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Dave Forest

Pierce Points Daily E-Letter

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011

Dave Forest

Dave is Managing Geologist of the Pierce Points Daily E-Letter.

Latest articles from Dave

  • Uranium Sector Hit by Mining Safety Fears

    Published 31 May 2010 | viewed 7,748 times

    Just going through the usual heap of news that piles up over the weekends. A tiny article from the Brisbane Times caught my attention. It…

  • A Snapshot of the Global Oil Market: The Good and the Bad

    Published 30 May 2010 | viewed 5,074 times

    JODI is the Joint Oil Data Initiative. A project run by the International Energy Agency and a consortium of partners, collecting data on oil demand…

  • Asian Gas Market Starting to Heat Up

    Published 28 May 2010 | viewed 11,198 times

    Asia is one of the more interesting gas markets in the world. Places like Thailand and its southeast Asian neighbors have seen phenomenal demand growth…

  • U.S., Canada, Germany and Japan Back to Pre-2003 Industrial Production Levels

    Published 27 May 2010 | viewed 8,583 times

    An interesting chart from the Bank of Japan's latest monthly economic report. Japanese capacity utilization is way down. Around 20% of manufacturing facilities are standing…

  • Amid the Financial Turmoil One Economic Indicator is Soaring

    Published 25 May 2010 | viewed 11,380 times

    The financial world is coming unglued again. Greece has pushed the E.U. to the brink. Global stock markets are tumbling. And yet, at the same…

  • The Stealth Shale Gas Company

    Published 22 May 2010 | viewed 6,402 times

    A lot of companies have been rushing to get into shale oil and gas plays the last few years. But apparently at least one major…

  • China Continuing to Buy U.S. Treasuries

    Published 20 May 2010 | viewed 5,984 times

    More talk last night about China getting out of U.S. Treasuries. On the Q1 conference call for U.S. power major Duke Energy, management discussed the…

  • When Higher Metals Prices Aren't Good for Miners

    Published 14 May 2010 | viewed 7,142 times

    A couple of interesting data points on costs in the mining industry. Cost containment is once again becoming a major issue for miners. TD Newcrest…

  • The Bond Check-In

    Published 13 May 2010 | viewed 6,857 times

    Lots of concern the last few weeks over sovereign debt. Investors globally were wondering how Greece would fund its budget shortfalls. Now we're looking at…

  • Exotic investment Vehicles: An Unproductive Abuse of Capital

    Published 12 May 2010 | viewed 7,647 times

    Michael Lewitt has an interesting new book out, called "The Death of Capital". In it, Lewitt attacks speculative investment activities such as private equity buyouts.…

  • Return of the Dollar Cavalry

    Published 10 May 2010 | viewed 5,900 times

    The world is in distress. The economic future looks bleak. Who can the citizens of our great planet turn to, to save them in this…

  • Follow the Platinum-Brick Road

    Published 07 May 2010 | viewed 18,199 times

    Exciting couple of days on the market. With the Dow having its worst intra-day drop ever yesterday, most of the commodities got trashed. Over May…

  • Vanishing Uranium Resources

    Published 07 May 2010 | viewed 15,715 times

    There was a mysterious disappearance of uranium in South Australia last week. Uranium mining hopeful PepinNini Minerals reported a new resource estimate on its Crocker…

  • Bank Lending and Other Key Stats Take a Turn for the worse

    Published 04 May 2010 | viewed 12,132 times

    I wrote last month that several economic indicators seemed to be turning positive. I may have spoken too soon. The last two weeks a number…

  • Australia’s Super Profits Tax on Resource Companies Leads to Immediate Fall-Out

    Published 03 May 2010 | viewed 8,779 times

    Australia sent the major miners into a tailspin overnight. The Rudd government announced Sunday night that it will impose a new "resource super profits" tax…

  • Japanese commercial banks are hurting. Will the government step in with more bailouts?

    Published 30 April 2010 | viewed 5,857 times

    Sometimes the briefest bits of information are the most critical. The Bank of Japan today put out its usual one-page summary for the April meeting…

  • The Gravitational Pull of Financial Disaster

    Published 29 April 2010 | viewed 4,400 times

    There are two views on the economy and stock markets. The first (and most widely-held) is that these are "responsive systems". Prices for homes, stocks…

  • Signpost Event Signals the Geothermal Business is Ready for Prime Time

    Published 28 April 2010 | viewed 12,589 times

    Scenario planners like Peter Schwartz often talk about "signpost" events. These are happenings, often small in and of themselves, which suggest a larger change rippling…

  • What to Look For When Investing in an Exploration Company

    Published 27 April 2010 | viewed 10,665 times

    Calling all mineral explorers. Australia needs your help. The Australian Institute of Geosciences (AIG) this week released a report noting that the Aussie exploration sector…

  • Chinese Profits: Bad for Metal prices?

    Published 20 April 2010 | viewed 8,458 times

    Metals investors globally were cheered this week by good news from Aluminum Corp. of China (A.K.A. Chalco). The aluminum giant swung back into profitability for…

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