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  • Brent Breaks $80 On Flurry Of Bullish News

    Published 17 May 2018 | viewed 20,541 times

    Ticker: Two weeks after Saudi Arabia said it was targeting $80/bbl oil, this morning Riyadh got its wishes early when Brent hit the Saudi target,…

  • $4 Gasoline Could Cripple The U.S. Economy

    Published 16 May 2018 | viewed 19,835 times

    Consumers, who are already being squeezed by rising interest rates (even as the return on their cash deposits remains anchored near zero), are facing another…

  • Who Was Buying Iranian Oil And What Happens Next?

    Published 09 May 2018 | viewed 77,082 times

    With Trump having started the 6 month process of pulling out from the Iranian nuclear deal (or rather as Steven Mnuchin admitted, Trump's true intention is merely…

  • Saudi Arabia's Needs Have Become Iran's Problems

    Published 08 May 2018 | viewed 22,947 times

    While Israel has been the barking dog pushing hostilities against Iran, it is the Saudis that are truly most threatened by Iran’s return to the…

  • Goldman’s Favorite Trade For 2018

    Published 01 May 2018 | viewed 10,558 times

    Confirming that what Jeff Gundlach predicted last December, when the DoubleLine CEO said his favorite trade for 2018 is to be long commodities, has been spot…

  • UBS: Petroyuan Will Undermine U.S. Market Dominance

    Published 30 April 2018 | viewed 11,439 times

    RMB-denominated oil contracts began trading for the first time in Shanghai on March 26. We believe that in the long term this will ultimately change…

  • Higher Oil Prices Could Unleash Market Turmoil

    Published 24 April 2018 | viewed 14,450 times

    While traders have been closely following the push higher in 10Y yields,  which rose as high as 2.996 percent on Monday, as well as the dramatic short squeeze in…

  • Oil Slips As U.S. Scales Back Confrontation With Russia

    Published 16 April 2018 | viewed 10,439 times

    The U.S.' declaration that the overnight missile strikes against Syria would be limited and a "one-time shot" may tamp down some of the risk to…

  • Is Oil Demand Growth Overrated?

    Published 12 April 2018 | viewed 14,846 times

    Organic demand or population growth alone (absent surging debt) among the consumer base that consumes in excess of 90% of global oil, is collapsing. I…

  • Iran Threatens To Restart Nuclear Enrichment Program

    Published 11 April 2018 | viewed 13,291 times

    Iran is threatening to restart its controversial nuclear enrichment program, as the head of the Islamic Republic's Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) revealed on Sunday that…

  • Is The U.S. Government Doing Enough To Protect Power Grids?

    Published 04 April 2018 | viewed 17,908 times

    Just as tensions between the U.S. and North Korea are finally beginning to cool (while animosity between the U.S. and Russia intensifies), a recent industry…

  • China Takes First Step In Paying For Crude Imports In Yuan

    Published 02 April 2018 | viewed 34,742 times

    Just days after Beijing officially launched  Yuan-denominated crude oil futures (with a bang, as shown in the chart below, surpassing Brent trading volume) which are expected to…

  • Alibaba, Ford Unveil China’s First Car Vending Machine

    Published 02 April 2018 | viewed 10,684 times

    China's Alibaba wasn't the first company to create a car vending machine - that honor belongs to a Singaporean entrepreneur who transformed Singapore's Autobahn building into…

  • The Petrodollar Isn’t Dead Yet

    Published 01 April 2018 | viewed 26,544 times

    A number of pieces have to fall into place before the petrodollar moves into second place...Few geoeconomic game-changers are more spectacular than yuan-denominated future crude…

  • China Prepares Death Blow To The Dollar

    Published 24 March 2018 | viewed 149,169 times

    On March 26 China will finally launch a yuan-dominated oil futures contract. Over the last decade there have been a number of “false-starts,” but this time…

  • Trump Bans Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency

    Published 19 March 2018 | viewed 14,266 times

    Cryptos are moving sharply lower in response to news that President Trump has issued an executive order banning the U.S. purchases of the "Petro", the…

  • Audi Unveils Its Flying Smart-Car

    Published 14 March 2018 | viewed 13,185 times

    Considerable improvements in battery technologies and technological advances in manned electric flight have spurred established automakers to begin examining the feasibility of flying automobiles, as both…

  • Robo-Taxi Set For Arizona Rollout

    Published 20 February 2018 | viewed 10,366 times

    Waymo, a unit of Alphabet, is set to launch a ride-sharing service similar to Uber, but with no human driver behind the wheel. Officials in…

  • Hezbollah Leader Threatens To ‘’Disable’’ Disputed Israeli Gas Operations

    Published 19 February 2018 | viewed 16,099 times

    During a televised address in Beirut on Friday Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah once again warned Israel to back off its claims over disputed…

  • The Impact Of Gazprom’s China-Russia Gas Pipeline

    Published 17 February 2018 | viewed 28,674 times

    Gazprom’s Power of Siberia pipeline is more than two-thirds complete.  It will be delivering gas to China by the end of this year.  A second…

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