• 3 minutes Nucelar Deal Is Dead? Iran Distances Itself Further From ND, Alarming Russia And France
  • 5 minutes Don Jr. Tweets name Ukraine Whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella. Worked for CIA during Obama Administration, Hold over to Trump National Security Counsel under Gen McCallister, more . . . .
  • 9 minutes Shale pioneer Chesepeak will file bankruptcy soon. FINALLY ! The consolidation begins
  • 12 minutes China's Blueprint For Global Power
  • 2 hours Science: Only correct if it fits the popular narrative
  • 44 mins Crazy Stories From Round The World
  • 14 hours What are the odds of 4 U.S. politicians all having children working for Ukraine Gas Companies?
  • 19 hours EU has already lost the Trump vs. EU Trade War
  • 12 hours China's Renewables Boom Hits the Wall
  • 2 days ''Err ... but Trump ...?'' *sniff
  • 3 hours Do The World's Energy Policies Make Sense?
  • 13 hours Forget out-of-date 'dirty oil' smear, Alberta moving to be world's cleanest oil industry
  • 6 hours Impeachment Nonsense
  • 1 day Pioneer's Sheffield in Doghouse. Oil upset his bragging about Shale hurt prices. Now on campaign to lower expectations, prop up price.
  • 1 day Tesla Launches Faster Third Generation Supercharger
  • 18 hours Water, Trump, and Israel’s National Security
  • 2 days Passerby doused with flammable liquid and set on fire by peaceful protesters

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Russia Plans To Boost Crude Oil Exports

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    Bottom Line: Armenia’s plans to hand over the state’s remaining stake in its natural gas monopoly to Gazprom has opposition politicians furious over the prospect…

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