founded by a mathematician and a code breaker... and are mainly focused on breakout technology stocks.

And when they take a position it often pays to follow them...

From 1994 through 2014 they’ve averaged a 71.8% annual return.

That’s over three times better than Berkshire Hathaway’s 22.3%.

But the time to get in is now...


So I’d like to share the name, ticker symbol and all of the intel we’ve gathered on the company you heard about today.

Here’s how…

My research staff has just put all of the details in OilPrice’s 76th dossier, simply called The Unlimited FREE Energy Transformation.

And I’d like to send it to you for free as a new member of Energy and Resources Insider.

Energy and Resources Insider

Energy and Resources Insider is OilPrice’s first stock advisory service for the general public.

It’s an experiment…

So I’m only sending out 500 copies of our Unlimited FREE Energy Transformation report.

Once we hit 500 members, we’re not releasing it from our research vault again.

Let me explain why…

OilPrice was founded as a boutique energy intelligence firm.

What that means is energy companies from all over the globe pay us millions a year so they can grow their profits.

They’ve made tens of millions off of our research.

Like you’ve heard already…

I’ve built up a network of over 400 intelligence assets…

Energy “insiders” in a variety of fields across the globe…

From the highest levels of energy and government… all the way down to company informants.

We run a highly profitable business sharing breakthroughs like the one you learned about today.

In fact, the Unlimited FREE Energy Transformation report you’ll have the opportunity to download in a few moments…

Was actually never intended for the general public.

But two of my partners twisted my arm and convinced me to do it.

You see, they’ve worked in the financial publishing business for over a decade.

And they told me this is the type of research regular investors never get access to.

So, they convinced me to open a once-a-month advisory service to 500 members as an experiment…

They even got me to agree to do something that I never dreamed I’d ever do…

Practically give Energy and Resources Insider service away.


So how much does it cost?

Well, don’t worry…

You won’t have to pay the minimum $50,000 our corporate clients give us for an engagement.

Before I get to the price, I want you to know what else you get as an Energy and Resources Insider member.

In addition to The Unlimited FREE Energy Transformation report…

I’m going to keep you updated on the latest going forward.

Over the coming weeks and months this “super crystal” solar panel will be in the news…

Everyone will be talking about it.

So we’ll keep ahead of this special situation for you.

Not only will we give you the latest intel on the company in your monthly update...

But we’ll also send you the latest on 7 other companies that have applied for patents on this “super crystal”… and could IPO.

I’ll personally reach out to the CEO's or executives of the companies that my team thinks could benefit next.

The stock I’ve been talking about today will in all likelihood be the first and biggest to cash in.

But all technology revolutions play out…

And there will be more opportunities to profit on other stocks in the energy markets.

So in each monthly issue of Energy and Resources Insider we’ll share any new companies we’ve discovered that you could profit on.

Now, I don't run Energy and Resources Insider.

As I've said, I'm the founder and Intelligence Director at

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His name is Michael.

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Look, right now, there's no bigger prize than harnessing the sun’s unlimited free energy…

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