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Nick Cunningham

Contributor since: 04 Nov 2013

Nick Cunningham


Nick Cunningham is a freelance writer on oil and gas, renewable energy, climate change, energy policy and geopolitics. He is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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  • The Biggest Oil Collapse In History

    Published 18 January 2018 | viewed 40,074 times

    Venezuela’s oil production plunged to new lows in December, surprising even some of the most pessimistic forecasts. According OPEC’s secondary sources data — provided by…

  • Peak Oil Demand Is A Slow-Motion Train Wreck

    Published 18 January 2018 | viewed 22,674 times

    Will oil demand peak within five years? 15 years? Or not until 2040 or 2050? The precise date at which oil demand hits a high…

  • Are Hedge Funds Pushing Oil Prices Too High?

    Published 17 January 2018 | viewed 13,991 times

    Hedge funds and other money managers continue to gobble up bullish bets on oil futures, but the speed with which spot prices have risen in…

  • Iraq Is Troubling The Oil Majors

    Published 17 January 2018 | viewed 16,105 times

    Shell decides to pull the plug on Iraq. A day later, Chevron announces its return to Iraq. The oil majors are heading in opposite directions…

  • 2018: A Breakout Year For Clean Energy

    Published 16 January 2018 | viewed 7,584 times

    The bullish momentum for global clean energy investment, which rose 3 percent to $333.5 billion in 2017, will continue this year. There was significant progress…

  • OPEC Under Pressure As Oil Rally Continues

    Published 16 January 2018 | viewed 12,683 times

    The surge of Brent crude prices over the last few weeks to $70 may be rattling OPEC, raising questions about the longevity of the collective…

  • The Labor Shortage In The Shale Boom

    Published 15 January 2018 | viewed 12,380 times

    Shale drillers are scrambling to take advantage of the recent surge in oil prices, but the cost of production could begin to creep up, offsetting…

  • Can The Oil Price Rally Continue?

    Published 14 January 2018 | viewed 32,963 times

    Oil prices took a breather in early trading on Friday, raising questions over what will happen next. Can the rally continue, pushing Brent well into…

  • Shale Restraint Could Lift Oil To $80

    Published 11 January 2018 | viewed 39,101 times

    Brent recently hit $70 per barrel and WTI surpassed $64.50, and oil executives from the Middle East to Texas no doubt popped some champagne. The…

  • Should Big Oil Pay For Climate Change?

    Published 11 January 2018 | viewed 11,291 times

    On Wednesday, New York City announced that it would sue the five oil majors—ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell and BP—over their role in fueling…

  • Will Surging U.S. Shale Kill Off The Oil Rally?

    Published 11 January 2018 | viewed 11,917 times

    The U.S. shale industry is bringing enormous volumes of new oil supply online, breaking records each month. The U.S. could top 10 million barrels per…

  • 3 Million Barrels Per Day Could Go Offline In 2018

    Published 10 January 2018 | viewed 38,535 times

    Venezuela’s oil production has been falling for years, but 2018 could mark a new, darker chapter for the South American nation. Late last year, Venezuela’s…

  • Federal Regulators Deal Huge Blow To The Coal Industry

    Published 10 January 2018 | viewed 9,166 times

    Trump’s bailout for coal and nuclear plants was unanimously rejected by regulators on Monday, undermining the administration’s effort to prop up the ailing industries. The…

  • Is The Current Oil Price Rally A “Head Fake?”

    Published 09 January 2018 | viewed 16,307 times

    With oil prices at their highest level since 2015, the next stop along the way seems to be $70 per barrel. However, some analysts see…

  • Iran Sanctions Will Help China's Petro-Yuan

    Published 08 January 2018 | viewed 13,627 times

    In a few days, U.S. President Trump may try to re-impose sanctions on Iran, a dramatic step that could heighten tensions between the two countries.…

  • Trump Proposes Most Aggressive Offshore Drilling Plan Ever

    Published 07 January 2018 | viewed 20,363 times

    The Trump administration just proposed the most sweeping offshore drilling plan in history, a proposal that calls for opening up the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific…

  • Bioplastics Threaten Big Oil

    Published 07 January 2018 | viewed 11,463 times

    What sector will account for the largest source of oil demand growth over the next two decades? Most people might assume transportation, with hundreds of…

  • What Is Keeping Oil From Breaking $70?

    Published 04 January 2018 | viewed 42,159 times

    The protests in Iran have helped push oil prices up to fresh multi-year highs this week, but a lot of questions remain about the durability…

  • What’s Behind The Canadian Rig Count Crash

    Published 03 January 2018 | viewed 31,472 times

    The U.S. rig count has been on the rise for months, despite some recent hiccups, but Canada’s rig count recently plunged amid low oil prices.…

  • Cold Weather Shocks Natural Gas Prices

    Published 03 January 2018 | viewed 21,985 times

    Natural gas markets are receiving a jolt from the wave of icy weather that has swept over the Eastern half of the United States. The…

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