• 5 minutes Trump will capitulate on the trade war
  • 7 minutes China 2019 - Orwell was 35 years out
  • 12 minutes Glory to Hong Kong
  • 15 minutes ABC of Brexit, economy wise, where to find sites, links to articles ?
  • 48 mins Peaceful demonstration in Hong Kong again thwarted by brutality of police
  • 1 hour Here's your favourite girl, Tom!
  • 11 hours Civil Unrest Is Erupting All Over The World, But Just Wait Until America Joins The Party...
  • 7 hours Wonders of US Shale: US Shale Benefits: The U.S. leads global petroleum and natural gas production with record growth in 2018
  • 12 hours Australian Hydroelectric Plant Cost Overruns
  • 9 hours China's Blueprint For Global Power
  • 5 hours Nigeria Demands $62B from Oil Majors
  • 14 mins Canada Election Deadlock?
  • 9 hours IMO 2020:
  • 1 day Brexit agreement
  • 12 hours Ford Planning Huge North American Charging Network
  • 1 day 5 Tweets That Change The World?
  • 1 day The Problem Is The Economy, Not The Climate
  • 1 day Bloomberg: shale slowing. Third wave of shale coming.
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Latest articles from Oil & Gas 360

  • Can Oil Supply Keep Up With Surging Demand?

    Published 12 March 2017 | viewed 13,480 times

    IEA chief sees no peak in oil demand, but slowed investment will reduce supply Global oil demand could outpace supply after 2020, according to a…

  • U.S. Energy Imports From Canada Now Value $53 Billion

    Published 04 March 2017 | viewed 10,912 times

    The EIA outlined the United States’ energy trade with Canada in a note today, profiling the U.S.’s primary energy trade relationship. According to the Census…

  • Scotland Aims To Stimulate Oil Decommissioning With £5M Fund

    Published 19 February 2017 | viewed 5,841 times

    Looking to spur business activity in Scotland for decom projects Scotland’s First Minister has launched a new £5 million fund that will provide opportunities for…

  • Uncertainty Grows Over Whether Iraq Will Comply With OPEC Cuts

    Published 08 January 2017 | viewed 9,685 times

    Iraq may owe international oil companies compensation for lost production Less than a week into the new year, many oil market experts are beginning to…

  • North Dakota´s Oil Revenue Forecast Decreases By $1B

    Published 07 January 2017 | viewed 12,376 times

    Prior administration’s forecast held oil production flat through 2019, with price above $50 Members of the House Appropriations Committee are looking at adopting a revenue…

  • Hedging Rush Keeps Oil Prices Down

    Published 02 January 2017 | viewed 12,755 times

    With Physical Hedging on Rise, Production Response May Weaken With OPEC and non-OPEC production cuts on the horizon (although not guaranteed), institutions exposed to oil…

  • China To Lower Export Quotas For Majors By 40 Percent

    Published 01 January 2017 | viewed 6,368 times

    Larger quotas expected later in 2017 China will cut its export quotas to the country’s oil majors by 40 percent in the first round of…

  • Exxon’s 2040 Outlook: Fossil Fuels Aren’t Going Anywhere

    Published 30 December 2016 | viewed 39,508 times

    Gas, Nuclear, and Renewables Will Grow the Most, in that Order The global energy mix will not look that much different for oil and gas…

  • Coal Demand Is Shifting To Asia

    Published 26 December 2016 | viewed 14,027 times

    As Europe and America consume less coal, China gains greater influence over coal industry In its medium-term coal market report for 2016, IEA reports that…

  • Oilfield Services To See Spending Surge In 2017

    Published 23 December 2016 | viewed 25,241 times

    Quick Take: 2017 Oilfield Service and Drilling Outlook from Bloomberg Intelligence Bloomberg Intelligence (BI) analysts Andrew Cosgrove and William Foiles presented a briefing on Wednesday…

  • Oil Consumption Is Immune To A Transport Transformation

    Published 22 December 2016 | viewed 13,348 times

    96 percent of new vehicle sales in 2016 featured combustion engines The implementation of electric vehicles and ride-sharing may have long-term effects on oil demand,…

  • Russia And Japan Sign 23 Energy Agreements

    Published 21 December 2016 | viewed 14,462 times

    Russia and Japan ink 23 energy-related agreements including offshore and LNG Russia and Japan deepened ties between the neighboring countries over the weekend as Russian…

  • Huge Decline In U.S. Proved Oil And Gas Reserves

    Published 18 December 2016 | viewed 30,053 times

    Proved oil and gas reserves down 11.8 percent and 16.6 percent, respectively, from year-end 2014 EIA has downgraded its estimates of proved oil and gas…

  • After OPEC - What’s Next For Oil Prices?

    Published 03 December 2016 | viewed 37,018 times

    OPEC deal to cut 1.2 MMBOPD could return market to balance in the first half of 2017 Crude oil prices surged Wednesday following news from…

  • Can OPEC Pull A Last Minute Deal Together?

    Published 29 November 2016 | viewed 12,390 times

    Global markets, producers hope for production limit agreement The markets are waiting to see whether or not OPEC will be able to finalize a production…

  • Oil Comes Back To Life In Canada

    Published 26 November 2016 | viewed 33,263 times

    Canada is expecting a 31 percent increase in the number of wells drilled in 2017: CAODC Two years after the collapse in oil prices forced…

  • IEA: The Only Way Is Up For Natural Gas

    Published 19 November 2016 | viewed 14,199 times

    Lower demand for coal will make natural gas an increasingly important fuel The International Energy Agency (IEA) released its annual World Energy Outlook Wednesday, saying…

  • OPEC’s Proposed Cut Will Not Be Enough To Boost Oil Prices

    Published 17 November 2016 | viewed 19,098 times

    OPEC Production Cut of 1 MMBOPD Would Raise Oil Prices About $3; Equal Demand Growth Would Add another $4 As OPEC’s November 30 meeting in…

  • The EIA Reports An Increase In DUCs

    Published 15 November 2016 | viewed 9,656 times

    The EIA reported the number of uncompleted wells rose for the first time since July The Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its monthly Drilling Productivity…

  • Chinese Oil Production Collapses To 7-Year Low

    Published 14 November 2016 | viewed 20,109 times

    Uncertainty over oil prices is hurting Chinese oil production Daily oil production in China – the world’s second-largest crude consumer after the United States –…

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