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Ron Patterson

Peak Oil Barrel

Contributor since: 24 Oct 2014

Ron Patterson

Ron Patterson is a retired computer engineer. He worked in Saudi Arabia for five years, two years at the Ghazlan Power Plant near Ras Tanura and three years with Aramco in Ras Tanura and Safaniya. He worked a short time as a stockbroker and a commodities broker but found the business did not suit his talents and returned to the computer industry in 1987. He spent the last 17 years of his career at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. He retired in 2004.

Latest articles from Ron

  • Electric Vehicles Will Be A Major Oil Price Driver In The Future

    Published 07 February 2017 | viewed 52,460 times

    Oil output (crude plus condensate or C+C) is likely to peak by 2020 (or may have peaked already in 2015 or 2016). Electric Vehicles (EVs)…

  • Are Proven Oil Reserves Just A Political Tool?

    Published 01 January 2017 | viewed 11,745 times

    Jean Laherrere has posted the following charts and comments on Bakken and World oil reserves. EIA proved reserves on Bakken (ND + Montana) plus cumulative…

  • Bakken Oil Production Soars After Long Decline

    Published 14 December 2016 | viewed 26,249 times

    North Dakota just released their production numbers for the Bakken as well as for all North Dakota. (Click to enlarge)The numbers are shocking. The Bakken…

  • Where Will U.S. Oil Production Go In 2017?

    Published 10 December 2016 | viewed 17,184 times

    The EIA has just released its Short-Term Energy Outlook. Some of their projections should be taken with a grain of salt because they usually change…

  • Texas Oil And Gas Output Continues To Fall

    Published 03 December 2016 | viewed 17,016 times

    The railroad commission of Texas released September output data a few weeks ago and Dean Fantazzini made an estimate of the “corrected” data for crude…

  • Bakken Oil Production Continues To Slide

    Published 19 November 2016 | viewed 16,478 times

    Bakken oil production was down 10,119 barrels per day in September and all North Dakota production was down 10,353 bpd in September. Bakken production continues…

  • How Realistic Are Current Climate Change Goals?

    Published 02 November 2016 | viewed 7,405 times

    My previous post on an energy transition promised to consider the level of climate change that might be associated with such an Energy Transition. Rather…

  • Where’s Texas Oil Output Headed?

    Published 29 October 2016 | viewed 10,487 times

    The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has recently reported new data for oil and natural gas output through August 2016. Dean Fantazzini has kindly shared…

  • Does The U.S. Really Have More Oil Reserves Than Saudi Arabia?

    Published 11 October 2016 | viewed 33,022 times

    Rystad Energy has published an interesting article claiming that the U.S. has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia… if you include shale oil. A new…

  • Is The EIA Wrong On Texas Oil Production?

    Published 29 September 2016 | viewed 14,862 times

    (Click to enlarge) Dean has provided his monthly update for Texas Oil and Natural Gas. The most recent month’s estimate is often volatile and may…

  • Bakken Halts Production Crash

    Published 21 September 2016 | viewed 14,361 times

    North Dakota has just come out with their oil production numbers for July 2016. Bakken production was up by 3,046 barrels per day while all…

  • OPEC Production Sinks On Libya And Nigeria

    Published 14 September 2016 | viewed 16,311 times

    The new OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report is out with crude only production numbers for August 2016. All charts are through August 2016. (Click to…

  • Where Will Gulf Of Mexico Oil Production Go From Here?

    Published 05 September 2016 | viewed 26,998 times

    In this post, I will address 3 topics relating to the Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico – 1. Historical oil production2. One view of the…

  • Oil Output Continues To Fall In North Dakota

    Published 17 August 2016 | viewed 11,403 times

    The North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC) reported June crude plus condensate (C+C) output on August 12, 2016. North Dakota(ND) Bakken/Three Forks (BTF) output fell by…

  • Non-OPEC Production Peaks As U.S. Production Nears Bottom

    Published 23 July 2016 | viewed 16,925 times

    The Bakken and North Dakota production data is out. (Click to enlarge)Bakken production was up 6,540 barrels per day while all North Dakota production was…

  • OPEC Production Reaches New All-Time High

    Published 12 July 2016 | viewed 9,876 times

    The new OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report is out with crude only production numbers for June 2016. OPEC added Gabon to its member countries this…

  • Texan Oil Production May Not Be Falling As Fast As Analysts Believe

    Published 04 July 2016 | viewed 9,459 times

    I have considered an alternative way of estimating Texas oil (C+C) output using the Drilling info data provided in the EIA’s 914 monthly production reports.The…

  • Texas Sees A Bump In Oil And Natural Gas Output

    Published 28 June 2016 | viewed 9,053 times

    Dean has shared his estimates for Texas Oil and Natural Gas output. Texas (TX) C+C output was revised lower by -10, -17, -22, -18, and…

  • Record Breaking Production Drop In North Dakota

    Published 19 June 2016 | viewed 18,225 times

    The Bakken and North Dakota production data is out. Big surprise. The Bakken was down 69,420 barrels per day in April while all North Dakota…

  • Comparing The EIA And OPEC Production Numbers

    Published 16 June 2016 | viewed 11,345 times

    The latest OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report is out, showing OPEC crude only production numbers for May, 2016. I have compared these numbers with those…

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