• 3 minutes Is Pete Buttigieg emerging as the most likely challenger to Trump?
  • 6 minutes Question: Why are oil futures so low through 2020?
  • 9 minutes Don't sneeze. Coronavirus is a threat to oil markets and global economies
  • 3 mins Energy from thin air?
  • 1 hour Fast-charging, long-running, bendy energy storage breakthrough
  • 6 hours CoV-19: China, WHO, myth vs fact
  • 19 hours Has Trump put the USA at the service of Israel?
  • 2 hours Can LNG Kill Oil?
  • 21 hours Solar Cells at 25 Cents Apiece (5 cents per watt)
  • 1 hour The New Class War Exposes the Oligarchs and Enablers
  • 21 hours Trump reinvented tariffs and it worked
  • 19 mins "For the Public's Interest"
  • 20 hours Cheap natural gas is making it very hard to go green
  • 1 day Foxconn cancelled the reopening of their mfg plants scheduled for tomorrow. Rescheduled to March 3rd. . . . if they're lucky.
  • 5 mins Hey NYC - Mayor De Blasio declares you must say goodbye to fossil fuels. Get ready to freeze your Virtue Signaling butts off.
  • 2 days Is cheaper plastics feedstock on the horizon?
James Hamilton


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James Hamilton

James is the Editor of Econbrowser – a popular economics blog that Analyses current economic conditions and policy.

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