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Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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    Lithium-ion batteries have brought about a real lithium craze and now a new generation of rivals are emerging – some of them also lithium-based –…

  • U.S. Crude Inventories Down 2.2 Million Barrels – EIA

    Published 07 July 2016 | viewed 8,786 times

    The Energy Information Agency repored that U.S. commercial crude oil inventories declined by 2.2 million barrels in the week to July 1, standing at 524.4…

  • Clinton Email Scandal: Has Putin Played All His Cards?

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    “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” This brutal quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm comes to mind instinctively in light…

  • Chilcot Report: UK Oil Interests Were Lead Motive For Iraq War

    Published 07 July 2016 | viewed 30,176 times

    The long-awaited report of John Chilcot, a senior UK civil servant, on the Iraqi War and the events that led to it has revealed that…

  • Libyan Oil Unity May Not Happen After All

    Published 07 July 2016 | viewed 7,401 times

    Last week the two administrations of Libya’s National Oil Company made a breakthrough, reaching an agreement to unify their oil operations for the greater good,…

  • Tullow Oil Issues $300M in Fresh Debt, Stock Dives

    Published 06 July 2016 | viewed 4,726 times

    UK-based exploration company Tullow Oil announced today that it has issued a convertible bond to the tune of US$300 million maturing in 2012. The announcement…

  • India Demonstrates Insatiable Thirst for LNG

    Published 06 July 2016 | viewed 5,277 times

    After it was touted as the biggest driver of global oil demand growth, India, Asia’s second-largest economy, is now emerging as a solid LNG consumer…

  • Lebanon Gearing Up For First Offshore Oil Tender

    Published 06 July 2016 | viewed 5,872 times

    Lebanon is preparing to join the ranks of oil and gas producers in the Mediterranean after lagging behind neighbors such as Israel and Egypt for…

  • Move Over Canada, U.S. Shale Gas is Here to Stay

    Published 05 July 2016 | viewed 9,614 times

    A Canadian Energy Research Institute survey has found that the country’s natural gas exports will continue to slide over the coming years, with their market…

  • Will Iran Scare Away Big Oil Once Again?

    Published 05 July 2016 | viewed 15,617 times

    Just when big oil was preparing to sign the new Iranian Petroleum Contracts and start working the country’s vast fields, hardliners once again took the…

  • Oil Bust Continues To Take Its Toll On Canadian Economy

    Published 05 July 2016 | viewed 12,490 times

    The fallout from the commodities price rout may prove to be more lasting than that of the 2008 global financial crisis. Economies dependent on oil…

  • Nigeria Spearheads OPEC’s June Output Jump

    Published 05 July 2016 | viewed 6,302 times

    A ramp-up in oil production in Nigeria pushed up OPEC’s total in June, also helped by smaller but meaningful production increases in Libya and Saudi…

  • Tesla Q2 Sales Miss Target by 15%

    Published 05 July 2016 | viewed 4,715 times

    Tesla shipped 14,370 cars in the second quarter of the year, missing its sales target from May by 15 percent. The company produced 18,345 cars…

  • Shell Warns Of Further Job Cuts

    Published 05 July 2016 | viewed 10,899 times

    Shell may have to cut more jobs after laying off 12,500 people over the past year, CEO Ben van Beurden told The Telegraph. The new…

  • Gas Pump Skimming At New Records This Holiday Weekend

    Published 04 July 2016 | viewed 20,065 times

    How many drivers carefully study the card slot at the gas pump when they stop to fill up the tank? A tiny minority, probably, even…

  • Abu Dhabi To Create $135 Billion Oil Giant

    Published 03 July 2016 | viewed 13,786 times

    Times of hardship are times for consolidation, and Abu Dhabi has just announced what’s probably the biggest M&A deal this year in oil. The emirate…

  • For Those Who Miss the Rumble: Tesla’s Model S Now Has It

    Published 01 July 2016 | viewed 7,513 times

    Many drivers jokingly—or not so jokingly—have lamented the soundlessness of electric cars. Now Tesla has teamed up with Mutual Mobile, an app developer, to address…

  • Peru Fires Petroperu Chief, Slams it with US$3.5M Fine

    Published 01 July 2016 | viewed 4,280 times

    The government of Peru has ousted the chief executive of state oil company Petroperu and has imposed a fine of around US$3.5 million for illegal…

  • University of Maryland To Shun Fossil Fuel Investments

    Published 01 July 2016 | viewed 4,775 times

    The University System of Maryland Foundation has announced it will no longer make direct investments in fossil fuels, becoming the latest member of a growing…

  • Chinese Companies Splash US$80 Billion on Nigeria Oil, Gas

    Published 30 June 2016 | viewed 14,284 times

    Chinese businesses have pledged to invest US$80 billion on oil and gas infrastructure projects in Nigeria, the country’s state oil company said. The announcement of…

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