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Tom Kool


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Tom Kool

Tom majored in International Business at Amsterdam’s Higher School of Economics, he is Oilprice.com's Head of Operations

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  • Oil Prices Collapse Despite Strong Fundamentals

    Published 06 April 2018 | viewed 26,843 times

    Despite a bullish EIA report, trade war fears are weighing on oil markets, pushing crude prices to their lowest point since March. (Click to enlarge)…

  • Oil Markets Hit By Financial Turmoil

    Published 03 April 2018 | viewed 11,164 times

    Oil prices remained relatively flat on Tuesday following Monday’s sell-off in what appears to have been triggered by rising Russian crude production. (Click to enlarge)…

  • Oil Prices Near $70 On Geopolitical Uncertainty

    Published 30 March 2018 | viewed 33,144 times

    Oil prices continued their upward momentum on Friday, following a week of geopolitical uncertainty and bullish industry news. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click…

  • Oil Prices Slip On Profit Taking

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    Despite a busy start to the week in oil news, crude prices slipped Monday and Tuesday as traders collecte profits from last week's jump. (Click…

  • Oil Rebounds Despite Trade War Fears

    Published 23 March 2018 | viewed 21,256 times

    Oil prices saw promising gains on Friday, despite Thursday's dip following the news of Trump's $60-billion Chinese tariffs.  (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click…

  • Oil Prices Tear Higher On Middle East Tensions

    Published 20 March 2018 | viewed 19,021 times

    Oil prices rose on Tuesday ahead of the API data report, fueled by Middle East tensions and dwindling crude output in Venezuela. (Click to enlarge)…

  • Bearish News Fails To Subdue Oil Prices

    Published 16 March 2018 | viewed 12,041 times

    Despite an onslaught of bearish news for crude, oil prices remained stable before jumping significantly on Friday morning.  (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click…

  • Uncertainty Grips Oil Markets Ahead Of EIA Report

    Published 13 March 2018 | viewed 8,497 times

    Uncertainty in oil markets has led to see-sawing oil prices, as analysts await upcoming U.S. inventory reports. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click to…

  • Oil Prices Bounce After A Tough Week

    Published 09 March 2018 | viewed 17,416 times

    Oil has had a bumpy week, but following the news that Trump would allow some keep exceptions to the tariffs, along with a strong jobs…

  • What’s Driving Oil Prices Back Up?

    Published 06 March 2018 | viewed 27,189 times

    Oil prices saw a modest bump following exchanges between OPEC and U.S. shale producers at the annual CERAWeek Conference. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge)…

  • Oil Market Sentiment Sours Amid Global Financial Turmoil

    Published 02 March 2018 | viewed 11,568 times

    Trump’s latest tweet, arguing that “trade wars are good, and easy to win,” didn’t bode with for global equities or commodities, including oil, which was…

  • OPEC Looks To Dial Back Production Cuts

    Published 27 February 2018 | viewed 18,199 times

    Last week’s surprise drawdown in crude inventories may be the last for a while, as analysts are expecting a reversal in stocks this week. (Click…

  • Oil Prices Rise As Bullish Sentiment Returns

    Published 23 February 2018 | viewed 20,005 times

    Following a surprise report from the EIA, oil prices rose across the board, suggesting that bullish sentiment may be returning to the markets.  (Click to…

  • Oil Prices Diverge On Mixed Data

    Published 20 February 2018 | viewed 13,037 times

    WTI received a boost at the start of the week as Cushing inventories have dwindled amid greater pipeline connections and reduced flows from Canada. Exports…

  • Oil Claws Back Gains

    Published 16 February 2018 | viewed 16,033 times

    Oil markets recovered on Friday, clawing back gains that were lost in the last oil price correction. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click to…

  • Oil Holds Steady, But Rebound Seems Unlikely

    Published 13 February 2018 | viewed 8,610 times

    Oil prices have stabilized following last week's massive decline, though growing fear of a new U.S. shale boom has markets in bear-mode.  (Click to enlarge)…

  • Oil Prices Fall Below $60 On Renewed Shale Threat

    Published 09 February 2018 | viewed 23,252 times

    Oil prices crashed on Friday as a result of a major increase in U.S. drilling activity. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge)…

  • Oil Crushed By Market Meltdown

    Published 06 February 2018 | viewed 11,563 times

    The recent crash in the financial market has well and truly brought an end to the oil price rally, seriously hurting energy stocks in the…

  • Oil Markets Are At A Stalemate

    Published 02 February 2018 | viewed 12,562 times

    U.S. shale production is soaring as the oil rig count once again ticked up this week, but OPEC's high compliance and the continued crisis in…

  • Have Oil Prices Hit A Ceiling?

    Published 30 January 2018 | viewed 13,705 times

    The spike in Friday’s rig count has rekindled some old concerns regarding the acceleration of shale drilling, putting downward pressure on oil prices. (Click to…

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