• 3 minutes Why NG falling n crude up?
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  • 10 minutes America Could Go Fully Electric Right Now
  • 2 hours The China Daily newspaper just did a flash poll of 1600 Chinese Communist Party members. 98% said Biden won the debate.
  • 1 day Taxes. Personal and Corporate. Trump vs Biden "Blarney" Family. Plans vs Records.
  • 3 hours California’s Electric Vehicle Dream Has A Major Problem: No
  • 7 hours Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme
  • 1 day Kalifornistan, CO2, clueless politicians, climate hustle
  • 6 hours Something wicked this way comes
  • 9 hours What is Best for Germany Now?
  • 1 day Debate Night: Trump needs to be concerned about left leaning Chris Wallace , not Biden
  • 2 days BLM organizer plows her car thru Trump supporters. She was arrested and charged with attempted murder
  • 4 hours If Billionaires like Trump Don't Pay Taxes.
Michael McDonald

Morning Investments

Contributor since: 02 Apr 2015

Michael McDonald

Michael is an assistant professor of finance and a frequent consultant to companies regarding capital structure decisions and investments. He holds a PhD in finance and his research has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and by Bloomberg.  He teaches classes in the areas of corporate finance and investments. Michael's consulting work includes significant experience as an expert witness, investment consultant, and business intelligence analyst for a variety of companies large and small. He has done work for firms across the US and Europe. He regularly acts in partnership with other experts in finance and economics on a variety of engagements.

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