• 5 minutes Closing the circle around Saudi Arabia: Where did Khashoggi disappear?
  • 10 minutes Iranian Sanctions - What Are The Facts?
  • 15 minutes U.N. About Climate Change: World Must Take 'Unprecedented' Steps To Avert Worst Effects
  • 3 hours WTI @ $75.75, headed for $64 - 67
  • 3 mins Censorship has a price: Google’s CEO Defends Potential Return to China
  • 1 hour Gold price on a rise...
  • 34 mins Two Koreas: U.N. Command Wrap Up First Talks On Disarming Border
  • 18 hours China Is the Climate-Change Battleground
  • 8 hours Can the World Survive without Saudi Oil?
  • 8 hours Porsche Says That it ‘Enters the Electric Era With The New Taycan’
  • 2 hours Saudis Threaten Retaliation If Sanctions are Imposed
  • 21 hours Sears files Chapter 11
  • 2 hours $70 More Likely Than $100 - YeeeeeeHaaaaa
  • 22 hours Natural disasters and US deficit
  • 2 hours Who's Ready For The Next Contest?
  • 18 hours U.S. - Saudi Arabia: President Trump Says Saudi Arabia's King Wouldn't Survive "Two Weeks" Without U.S. Backing
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Jen Alic


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  • Another Major Gas Find in Algeria for Repsol

    Published 11 April 2013 | viewed 7,086 times

    Spain’s Repsol SA (REP) has made a second major gas discovery in its Sud-Est Illizi block in southeast Algeria, close to the Libyan border and…

  • France In Tight Spot over Geothermal ‘Fracking’

    Published 10 April 2013 | viewed 16,226 times

    France finds itself in an interesting conundrum that the oil industry is hoping to take advantage of: The country has banned fracking but is now…

  • Buffett Rumor Boosts Beleaguered Suntech

    Published 09 April 2013 | viewed 6,751 times

    After filing for bankruptcy and seeing its stock fall 40% when it default on $541 million in bonds, Chinese equity Suntech Power Holdings Co. (STP)…

  • Kurdish Crude Hits the International Market

    Published 08 April 2013 | viewed 8,090 times

    The Baghdad-Erbil oil standoff will escalate as the Iraqi Kurds sell their first crude oil on the international market and as Austria’s OMV launches production…

  • Chevron Lands Million-Ton LNG Futures Buy in Australia

    Published 05 April 2013 | viewed 5,173 times

    Chevron has announced that Chubu Electric Power Co. of Japan has signed a binding agreement to purchase 1 million tons of LNG annually from the…

  • Renewable Energy, the Mafia’s Newest Playground

    Published 04 April 2013 | viewed 10,629 times

    When the Italian authorities seized $1.7 billion in mafia-linked assets this week, many were surprised to see learn that the renewable energy industry is apparently…

  • Gas Starts Flowing from Israel’s Levant Basin, What Now?

    Published 03 April 2013 | viewed 19,727 times

    The first gas has started flowing from Israel’s supergiant Tamar gasfield in the Levant Basin. Where it will go will redraw the Mediterranean energy map…

  • Self-Driving Cars by 2025

    Published 02 April 2013 | viewed 10,256 times

    The not-so-distant future of driving will be first increasingly semi-autonomous and then fully automated, as technology to build self-driving cars gains traction, promising both safer…

  • Exxon Oil Spill in Arkansas, Keystone Spoiler?

    Published 02 April 2013 | viewed 9,948 times

    The rupture of an Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) pipeline on 29 March in Mayflower, Arkansas, just northwest of Little Rock, adds to Keystone XL’s…

  • Total Dumps Canadian Oil Sands Project for $1.65bn Loss

    Published 30 March 2013 | viewed 25,133 times

    France’s Total SA (NYSE: TOT) will sell its 49% stake in its Canadian oil sands project to Suncor Energy Inc. for $500 million, netting the…

  • US Training Rebels in Jordan: Get the Story Straight

    Published 27 March 2013 | viewed 15,036 times

    US media are now reporting what everyone else has known for some time: American special forces are helping train Syrian rebels on Jordanian territory, despite…

  • Suntech Bankruptcy Bad News for Solar

    Published 26 March 2013 | viewed 11,559 times

    Chinese equity Suntech Power Holdings Co. (STP) filed for bankruptcy last week, with its stock falling 40% after it defaulted on $541 million in bonds,…

  • Russian Oligarchs to (Involuntarily) Fund Cyprus Bailout

    Published 25 March 2013 | viewed 17,419 times

    Negotiations for Cyprus’ bailout, which has hinged largely on its hydrocarbons future, have ended with Russia missing the chance to swap aid for offshore exploration…

  • TNK-BP Billionaires Seek New Oil & Gas Prowess

    Published 23 March 2013 | viewed 4,454 times

    Check out this new player on the global oil and gas scene: The former owners of TNK-BP and the Alfa Group, are looking for somewhere…

  • Cypriot Bailout Linked to Gas Potential

    Published 21 March 2013 | viewed 17,909 times

    Cyprus is preparing for total financial collapse as the European Central Bank turns its back on the island after its parliament rejected a scheme to…

  • Syria Chemical Attack Raises Sinister Questions

    Published 20 March 2013 | viewed 6,185 times

    The Syrian regime claims that rebels have launched a chemical attack on the strategic northern city of Aleppo, killing 25 people and wounding dozens more,…

  • Shell to Spend $1bn in Iraqi Oilfield Development

    Published 19 March 2013 | viewed 4,695 times

    As Royal Dutch Shell prepares to resume operations at Majnoon field in Iraq in May, the supergiant plans to invest more than $1 billion this…

  • Iran Deploys New Warship in Caspian Sea

    Published 18 March 2013 | viewed 7,556 times

    Now that Iran has made the high-profile deployment of a guided missile destroyer in the Caspian Sea, its neighbors should all be “happy” at the…

  • General Electric: Hot and Highly Diverse

    Published 16 March 2013 | viewed 5,235 times

    With its tentacles in nearly a dozen different industries, General Electric should be on the radar of every serious investor. Its more recent deals in…

  • Ethanol Mandate: Jumping the Gun in a Big Way

    Published 14 March 2013 | viewed 16,151 times

    US consumers aren’t sure the ethanol math is adding up here as they prepare for this year’s new federal mandate—they’re also not sure whether it’s…

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