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Dave Forest

Pierce Points Daily E-Letter

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011

Dave Forest

Dave is Managing Geologist of the Pierce Points Daily E-Letter.

Latest articles from Dave

  • How to Make Volatility Your Friend

    Published 06 July 2010 | viewed 3,506 times

    We're living in an age of commodities volatility. The last ten years have seen a number of big price swings for many natural resources. Uranium…

  • The T-Bill Mystery Solved?

    Published 02 July 2010 | viewed 4,539 times

    I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about some odd happenings in the T-Bill market. Between June 1 and 14, yields on the four-week Treasury…

  • Is Japan Next for Geothermal?

    Published 01 July 2010 | viewed 8,523 times

    Geothermal giant Ormat announced this week it's going to Japan. Ormat signed a cooperation agreement with Japanese construction conglomerate JFE Engineering. The deal calls for…

  • The Informational Advantage - What do you Know that Other People Don’t

    Published 29 June 2010 | viewed 14,276 times

    Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Kiyohiko Nishimura discusses "informational advantage" this week at the Lujiazui Forum on economics and finance in Shanghai: "In my understanding,…

  • Coal Stocks Could be in for a Big Move

    Published 28 June 2010 | viewed 6,618 times

    Despite all of today's carbon concerns, the world still largely runs on coal. In fact, according to BP's recently-released annual energy review, coal's share of…

  • Why 12 is a Scary Number

    Published 25 June 2010 | viewed 7,601 times

    $12 billion is 1.1% of $1.127 trillion. These are important numbers. And the gap between them is even more critical. According to testimony by U.S.…

  • Where's the Great Treasuries Collapse?

    Published 24 June 2010 | viewed 3,306 times

    Despite all the talk that foreigners (China, Japan, et al.) will flee U.S. government bonds, the market remains stubbornly buoyant. Last week we got the…

  • Investment Bankers Excited About Aluminum

    Published 23 June 2010 | viewed 5,705 times

    Reports from Harbor Intelligence's aluminum outlook conference in Chicago this week suggest that Credit Suisse and Glencore are close to the launch of an exchange-trade…

  • Power to the People: The Dash for Gas

    Published 23 June 2010 | viewed 6,940 times

    Sometimes pictures really are as valuable as the old saying suggests. Going through my e-pile this week, I was struck by the image below from…

  • China’s Oil Shipping Fears Could Present an Opportunity for Energy Investors

    Published 21 June 2010 | viewed 13,993 times

    China is a force to be reckoned with in the international oil market. It is today the world's second-largest oil consumer, after the mighty U.S. And…

  • The Value of Zeros and Ones

    Published 18 June 2010 | viewed 11,044 times

    Good paper this month in the International Journal of Coal Geology on global trends in coal bed methane (CBM) drilling. CBM has been a success…

  • What's the T-Bill Market Saying?

    Published 17 June 2010 | viewed 4,130 times

    There have been some odd happenings in the T-Bill space recently.Security yields can tell you a lot about what's happening in a market. And sometimes,…

  • Why Uranium Will Make Someone Rich

    Published 16 June 2010 | viewed 36,903 times

    Uranium is a very unusual sector. For one, it's small. So small, that at one point in history top-producing nations like Canada and France tried…

  • Geothermal Elbowing its Way into the Mainstream

    Published 14 June 2010 | viewed 13,732 times

    As I've mentioned a few times, geothermal looks to be approaching a rolling boil. A few more positive indicators on the sector presented themselves over…

  • China’s exports Jump in May - But it’s Not All Good News

    Published 11 June 2010 | viewed 6,216 times

    The good news, apparently, is that Chinese exports are up. Bloomberg reported this week that a rally in oil and metals prices was triggered by…

  • Great Divide Developing in U.S. Natural Gas

    Published 09 June 2010 | viewed 9,656 times

    Bentek Energy managing director Rusty Braziel sees a great divide developing in U.S. natural gas. Bentek are one of the leaders in tracking and analyzing…

  • Natural gas Producers Focus Shifting to Wet Gas

    Published 05 June 2010 | viewed 9,716 times

    The divergence between oil and gas prices in Canada and the U.S. has reached epic proportions. Currently the oil-to-gas price ratio sits around 15. Up…

  • The Problem With Chinese Shale Gas

    Published 04 June 2010 | viewed 6,032 times

    I mentioned last week that the Asian gas market is in flux. Prices are changing to account for the dynamic supply-demand balance in the region.…

  • Shipping Rates Continuing to Soar – Could the Chinese be Starting to Unload their Metal Stockpiles

    Published 03 June 2010 | viewed 6,044 times

    There definitely appears to be something going on with global bulk shipping. I mentioned last week that shipping rates (as measured by the Baltic Dry…

  • Will Iridium be the Best-Performing Commodity of 2010

    Published 02 June 2010 | viewed 11,069 times

    Unless you're a chemist or paleontologist, you've quite possibly never heard of iridium. The metal is one of the "little brothers" amongst the platinum group…

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