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Tom Kool


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Tom Kool

Tom majored in International Business at Amsterdam’s Higher School of Economics, he is Oilprice.com's Head of Operations

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  • The Dangers Of A Bullish Oil Market

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    Oil prices pulled back slightly following the release of the Baker Hughes rig count report, but geopolitical risk still remains, and with the assumption that…

  • Oil Rally Halts As Saudi Purge Continues

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    Oil prices hit two-year highs on Monday following bullish news coming from OPEC and the Middle East, further stressing the tremendous impact of geopolitical risk…

  • Is $60 The New Floor For Oil Prices?

    Published 03 November 2017 | viewed 26,946 times

    Positive sentiment continues to drive oil markets as the OPEC meeting nears and U.S. oil rigs continue to decline. Oil prices have maintained their gains and are…

  • Are Higher Oil Prices Here To Stay?

    Published 31 October 2017 | viewed 22,979 times

    Strong assurances from OPEC and Russia regarding the extension of the production cut deal has pushed oil prices above $60 per barrel, providing a confidence boost…

  • Oil Prices Finally Break $60

    Published 27 October 2017 | viewed 43,511 times

    With Brent prices briefly breaking the $60 mark on Friday morning, there is a cautious optimism in the oil market. (Click to enlarge) (Click to…

  • Oil Prices Rise Ahead Of Inventory Data

    Published 24 October 2017 | viewed 15,079 times

    With oil prices up slightly on Tuesday, analysts are warning investors to remain cautious while suggesting that a correction could be near. (Click to enlarge)…

  • Oil Shows Weakness, But Don’t Expect A Plunge

    Published 20 October 2017 | viewed 12,284 times

    Oil seems to have found a relative bottom after the declines over the past few weeks, with WTI firming up at the $50-per-barrel level. (Click…

  • Oil Fundamentals Overturn Geopolitical Risk

    Published 17 October 2017 | viewed 16,436 times

    Oil posted gains on Monday on news that the Iraqi military had seized control of Kirkuk, but oil fundamentals and the large supply capacity of…

  • Oil Prices Spike On Middle East Tensions

    Published 13 October 2017 | viewed 20,960 times

    Oil prices rose on Friday on bullish data from China showing an uptick in oil imports by 1 million barrels per day in September, from…

  • Aggressive OPEC Pushes Oil Prices Up

    Published 10 October 2017 | viewed 12,782 times

    Oil prices firmed up just a bit on the very aggressive comments from OPEC’s top official, although the bull run from September does not appear…

  • Oil Markets Brace For Another Hurricane

    Published 06 October 2017 | viewed 15,846 times

    Oil prices fell from last week's highs as investors pocketed gains. Not all hope is lost, however. Saudi Arabia and Russia just announced some promising news…

  • Oil Markets Fear An OPEC Compliance Collapse

    Published 03 October 2017 | viewed 10,109 times

    Brent prices have pulled back from its recent high of $58 per barrel, but hope is not lost from the market's bulls.  (Click to enlarge)…

  • Can OPEC Control The Oil Bulls?

    Published 29 September 2017 | viewed 11,221 times

    The recent spike in oil prices has given way to all sorts of questions: Is $80 oil possible? Is this the end for low oil…

  • $60 Oil Enters The Realm Of Possibility

    Published 26 September 2017 | viewed 14,954 times

    Oil markets took a bullish turn this week amid growing geopolitical tensions and a tightening oil market.  (Click to enlarge)  (Click to enlarge) (Click to…

  • Oil Prices Plateau After OPEC Meeting

    Published 22 September 2017 | viewed 16,315 times

    Oil markets had a neutral reaction to OPECs uneventful meeting, suggesting that, as Stephen Brennock suggested, the "bull market may be running out of steam."…

  • Have Oil Markets Reached A Turning Point?

    Published 19 September 2017 | viewed 42,052 times

    Big Oil has been wheelin' and dealin' across the globe as geopolitical risks mount, and OPEC delivered a sigh of relief to crude markets with…

  • Soaring Demand Drives Oil Market Recovery

    Published 15 September 2017 | viewed 17,200 times

    It has been a bullish week in oil. Rig counts dropped, WTI broke $50, demand has spiked, and geopolitical risk has kept the market on…

  • OPEC Unfazed By Falling U.S. Oil Demand

    Published 12 September 2017 | viewed 10,457 times

    Despite the turbulence in the oil markets due to the previous weeks’ hurricanes, OPEC’s latest report has painted a reassuring picture, indicating that the rebalancing…

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