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Ron Patterson

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Ron Patterson

Ron Patterson is a retired computer engineer. He worked in Saudi Arabia for five years, two years at the Ghazlan Power Plant near Ras Tanura and three years with Aramco in Ras Tanura and Safaniya. He worked a short time as a stockbroker and a commodities broker but found the business did not suit his talents and returned to the computer industry in 1987. He spent the last 17 years of his career at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. He retired in 2004.

Latest articles from Ron

  • EIA Projects An Increase In Global Oil Supply

    Published 08 June 2016 | viewed 9,178 times

    The EIA’s Short Term Energy Outlook is out. The data is in million barrels per day. (Click to enlarge)While not much has changed in the…

  • Eagle Ford Halts Decline As Texas Oil Production Spikes

    Published 05 June 2016 | viewed 14,474 times

    Dean has provided me with his latest update for Texas Oil and Natural Gas production. Texas C+C output has increased slightly over the first 3…

  • Iranian Oil Is Disguising A Significant Decline In Global Production

    Published 01 June 2016 | viewed 17,562 times

    The EIA has apparently stopped publishing its International Energy Statistics. Instead they are now publishing an abbreviated version on their Total Energy web page titled:…

  • How Fast Can Solar And Wind Grow

    Published 26 May 2016 | viewed 9,592 times

    Wind and solar energy consumption have grown quickly from 1994 to 2014. Based on data from BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2015 the growth…

  • When We Can Expect The Next Oil Shock

    Published 21 May 2016 | viewed 36,586 times

      The scenario above shows an Oil Shock Model with a URR of 3600 Gb, EIA data from 1970 to 2015, and the Annual Energy…

  • Bakken Output Continues To Fall Along With Rig Count

    Published 13 May 2016 | viewed 8,741 times

    The North Dakota Oil Production Stats are out. North Dakota crude oil production was down just less than 10,000 barrels per day. (Click to enlarge)Bakken…

  • Global Rig Count Continues To Fall

    Published 09 May 2016 | viewed 16,015 times

    Baker Hughes recently published its International Rig Count. This rig count is at the end of April. It does not include the U.S., Canada, any…

  • U.S Onshore Production Sees Deep Decline, Can Offshore Offset It?

    Published 29 April 2016 | viewed 9,144 times

    The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC of TX) updated its online database a few weeks ago. The best estimates I have seen for Texas C+C and…

  • 50% Of Proved Oil Reserves May Have Just Vanished

    Published 27 April 2016 | viewed 46,263 times

    Where did all the oil go? The peak is back An extensive new scientific analysis published in Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy & Environment says that…

  • Iran Drives OPEC Production Up In March

    Published 21 April 2016 | viewed 10,315 times

    The latest OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report is out. The charts are “Crude Only” production and do not reflect condensate production. Also the charts, except for Libya,…

  • North Dakota Sees Small Production Decline

    Published 19 April 2016 | viewed 4,959 times

      North Dakota data from the NDIC is out. Bakken/ Three Forks data shown in chart above (NDIC Data) with a Red Queen Model (based…

  • Was 2015 The Peak For Crude And Condensate?

    Published 07 April 2016 | viewed 4,937 times

    There is concern that World C+C may decline steeply after the peak, I believe those concerns are over blown. There is always the possibility that…

  • Texan Oil Production Rises In January

    Published 25 March 2016 | viewed 5,724 times

    Most of the charts that follow were produced by Dean Fantazzini and are in barrels of output per day for oil, condensate, and oil plus…

  • OPEC Production Declines Despite Iran’s Efforts

    Published 15 March 2016 | viewed 10,192 times

    All charts are through February 2016 The OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report just came out. The charts are “Crude Only” production and do not reflect…

  • Peak Coal: How Much Remains Economically Recoverable?

    Published 14 March 2016 | viewed 6,765 times

    (Click to enlarge)The eventual peak in world fossil fuel output is a potentially serious problem for human civilization. Many people have studied this problem, including…

  • Global Rig Count Continues To Tumble

    Published 08 March 2016 | viewed 16,065 times

    The Baker Hughes International Rig Count is out. The rig count data in all charts below is through February 2016. (Click to enlarge)The Baker Hughes…

  • The Long Term Impact Of The Oil Rig Crash

    Published 01 March 2016 | viewed 10,485 times

    The North American Baker Hughes Rig Count came out Friday. The decline continues. Baker Hughes gives an oil and gas breakout for every basin and…

  • Oil Price And Its Effect On Production

    Published 26 February 2016 | viewed 19,402 times

    The JODI Oil World Database came out a few days ago. The data is through December 2015. The JODI C+C production numbers differs somewhat from…

  • Texas Oil Production Remains Resilient In Light Of Low Oil Prices

    Published 22 February 2016 | viewed 5,954 times

    The Texas RRC Oil and Gas Production Data is out. There appeared to be no decline in December production and may have even been a…

  • Downward Trend For Bakken Oil Production Set To Continue

    Published 19 February 2016 | viewed 12,502 times

    The Bakken and North Dakota tight oil production data is out.Bakken production was down 28,604 barrels per day to 1,096,044 bpd. All North Dakota was…

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