• 2 minutes California to ban gasoline for lawn mowers, chain saws, leaf blowers, off road equipment, etc.
  • 6 minutes China and India are both needing more coal and prices are now extremely high. They need maximum fossil fuel.
  • 11 minutes Europeans and Americans are beginning to see the results of depending on renewables.
  • 5 hours Monday 9/13 - "High Natural Gas Prices Today Will Send U.S. Production Soaring Next Year" by Irina Slav
  • 4 hours "Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The "Crusade" Against Climate Change" - Zero Hedge re: Bank of America REPORT
  • 5 hours Is China Rising or Falling? Has it Enraged the World and Lost its Way? How is their Economy Doing?
  • 3 hours Did China cherry-pick the factors that affected the economic slow-down?
  • 28 mins Two Good and Plausible Ideas about Saving Water and Redirecting it to Where it is Needed.
  • 5 days "A Very Predictable Global Energy Crisis" by Irina Slav --- MUST READ
  • 3 days U.S. : Employers Can Buy Retirement Security for $2.64 an Hour
  • 3 days Nord Stream - US/German consultations
  • 5 days An Indian Opinion on What is Going on in China
  • 409 days Class Act: Bet You've Never Seen A President Do This.
  • 3 days Australia sues Neoen for lack of power from its Tesla battery
  • 2 days Forecasts for Natural Gas
  • 5 days Storage of gas cylinders
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