• 4 minutes Permian in for Prosperous and Bright Future
  • 7 minutes Amount of Oil Usage in the United States
  • 10 minutes America Could Go Fully Electric Right Now
  • 5 hours Kalifornistan, CO2, clueless politicians, climate hustle
  • 32 mins Something wicked this way comes
  • 9 hours JP Morgan Christyan Malek, report this Summer .. . We are at beginning of oil Super Cycle and will see $190 bbl Brent by 2025. LOL
  • 10 hours Tesla Battery Day (announcements on technology)
  • 15 hours US after 4 more years of Trump?
  • 1 day Famine, Economic Collapse of China on the Horizon?
  • 1 day .
  • 11 hours Ten Years of Plunging Solar Prices
  • 11 hours Why NG falling n crude up?
  • 2 days Natural Gas Saves Southern California From Blackouts
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Mad Hedge Fund Trader

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Mad Hedge Fund Trader

John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader is one of today's most successful Hedge Fund Managers and a 40 year veteran of the financial markets. He has one of the best performing newsletters and has just launched a new investment service for Investors and Traders.

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