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Dave Forest

Pierce Points Daily E-Letter

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011

Dave Forest

Dave is Managing Geologist of the Pierce Points Daily E-Letter.

Latest articles from Dave

  • A Big Boost for the Palladium Market

    Published 15 October 2010 | viewed 8,232 times

    Not to belabor my writings on palladium from earlier this week. But this chart tells a critical story. Open interest in palladium on the Tokyo…

  • Liquid Gold

    Published 13 October 2010 | viewed 9,477 times

    There's a growing divide in the North America gas industry. Liquids or non. The always hawkish energy eye of Colorado's Bentek Energy recently observed the…

  • The Inflation Boogeyman is Back

    Published 09 October 2010 | viewed 7,362 times

    Japan pulled out the firepower this week in terms of qualitative easing. Speculation is running the Fed will announce same at the beginning of November.…

  • The Big Gold Era Arrives

    Published 07 October 2010 | viewed 9,143 times

    Five years ago, a big investment house like Merrill Lynch would have scarcely thought to mention gold. But in 2010, the yellow metal is a…

  • The Next Shale Gas Hotspot

    Published 06 October 2010 | viewed 5,674 times

    Shale gas is going global. It's simply too groundbreaking a concept not to spread. Shale is now the name of the gas game in North…

  • Bank of Japan Plans to Make Investing Unprofitable

    Published 06 October 2010 | viewed 6,572 times

    Overnight, the Bank of Japan announced unprecedented monetary policy. The Japanese are going "all-in" on economic stimulus. Since the financial crisis, "monetary easing" has been…

  • Could This be the Next Financial Disaster?

    Published 04 October 2010 | viewed 9,921 times

    I wrote last week about big changes coming to financial regulation in Europe. Look for the sequel soon in the U.S. America is buckling down…

  • Silvers Boost From Asia

    Published 04 October 2010 | viewed 39,618 times

    I wrote last week about Asia's love for platinum. This week, it's looking like there's a new "hot item" in the East. Silver. Open interest…

  • Opportunities in the Uranium Sector

    Published 30 September 2010 | viewed 7,924 times

    The world is in need of good uranium mining projects. Many of the deposits being explored and developed globally are marginal. Up to three orders…

  • Yields Leap on Commercial Paper – What Does This Tell Us

    Published 29 September 2010 | viewed 11,752 times

    Things seem pretty good in the markets these days. Gold once again touched $1,300/oz yesterday. And there's growing talk of $1,500. Base metals prices have…

  • Two International Natural Gas Opportunities

    Published 27 September 2010 | viewed 4,397 times

    The European Union is taking a serious look at natural gas. Last week, the EU ratified a "gas solidarity" bill for Europe. The measure is…

  • Increasing Demand for Gold and Platinum as Catastrophe Insurance

    Published 24 September 2010 | viewed 7,799 times

    A precious metals note today, in honor of gold breaking $1,300/oz (briefly) this morning. Some of the buying that's propelled gold lately is from investors…

  • The Rush for Coal: Are Price Increases Coming

    Published 24 September 2010 | viewed 11,650 times

    I've been talking a lot about coal lately. Specifically, how India's need for thermal coal imports is going to tighten this market, both in terms…

  • Europe’s Regulatory Iron Fist

    Published 22 September 2010 | viewed 4,765 times

    Big news out of Europe today. The European Parliament has endorsed the "EU financial supervision reform package". Basically, this is a series of principles aimed…

  • Investing in Monopolies: A Look at the Tin Market

    Published 21 September 2010 | viewed 7,253 times

    You may or may not have been following the tin market lately. But for anyone who has, it's been an exciting ride. Tin prices passed…

  • Natural Gas: As Bad as It Seems?

    Published 20 September 2010 | viewed 6,073 times

    Hedge funds are dumping natural gas. The most recent Commitments of Traders report in the U.S. shows that bets on natgas by funds dropped 16%…

  • The Number One Economic Indicator

    Published 16 September 2010 | viewed 18,453 times

    You'll find there are certain themes that reoccur often in this missive. One of them is U.S. credit. Analysts look at a lot of different…

  • Governments Racing to Secure Natural Resources

    Published 15 September 2010 | viewed 15,725 times

    The race to secure natural resources is intensifying. Particularly amongst governments and nationally-sponsored corporations. And particularly in Asia. We’ve been seeing signs the last few…

  • The Real Gold Story

    Published 13 September 2010 | viewed 7,742 times

    Interesting report on gold this week from ABN Amro and VM Group. The Gold Mine Cost Report studies operating costs for 89 gold companies running…

  • Major Step for the Geothermal Sector

    Published 10 September 2010 | viewed 9,231 times

    U.S. Geothermal announced this week a strategic partnership with Enbridge, one of North America's largest operators of oil and liquids pipelines. Under the deal, Enbridge…

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