• 17 hours Trump's top energy adviser resigns
  • 9 hours Russia retaliate: Our Response to U.S. Sanctions Will Be Precise And Painful
  • 14 hours Mike Pompeo, CIA Chief, Met Secretly with NK Leader Kim Jong-un
  • 3 hours New EV ETF Bets Bigger on BHP than Tesla
  • 10 hours Is Today's Tesla News Good or Bad?
  • 1 day Supreme Court drops DOJ case against Microsoft
  • 20 hours No lower offshore drilling royalty rates
  • 19 hours Oil Prices Hit Highest Level Since 2014
  • 14 hours Anybody Watching Aluminum Stocks Today??
  • 18 hours EIA Inventory Data (Wednesdays)
  • 1 day VW To Introduce Autonomous Parking In 2020
  • 11 hours Trump: "Larry, go get it done,'” - US to rejoin TPP
  • 1 day Venezuela gives Oil Minister 'Extra Powers' to halt production decline
  • 2 days How much pain is Qatar in as it goes for first bond sale since blockade?
  • 2 days Patent for a Healthy Future: Plastic-Eating Enzyme Holds Promise In Fighting Pollution
  • 2 days Net Income At Saudi Aramco Tops $33 bn in the first half of 2017!
Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav


Irina is a writer for the U.S.-based Divergente LLC consulting firm with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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  • Kinder Morgan Accepts B.C. Gauntlet On Trans Mountain

    Published 09 February 2018 | viewed 8,309 times

    British Columbia threw down the gauntlet when its government said it will fight Kinder Morgan using any legal means available to permanently suspend the expansion…

  • Canada Oil Group Tells Alberta, B.C. To Get It Together

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    The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is against the politicization of the conflict between the governments of Alberta and British Columbia concerning the latter’s unwillingness…

  • Petrobras Ready To Sell Troubled US Refinery

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    Petrobras is preparing to launch a tender for its 110,000-bpd refinery in Pasadena, Texas, the company said this week. The facility has become notorious as…

  • Mexico’s Obrador Steps Up Oil Nationalism Rhetoric

    Published 06 February 2018 | viewed 4,978 times

    Not a week after Mexico hosted its latest oil auction, the frontrunner for the next presidency in Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has stepped up…

  • Gulf Of Guinea Pirates Release Oil Tanker Crew

    Published 06 February 2018 | viewed 3,618 times

    Pirates have released the 22-strong crew of the Marine Express tanker, which they captured a few days earlier. The tanker’s owner, Anglo-Eastern, said in a…

  • Tesla Threatens To Pull Out Of Hong Kong Over EV Incentives

    Published 05 February 2018 | viewed 8,119 times

    Tesla is considering curbing its presence in Hong Kong if the city’s authorities don’t start offering EV buyers more incentives, a source close to the…

  • ISIS Tries To Attack Libyan Oilfield

    Published 05 February 2018 | viewed 12,632 times

    Terrorists from the Islamic State have tried to attack the Dhara oilfield, sources from the Libyan National Army told local media. The LNA confronted the…

  • Oil From Sunk Tanker May Have Reached Japan

    Published 02 February 2018 | viewed 5,336 times

    Blobs of oil-like liquid have been detected on several Japanese beaches, government officials report, cited by AFP, worried that it could be contamination from the…

  • Washington Further Facilitates Oil Drilling on Federal Lands

    Published 02 February 2018 | viewed 3,875 times

    The Interior Department has furthered its efforts to make oil and gas drilling on federal land easier by implementing a policy aimed at streamlining the…

  • Mexico’s Obrador Reiterates Plan To Review Oil Contracts

    Published 02 February 2018 | viewed 3,982 times

    Just a day after the most successful offshore oil and gas tender in Mexico since the 2013 energy industry reform, the frontrunner for the July…

  • Asian Oil Companies Face $100B Well Decommissioning Bill

    Published 01 February 2018 | viewed 5,213 times

    Asian state-owned oil companies—and taxpayers in the Asia-Pacific—are facing a potential bill of up to US$100 billion for the decommissioning of tens of thousands of…

  • Shell Snaps Up Nine Blocks In Mexico Oil Tender

    Published 01 February 2018 | viewed 4,577 times

    Shell emerged as the top bidder in Mexico’s second offshore oil and gas block licensing tender since the start of its energy reform in 2013,…

  • Cuba Expands Fuel Imports From Algeria As Venezuela Falters

    Published 31 January 2018 | viewed 4,708 times

    Cuba has signed a deal with Algeria to increase the amount of oil products it imports from the North African country as its main supplier,…

  • British Columbia Proposes New Rules For Trans Mountain Pipeline

    Published 31 January 2018 | viewed 6,213 times

    The province of British Columbia has put one more hurdle in front of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain oil pipeline project by proposing new rules that…

  • China’s Coal-To-Gas Transition Sputters

    Published 30 January 2018 | viewed 4,930 times

    China’s ambitious program to shift from coal to gas is showing more signs of stuttering as the province of Hebei this week stopped a program…

  • Iraq Loosens Export Rules To Get Better Prices

    Published 30 January 2018 | viewed 6,147 times

    Iraq has relaxed its crude oil exporting rules in a bid to pocket better prices for its most precious commodity despite the continuing rally. Baghdad…

  • Ecuador Makes Progress In Oil Export Talks With China

    Published 29 January 2018 | viewed 5,625 times

    Ecuador and Chinese oil companies have reached a partial agreement on exports from the Andean country, but Quito will continue to insist on better conditions,…

  • Chinese Coal Futures Spike On Shortage Concerns

    Published 29 January 2018 | viewed 4,082 times

    Prices of coal futures in China hit the highest since they were launched three years ago on growing worry about shortages of the fuel as…

  • China Faces Fresh Heating, Power Shortages

    Published 26 January 2018 | viewed 5,997 times

    New heating and electricity shortages are looming over parts of China due to the combination of cold weather and insufficient coal supplies. That’s what four…

  • Road Safety Watchdog Launches Probe Into Tesla Crash

    Published 25 January 2018 | viewed 4,591 times

    The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Authority has launched an investigation into a crash that involved a Tesla Model S and a fire truck. The…

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