• 5 minutes Covid-19 logarithmic growth
  • 8 minutes Why Trump Is Right to Re-Open the Economy
  • 12 minutes Charts of COVID-19 Fatality Rate by Age and Sex
  • 14 minutes China Takes Axe To Alternative Energy Funding, Slashing Subsidies For Solar And Wind
  • 15 mins The Most Annoying Person You Have Encountered During Lockdown
  • 25 mins Which producers will shut in first?
  • 7 hours Saudi Aramco struggling to raise money for this year's dividend of $75 billion. Now trying to sell their pipelines for $10 billion.
  • 4 hours TRUMP pushing Hydroxychloroquine + Zpak therapy forward despite FDA conservative approach. As he reasons, "What have we got to lose ?"
  • 4 hours Real Death Toll In CCP Virus May Be 12X Official Toll
  • 4 hours How to Create a Pandemic
  • 17 hours WE have a suicidal player in the energy industry
  • 5 hours A New Solar-Panel Plant Could Have Capacity to Meet Half of Global Demand
  • 8 hours Death Match: Climate Change vs. Coronavirus
  • 1 hour Breaking News - Strategic Strikes on Chinese Troll Farms
  • 16 mins Where's the storage?
  • 3 hours KSA taking Missiles from ?
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Editorial Dept

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    Rosneft’s Sanctions Hedge Play One of the key underpinnings of US global economic power is the use of the US dollar for global trade transactions,…

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    U.S. West Texas Intermediate and international-benchmark Brent crude oil futures are trading nearly flat for the week as fears of recession are leading to increasing…

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    Friday, August 16, 2019 1. Oil highly sensitive to trade war- Oil prices have whipsawed in recent weeks, gyrating on every whim and whisper relating…

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  • A New War In Yemen

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    The New War in Yemen Isn’t About Iran Separatists backed by the UAE have taken control of Yemen’s port of Aden, all government military camps…

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    Premature judgments about the fall of Latin America’s left notwithstanding, the pink tide seems to be back in town after Argentina’s national primaries (effectively a…

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    Last week’s fear and uncertainty in oil markets appears to have turned a bit more upbeat this week as oil producers tried to avoid a…

  • Is An Oil Price Recovery In The Making?

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    Friday, August 9, 2019 1. LNG prices plunge to 3-year low- Spot prices of LNG for September delivery in Northeast Asia plunged to just $4.10/MMBtu,…

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    Markets - Last week we saw the Treasury Department sanction its first Chinese oil trader - Zhuhai Zhenrong over crude oil purchases from Iran. The…

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    Global Energy Advisory As the trade war between China and the US sparks even lower oil demand growth forecasts from analysts far and wide, not…

  • Alberta's Oil Cut Success Story

    Published 09 August 2019 | viewed 14,289 times

    Oil inventories in Alberta have fallen to two-year lows, according to energy data group Genscape, reaching 27.7 million barrels as of the end of July.…

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