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Ron Patterson

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Ron Patterson

Ron Patterson is a retired computer engineer. He worked in Saudi Arabia for five years, two years at the Ghazlan Power Plant near Ras Tanura and three years with Aramco in Ras Tanura and Safaniya. He worked a short time as a stockbroker and a commodities broker but found the business did not suit his talents and returned to the computer industry in 1987. He spent the last 17 years of his career at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. He retired in 2004.

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    (Click to enlarge)Dean Fantazzini has provided me with updates to Texas Oil and Natural Gas estimates, the data shifted about a year ago so I…

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    In dollar terms, since mid-2015 Mexico has been a net importer of hydrocarbons (oil, natural gas, petroleum products and petrochemicals combined). To date it has…

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    All data below is based on the latest OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report. All data is through May 2017 and is in thousand barrels per…

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    (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge) The EIA released the latest edition of their Electric Power Monthly  on May 25th, with data for March 2017.…

  • EIA Ups Global Oil Production Forecast

    Published 04 June 2017 | viewed 26,711 times

    The EIA recently updated its International Petroleum statistics. World Crude plus Condensate  (C+C) output was 80,577 kb/d in Feb 2017 an increase of 72 kb/d…

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    The OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report is out with OPEC’s crude oil production numbers for March 2017. All data is through March 2017 and is…

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    The BP Statistical Review of World Energy has oil production data by country up to the end of 2015. This is what that looks like…

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    In a previous post on U.S. LTO future output there were suggestions that a bottom up approach might be better than the top down approach…

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    All data below is in thousand barrels per day and is through February 2017. (Click to enlarge)OPEC crude oil production dropped to 31,958,000 bpd in…

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    (Click to enlarge)The future output from the light tight oil (LTO) sector of the U.S. oil industry is the subject of much speculation. Above I…

  • The Bakken Gets A Second Wind

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    North Dakota has published January production data for the Bakken and for all North Dakota. (Click to enlarge)Bakken production was up 37,617 bpd to 932,817…

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    The new January OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report is out with crude only production numbers for January 2017. All charts are in thousand barrels per…

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