• 5 minutes 'No - Deal Brexit' vs 'Operation Fear' Globalist Pushback ... Impact to World Economies and Oil
  • 8 minutes China has *Already* Lost the Trade War. Meantime, the U.S. Might Sanction China’s Largest Oil Company
  • 12 minutes Will Uncle Sam Step Up and Cut Production
  • 11 mins Iran Is Winning Big In The Middle East
  • 1 hour Trump cancels Denmark visit amid spat over sale of Greenland
  • 4 hours Nor Chicago, nor Detroit: Killings By Police Divide Rio De Janeiro Weary Of Crime
  • 2 hours Strong, the Strongest: Audi To Join Mercedes, BMW Development Alliance
  • 13 hours Not The Onion: Vivienne Westwood Says Greta Thunberg Should Run the World
  • 5 mins US to Drown the World in Oil
  • 1 day Danish Royal Palace ‘Surprised’ By Trump Canceling Trip
  • 6 hours With Global Warming Greenland is Prime Real Estate
  • 3 hours Gretta Thunbergs zero carbon voyage carbon foot print of carbon fibre manufacture
  • 15 hours OPEC will consider all options. What options do they have ?
  • 1 day NATGAS, LNG, Technology, benefits etc , cleaner global energy fuel
  • 1 day A legitimate Request: France Wants Progress In Ukraine Before Russia Returns To G7
  • 20 hours What to tell my students
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Editorial Dept

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    The White House sent a bullish jolt into oil markets this week with a surprise decision to eliminate their waiver program for key buyers of…

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    Libyan oil is still flowing - for now - but a stoppage is becoming increasingly likely as General Haftar’s advance on Tripoli hits a few…

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    Friday April 19, 2019 1. China’s oil demand remains robust- The bearish case for crude oil this year largely comes down to softening demand, particularly…

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    Last week’s note had a geopolitical focus as we laid out why we think Donald Trump will have an outsized impact on oil prices this…

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    Geopolitical Notebook Oilprice Assets on the Ground in Tripoli… Haftar’s Problem With Libya’s Oil Revenues This week, Oilprice.com was on the ground in Tripoli, reporting…

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    The last two weeks have seen quite a flurry of news about Russia taking its Arctic projects to the next level, tapping into the “colossal”…

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    Published 12 April 2019 | viewed 5,469 times

    Friday April 12, 2019 1. Oil prices moving higher, but volatility lower- Oil prices hit fresh highs for 2019 this week, pushed up by a…

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