• 3 minutes This Battery Uses Up CO2 to Create Energy
  • 5 minutes Shale Oil Fiasco
  • 9 minutes Don't sneeze. Coronavirus is a threat to oil markets and global economies
  • 12 minutes Historian Slams Greta. I Don't See Her in Beijing or Delhi.
  • 4 hours Boris Johnson taken decision about 5G Huawei ban by delay (fait accompli method)
  • 11 hours Governments that wasted massive windfalls
  • 8 hours Let’s take a Historical walk around the Rig
  • 11 hours We're freezing! Isn't it great? The carbon tax must be working!
  • 22 hours Trump has changed into a World Leader
  • 10 hours Here is Why People Lose Money Trading Natural Gas
  • 1 day Beijing Must Face Reality That Taiwan is Independent
  • 2 days Tesla Will ‘Disappear’ Or ‘Lose 80%’ Of Its Value
  • 8 hours US Shale: Technology
  • 13 hours 2nd Annual Great Oil Price Prediction Challenge of 2019
  • 19 hours Trump capitulated
  • 2 days Yesterday POLEXIT started (Poles do not want to leave EU, but Poland made the decisive step towards becoming dictatorship, in breach of accession treaty)
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Editorial Dept

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  • What A Trade Deal Would Mean For Oil

    Published 04 September 2019 | viewed 9,596 times

    Oil prices shifted lower to start the week on the back of a fresh round of tariffs placed by Trump on Chinese goods, another contraction-territory…

  • A Bullish Nudge For Oil

    Published 30 August 2019 | viewed 11,159 times

    October West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures are in a position to finish higher for the week after a weak trade on Monday. The weakness…

  • The End Of An Era For Alaskan Oil

    Published 30 August 2019 | viewed 9,858 times

    Friday August 30, 2019 1. BP exits Alaska, ending 6 decades of operations- BP (NYSE: BP) agreed to sell its Alaska operations to privately-held Hilcorp…

  • The Obvious Play For This White House Policy Change

    Published 30 August 2019 | viewed 5,361 times

    Attempting to trade based on pronouncements and policies coming from the Trump administration can leave many people scratching their heads. I have pointed out on…

  • OPEC’s Only Hope

    Published 30 August 2019 | viewed 11,799 times

    The trade war continues to weigh heavily on the oil market as forecasts paint a gloomier picture for oil prices with every passing week. This…

  • What’s Coming Up In The Oil Patch?

    Published 30 August 2019 | viewed 12,627 times

    Coming up .. what to watch in the oil patch - Apache is gearing up to drill its first exploration well in Block 58, offshore…

  • Strong Downstream Demand Supports Oil Markets

    Published 28 August 2019 | viewed 4,884 times

    The spiraling tensions between the United States and China have rocked the crude market, reinforcing concerns that global demand growth might turn even weaker than…

  • The Fight For The World’s Hottest Crude Market

    Published 28 August 2019 | viewed 4,126 times

    Last week we have looked into the rise of US crude exports to Europe, an upsurge characterized by seasonal upswings, a rather non-uniform spread of…

  • The Battle For Libya’s Oil Bounty

    Published 28 August 2019 | viewed 8,606 times

    The Powerful Vultures Circling Libya General Khalifa Haftar grossly underestimated the extent that external forces would clamor for Libya’s natural resource bounty once he unleashed…

  • Trade Wars: It’s Time To Dial It Down A Bit

    Published 28 August 2019 | viewed 3,767 times

    Remember when oil markets used to be driven by oil headlines? What quaint times. We used to write about things like Middle East supply outages,…

  • Buying The Dip In The Markets

    Published 23 August 2019 | viewed 7,096 times

    Sometimes, trading demands putting your own views aside and going with the odds. For those whose experience is based on the Hollywood version of trading…

  • The Billion Dollar Oil Hedge That May Never Happen

    Published 23 August 2019 | viewed 8,472 times

    Remember August 1st? That’s when Trump announced new tariffs on China and oil took its biggest plunge in four years… and now the final week…

  • Washington Threatens Greece In Tanker Seizure Saga

    Published 23 August 2019 | viewed 27,641 times

    Politics, Geopolitical & Conflict - Iran and the US continue to trade barbs over the tanker seizures near the Strait of Hormuz. Iran’s recently released…

  • Is U.S. Shale Finally Cash Flow Positive?

    Published 23 August 2019 | viewed 13,055 times

    Friday, August 23, 2019 1. Shale ekes out slight positive cash flow - The U.S. shale industry may have posted a very slight positive cash…

  • New Trade War Escalation Sends Shockwaves Through Oil Markets

    Published 23 August 2019 | viewed 10,622 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures erased all of its early gains and are now in a position to finish the week lower amid…

  • Oil Bears Shouldn’t Bet On A Global Economic Meltdown

    Published 21 August 2019 | viewed 4,320 times

    Markets convulsed at the end of last week after a weak GDP print in Germany and slowing industrial production data from China caused a flight…

  • A Very Fragile Balance In Oil Markets

    Published 21 August 2019 | viewed 4,007 times

    Against the background of the United States softening its rhetoric vis-à-vis Huawei and Saudi Arabia taking matters into its own hands in cutting export rates…

  • The US Light Crude Wave In Europe

    Published 21 August 2019 | viewed 8,313 times

    As any attentive reader of our Oil & Gas Insider feature would attest, the oil market is in constant flux and one nation’s fate might…

  • The Anti-Iran Alliance Is Cracking

    Published 21 August 2019 | viewed 9,769 times

    Rosneft’s Sanctions Hedge Play One of the key underpinnings of US global economic power is the use of the US dollar for global trade transactions,…

  • Imagining A Global Solar Empire

    Published 16 August 2019 | viewed 9,368 times

    Another rocky week for oil prices, with $4 per barrel swings in both WTI and Brent over the course of just a few days. While…

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