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  • 7 hours Wonders of US Shale: US Shale Benefits: The U.S. leads global petroleum and natural gas production with record growth in 2018
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  • 1 day Bloomberg: shale slowing. Third wave of shale coming.
Daniel J. Graeber


Contributor since: 18 Jan 2012

Daniel J. Graeber

Daniel Graeber is a writer and political analyst based in Michigan. His work on matters related to the geopolitical aspects of the global energy sector, as well as Iraq and broader Middle East developments, has been featured extensively with United Press International (UPI) as well as foreign media outlets. His academic contributions include an assessment of the U.S. doctrine of containment. He also teaches media literacy courses at Grand Valley State University.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Latest articles from Daniel

  • BP Return to Gulf of Mexico Marks U.S. Energy Sea Change

    Published 20 March 2014 | viewed 6,485 times

    British energy company BP on Wednesday won its first bids on acreage in the Gulf of Mexico in nearly four years. Next month marks the…

  • Relief in Sight for Gasoline Prices, AAA says

    Published 17 March 2014 | viewed 10,337 times

    The long, hard winter in the United States has kept demand for gasoline lower than usual, though drivers have still seen an increase in price…

  • Canada Setting Stage for Oil Exports Beyond U.S.

    Published 15 March 2014 | viewed 7,338 times

    Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said his country is on the verge of becoming an energy superpower. While the United States mulls its options…

  • Shell's American Woes Highlight Difficulty of Cracking Shale

    Published 13 March 2014 | viewed 33,434 times

    Shell's new boss, Ben van Beurden, said bets on U.S. shale plays haven't worked out for his company. Its North American performance was already hit…

  • U.S. Refiners Make Case Against Oil Exports

    Published 12 March 2014 | viewed 8,893 times

    Record-setting levels of U.S. oil production have sparked calls from industry officials and policymakers to reverse a 1970s ban on crude oil exports. Dissent, however,…

  • What Would U.S. Energy Exports do to Prices at Home?

    Published 10 March 2014 | viewed 7,568 times

    Lawmakers in Washington say expanded energy exports could strengthen the U.S. hand overseas while at the same time shielding the economy from overseas shocks. How…

  • Rail Muscles Its Way into U.S. Oil Boom Narrative

    Published 08 March 2014 | viewed 4,809 times

    Despite mounting concerns about safety, and developments in the midstream sector, John Gray, a senior vice president of the Association of American Railroads, said crude…

  • Can the United States Rule the (Energy) World?

    Published 06 March 2014 | viewed 11,324 times

    Geopolitical crises in Eastern Europe have been met with calls in the United States to use energy as a foreign policy tool. With U.S. Energy…

  • Is the U.K. Ready for a Shale Revolution?

    Published 05 March 2014 | viewed 5,718 times

    British energy company Cuadrilla Resources said there is much more gas in northwest England than previously thought. There are lingering questions, however, as to whether…

  • Lingering U.S. Winter and Ukrainian War Could Spark Perfect Gasoline Storm

    Published 03 March 2014 | viewed 8,947 times

    The extreme winter weather pounding the eastern half of the United States is keeping many drivers at home. That means less demand along with lower…

  • There's no Easy Fix to Ukraine's Energy Dilemma

    Published 01 March 2014 | viewed 5,591 times

    With much of the political violence in Ukraine subsiding, European leaders said they were ready to help a new government address lingering energy woes. It…

  • What the Resource Curse Means for Afghanistan

    Published 26 February 2014 | viewed 11,097 times

    Three years ago, the U.S. Geological Survey said some of the resources in Afghanistan could transform an economy normally dependent on illicit narcotics. With this…

  • Is it Time to Let BP back in the U.S. Oil Game?

    Published 24 February 2014 | viewed 7,263 times

    BP is hard at work in the Gulf of Mexico, launching a third phase to a legacy project off the coast of New Orleans. Outside…

  • Power, Greed, Political Influence: Whose Energy Debate is This?

    Published 22 February 2014 | viewed 6,560 times

    Billionaire Tom Steyer launched a campaign to rival the conservative Koch brothers and supporters of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. A rival campaign that cost…

  • Bitter Irony in Venezuela's Oil Sector

    Published 19 February 2014 | viewed 7,084 times

    In a bid to show members of Venezuelan society the age of Chavismo was alive and well, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decided to rename one…

  • Where's the Real Cost of Climate Change?

    Published 17 February 2014 | viewed 8,799 times

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says it's time to have a frank conversation about climate issues, putting the matter on the same footing as…

  • Cyberattack on Energy Sector would be 'Devastating'

    Published 15 February 2014 | viewed 14,696 times

    An annual index from IHS Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Center said acts of violence committed by non-state actors since 2009 increased by more than 150…

  • Betting on the Next Oil Boom? You're Grasping at Straws

    Published 12 February 2014 | viewed 11,934 times

    Unplanned interruptions in the global oil supply chain last year were about 30 percent higher than in 2013, the U.S. Energy Department said. Much of…

  • Forget North Dakota, Texas is No. 1 for Oil

    Published 10 February 2014 | viewed 16,865 times

    Advances in drilling technology are expected to help North Dakota hit the 1 million barrel per day mark at some point this year. But it's…

  • Why the World Should Brace for a Future U.S. Oil Embargo

    Published 08 February 2014 | viewed 15,858 times

    U.S. policymakers are divided over what to do with the glut of domestic oil. Both sides of the debate craft their rhetoric around economic issues,…

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