• 4 minutes China 2019 - Orwell was 35 years out
  • 7 minutes Wonders of US Shale: US Shale Benefits: The U.S. leads global petroleum and natural gas production with record growth in 2018
  • 11 minutes Trump will capitulate on the trade war
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  • 13 hours PETROLEUM for humanity 
  • 14 hours Why don't the other GOP candidates get mention?
  • 3 hours China's Blueprint For Global Power
  • 14 hours Disenfranchised people are angry people - map of global electoral systems
  • 13 hours Brexit agreement
  • 4 hours Yesterday Angela Merkel stopped Trump technology war on China – the moral of the story is do not eavesdrop on ladies with high ethical standards
  • 13 hours Bloomberg: shale slowing. Third wave of shale coming.
  • 2 hours ABC of Brexit, economy wise, where to find sites, links to articles ?
  • 6 mins Erdogan Holds All The Cards ... 3.6 Million Of Them
  • 19 hours Spain Is On The Edge...Clashes Between Catalonia And "Madrid"
  • 2 hours Idiotic Environmental Predictions
  • 21 hours Philadelphia Energy Solutions seeks to permanently shut oil refinery - sources
Daniel J. Graeber


Contributor since: 18 Jan 2012

Daniel J. Graeber

Daniel Graeber is a writer and political analyst based in Michigan. His work on matters related to the geopolitical aspects of the global energy sector, as well as Iraq and broader Middle East developments, has been featured extensively with United Press International (UPI) as well as foreign media outlets. His academic contributions include an assessment of the U.S. doctrine of containment. He also teaches media literacy courses at Grand Valley State University.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Latest articles from Daniel

  • Clock Ticking to Cut CO2 Emissions

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    The race is on in North America to shield the regional economy from the instability in the Middle East and North Africa casting a shadow…

  • Russia Opens LNG Floodgates

    Published 04 November 2013 | viewed 6,857 times

    The Russian government has made room in the natural gas market by letting companies other than Gazprom export liquefied natural gas. The shale natural gas…

  • British Draft Report Dispels Shale Gas Myths

    Published 01 November 2013 | viewed 19,720 times

    A British government report said it's unlikely that hydraulic fracturing in shale natural gas sites will lead to groundwater contamination. While the British shale story…

  • Is Nobody Watching Oil Pipeline Safety in the United States?

    Published 30 October 2013 | viewed 17,800 times

    North Dakota's governor said he was frustrated with the way in which federal regulators were monitoring pipeline safety. An oil spill in the west of…

  • North African Downfall Spells Success for Morocco

    Published 28 October 2013 | viewed 8,772 times

    Libyan efforts to get its oil sector back to pre-war levels were stymied last weekend when protests disrupted operations in the west of the country.…

  • Oil Production No Answer to Energy Security

    Published 25 October 2013 | viewed 9,642 times

    Six shale plays in the United States account for nearly all of the growth in domestic oil production in the country. That's the assessment from…

  • Why Iran's Influence May Decide Pakistan's Energy Fate

    Published 23 October 2013 | viewed 13,393 times

    U.S. President Barack Obama met Wednesday with Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif in the Oval Office. Their meeting followed on the heels of a damning report…

  • Europe Taking a Pass on Shale Revolution?

    Published 22 October 2013 | viewed 8,238 times

    U.S. supermajor Chevron last week halted work on an exploration well in the Romanian town of Pungesti after protesters rallied in opposition of hydraulic fracturing. …

  • Is Deepwater the Next Oil Bonanza?

    Published 18 October 2013 | viewed 8,197 times

    Strong growth in international drilling activity helped increase quarterly profits for some of the largest oil companies in the industry. Oil services company Baker Hughes…

  • North Dakota in Spotlight after Oil Spill

    Published 16 October 2013 | viewed 23,498 times

    Oil production in North Dakota reached an all-time high in August. As of 2011, the U.S. Energy Department said the state was the fourth largest…

  • IEA Says Coal is Still the Fuel of Choice

    Published 14 October 2013 | viewed 7,857 times

    Two years ago, Saudi Arabia started mulling the prospects of shale natural gas as it faced the possibility of running short on energy supplies. The…

  • China Outmaneuvers U.S. in Energy Game

    Published 11 October 2013 | viewed 7,253 times

    The International Energy Agency said last week the United States is set to pass Russia as the largest oil producer outside of OPEC. New drilling…

  • U.S. Shutdown Spreads to Oil-Rich Middle East

    Published 09 October 2013 | viewed 5,515 times

    The International Monetary Fund said the U.S. economy remains at the front and center of the global economic conversation. Now in week two of a…

  • Oil-Rich Kurds Squeezed in Iraq

    Published 07 October 2013 | viewed 8,493 times

    A state-owned energy company in the United Arab Emirates said Monday it received approval from the semiautonomous Kurdish government in Iraq to start developing an…

  • How Iran Plays the Oil Game … and Wins

    Published 04 October 2013 | viewed 10,345 times

    Instability in Libya and other parts of North Africa may be giving international investors the jitters.  In August, U.S. energy explorer Apache Corp. said it…

  • Despite Shale, OPEC Still Matters

    Published 02 October 2013 | viewed 6,641 times

    The chief economist at the International Energy Agency said the Middle East will remain central to the international oil markets despite gains from North American…

  • Only Energy Isolation Equates to Energy Security

    Published 30 September 2013 | viewed 5,269 times

    The United States could become nearly self-sufficient in oil within the next decade. Oil production from Texas, North Dakota and other shale-rich states means the…

  • Big Oil Moves North Despite Climate Woes

    Published 28 September 2013 | viewed 4,820 times

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said Friday the sea ice in the arctic has melted at a rate of at least 9 percent per…

  • World Bank: Russian Energy Strength is Economic Weakness

    Published 25 September 2013 | viewed 31,303 times

    The head of the World Bank in Russia said Wednesday he was alarmed by the slowdown in the Russian economy.  The bank said the Russian…

  • Iran's Rouhani May Be Driving Oil Markets Now

    Published 23 September 2013 | viewed 10,843 times

    Crude oil prices started the week on the decline ahead of this week's summit at the U.N. General Assembly. At center stage this week will…

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