• 2 days Oil Falls As Trump Tweet Blasts OPEC
  • 3 days Comey vs.Trump, Part 2: Comey's Memos. What's next?
  • 1 day Asian Oil Demand To Hit Record - The Price Per Barrel Continues To Grow
  • 3 days Walmart and VW's Electrify America Team Up To Build Massive EV Charging Network Across US
  • 3 days Trump's top energy adviser resigns
  • 3 days Net Income At Saudi Aramco Tops $33 bn in the first half of 2017!
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  • 3 days will oil hold?
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  • 2 days Maduro Under Pressure: EU Says May Impose More Sanctions On Venezuela If Democracy Undermined
  • 2 days The future of oil and gas exploration in New Zealand
Tsvetana Paraskova

Contributor since: 13 Jul 2016

Tsvetana Paraskova


Tsvetana is a writer for the U.S.-based Divergente LLC consulting firm with over a decade of experience writing for news outlets such as iNVEZZ and SeeNews. 

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    Oil prices could reach $80 a barrel in April, although such a price would not be justified by market fundamentals, Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak…

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    Oil prices reached highs last seen at the end of 2014 early on Thursday, with WTI Crude trading just below $70 a barrel after another…

  • Shale Boom Creates New Petrochemical Hub

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    The record-setting natural gas production in the United States is benefiting not only consumers. The shale-growth-driven natural gas output is expected to bring benefits to…

  • Canada’s Oil Patch To Turn Profitable In 2018

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    Canada’s oil patch booked three consecutive years of hefty losses after the oil prices crash in 2014. This year, the industry is set to post…

  • Oil Market Uncertain As Geopolitical Fears Fade

    Published 17 April 2018 | viewed 4,436 times

    The oil price rally was halted early on Tuesday as concern over the Syria conflict escalating somewhat eased and U.S. shale production continued to grow.…

  • Can The World’s Most Profitable Company Justify Its Valuation?

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    One of the best kept secrets in oil over the past decades has been how much money Saudi oil giant Aramco has been making from…

  • Musk Blames Robots For Tesla Production Crisis

    Published 16 April 2018 | viewed 4,898 times

    Part of the “production hell” that Tesla’s Model 3 has been going through was due to too much automation along the manufacturing lines, Elon Musk…

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    Published 16 April 2018 | viewed 14,027 times

    Oil prices at $70 may be the top of the range in the price of oil that we’re going to see over the next few…

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    China finally launched last month its yuan-denominated crude oil futures that have been in the works for years, after several delays. The start of the…

  • IEA: U.S.-China Trade Row Could Dampen Oil Demand Growth

    Published 13 April 2018 | viewed 4,818 times

    OPEC is very close to achieving its mission to draw oil inventories down to their five-year average, but the ongoing U.S.-China trade spat is a…

  • Qatar's LNG Exports To The UK Plunge

    Published 12 April 2018 | viewed 5,603 times

    The UK, which imports some 13 percent of the gas it consumes in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes, has been relying heavily…

  • Shell To Shift From Oil ‘When This Makes Commercial Sense’

    Published 12 April 2018 | viewed 4,358 times

    Shell outlined on Thursday its strategy for the coming ‘energy transition’ decades, saying that it will still sell the oil and gas the society needs,…

  • Three Takeaways From OPEC's Latest Report

    Published 12 April 2018 | viewed 7,636 times

    As it has become a trend in recent months, OPEC revised up again on Thursday its estimate for non-OPEC supply growth in 2018, but it…

  • Saudi Arabia’s $80 Oil Target Could Backfire

    Published 11 April 2018 | viewed 21,131 times

    Although OPEC and allies have never officially targeted any specific price of oil with the production cut agreement, each member of the pact knows very…

  • Oil Prices Surge After Houthi Missile Attacks On Riyadh, Aramco Facilities

    Published 11 April 2018 | viewed 38,005 times

    Houthi rebels in Yemen upped the ante on Wednesday, firing ballistic missiles over Riyadh, according to the Houthis, in retaliation for air raids by a…

  • Oil Prices Rise After Trump’s Syria Tweets

    Published 11 April 2018 | viewed 11,502 times

    Oil prices soared on Wednesday morning after U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted earlier in the day that Russia would better “get ready” for U.S. missiles…

  • Are U.S. Oil Majors Primed For A Comeback?

    Published 10 April 2018 | viewed 7,270 times

    The two U.S. oil supermajors—ExxonMobil and Chevron—have gone through a rough patch over the past three years with the oil price crash that battered company…

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