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Oil Prices Jump On Major Crude Draw

Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

Latest articles from Irina

  • Oil Sustains Rally As Russia Returns To OPEC Negotiating Table

    Published 15 August 2016 | viewed 11,985 times

    Russia is still negotiating an oil production freeze with OPEC, and more specifically with the organization’s number-one producer Saudi Arabia, Energy Minister Alexandr Novak said,…

  • Gazprom Partners in Nord Stream Quit Merger Talks

    Published 15 August 2016 | viewed 5,781 times

    Gazprom’s partners in the Nord Stream-2 pipeline project have given up the merger plan that would have seen Gazprom, Shell, OMV, French Engie, and German…

  • Is This Finally A Real Energy Storage Breakthrough?

    Published 14 August 2016 | viewed 15,033 times

    If you thought renewable energy was the big thing of our times, you’d be only partially right. The bigger thing is energy storage – the…

  • Kenya Starts Pumping Oil

    Published 12 August 2016 | viewed 15,059 times

    The Kenyan government said it has approved a plan for the production of between 2,000 and 4,000 barrels of crude daily. The plan includes an…

  • Exxon Re-Routes Crude Oil After Terminal Damage In Niger Delta

    Published 12 August 2016 | viewed 7,402 times

    Exxon has had its fair share of trouble in Nigeria, what with all the militant attacks, and now it is looking for another route to…

  • Chinese EV Maker Throws $1.8B Gauntlet To Tesla

    Published 12 August 2016 | viewed 6,722 times

    Chinese electric vehicle maker LeEco has announced plans to build a large electric car factory worth US$1.8 billion in eastern China. The factory, when it…

  • Gazprom Neft Ups Arctic Field Output

    Published 11 August 2016 | viewed 4,749 times

    Gazprom Neft Shelf, a subsidiary of Gazprom’s crude oil arm, announced it had increased the daily output at the Prirazlomnoyue field in the Arctic to…

  • Nigerian Protesters Block Chevron Depot

    Published 11 August 2016 | viewed 5,716 times

    Nigerian youths demanding jobs at Chevron blocked the company’s Escravos oil depot yesterday. The leader of the protest, Collins Edema, told Reuters that Chevron had…

  • Chesapeake Energy Quits Shale Revolution Cradle

    Published 11 August 2016 | viewed 5,124 times

    Chesapeake Energy has decided to exit the Barnett shale, agreeing to transfer its assets there to a First Reserve Corp unit based in Dallas. The…

  • Diversify Or Die? Big Oil’s Dwindling Options For Survival

    Published 10 August 2016 | viewed 12,328 times

    French Total has emerged as perhaps the smartest member of the Big Oil club, wasting no time waiting for oil prices to return to early…

  • Kremlin Bans Any Internal Rosneft Shareholder Deals Before Privatization

    Published 10 August 2016 | viewed 4,869 times

    The Kremlin has banned Rosneft’s shareholders from closing deals among themselves before the privatization of as much as 20 percent in the state giant goes…

  • Oil Prices Slide On Rising Crude Inventories

    Published 10 August 2016 | viewed 10,056 times

    The Energy Information Administration reported a 1.1-million-barrel rise in commercial crude oil inventories for the week to August 5. The total reached 523.6 million barrels—a…

  • Suncor Makes Third Acquisition This Year, While Rest Of Big Oil Is Selling

    Published 10 August 2016 | viewed 7,315 times

    While everyone in Big Oil seems to be divesting to stay afloat, Suncor has agreed to their third large acquisition this year, after ramping up…

  • 30 Years After The Disaster: Ukraine Plans Huge Solar Farm In Chernobyl

    Published 09 August 2016 | viewed 27,712 times

    Energy independence, especially if you don’t particularly like the country you currently depend on, is a very strong motivator for the adoption of renewable energy.…

  • Why Iran’s Oil Exports To India May See a Steep Dive

    Published 09 August 2016 | viewed 7,473 times

    A 49 percent stake buy by Russia’s Rosneft in Indian Essar Oil will see the Indian company reduce its purchases of Iranian crude oil, according…

  • BP Looks for US$2-3B In Chinese Stake Sale

    Published 09 August 2016 | viewed 4,271 times

    BP has put up for sale its 50 percent stake in Chinese SECCO, a joint venture with local energy major Sinopec, eyeing revenues of US$2-3…

  • Coalition Air Strike Wipes Out 80+ ISIS Oil Tank Trucks

    Published 09 August 2016 | viewed 8,954 times

    A coalition forces air strike in Syria has destroyed 83 oil tank trucks used by ISIS to transport crude, which is the group’s major source…

  • China Could Quadruple Gas Imports By 2030

    Published 08 August 2016 | viewed 15,201 times

    China has become the usual suspect when it comes to commodity prices. Whether it’s crude oil or copper, LNG or gold, China is almost invariably…

  • Libyan Militia Attacks Oil Terminal

    Published 08 August 2016 | viewed 8,398 times

    Operation Dignity, a Libyan militia, has attacked the Zueitina oil terminal near Benghazi, local media report. The attack, which took place on Friday, was repelled…

  • Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist

    Published 08 August 2016 | viewed 7,001 times

    Iranian authorities have confirmed the execution of nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, who was accused of treason and divulging sensitive information about the country’s nuclear program…

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